Easy Vegan Fried “Egg” Sandwiches // AKA VEGAN EGG BANJOS | Recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hello friends and not yet friends, Welcome back to Mary’s Test Kitchen. Today we’re making egg banjos AKA fried egg
sammiches. Only vegan and well, just one. One for me. So you can make one for you too. This should be super easy so let’s dive in. The only non-vegan part of this meal is the
egg so let’s look at the other parts. Bread. Basic, white bread or brown should do. For the sauce, you can pick ketchup or brown
sauce AKA HP sauce. I don’t like HP and I think it has anchovies anyways. I’m sure you can find a vegan version out there But I choose ketchup. For the egg, I’m going for simple and quick
because a fried egg sandwich is something that anyone with the most minimal of cooking
chops could whip up in a couple minutes so I want the vegan version to be comparably
low-effort. So I’m using medium firm tofu. Cut the tofu into 1/2″ slices. Or however
thick you want that vegan egg to be. Easy-peasy. Lay your slices out on a clean kitchen cloth to absorb excess water. I’m actually only going to use one of these but might as well dry out the other ones too So we can have easy-peasy prepped tofu for later. Then heat up a
non-stick pan nice and hot. High heat. That will take a minute or two over my electric
stove so meanwhile, I’ll start my yolk sauce. Just a quarter cup or so of water or vegetable stock Mix in a tiny bit of turmeric for colour. About 1/8 teaspoon. Then about a teaspoon of cornstarch to thicken. Mix that up until there’s no lumps. And set aside for later.. By now, the pan should be hot so add some
oil or vegan butter. Be nice and generous since that’s what I imagine would be the case
at a diner or cafeteria serving something like this. When that’s shimmering hot, carefully use
a spatula and place your tofu. You’ll get some sizzle right away. By the way, I like medium firm tofu because
the flavour’s a bit more mild than firmer tofu and it’s going to finish kind of soft,
like fluffy egg whites. But if you can only get firm or you just like firm, go for that.
I personally avoid extra firm for this because I find it’s more like when you have overcooked
rubbery eggs. But hey, there are no rules. This won’t take long so I’ll start the toast now. Back to the tofu. I’m looking for some browning
on the bottom. I want a little bit of crispiness. And flip. Turn off the heat. And that will finish cooking on the other side with residual heat. And I can sprinkle on a bit
of black salt AKA kala namak for it’s eggy For its eggy, sulfur-y flavour. I got a large hand sized bag
at a local Indian grocery store for just a few dollars. If you’re not sure where to find
an Indian grocery store in your city, why not ask google. That’s what I did. If your
town sadly doesn’t have one, you can buy it online. I’ll leave you a link in the description. Now back to the yolk sauce. Mix it again so there’s no lumps. And microwave for 15 seconds. There’s not a lot of liquid so we won’t need long. If you don’t have a microwave, you could make
this on the stove. Just heat it up until it’s bubbly. Give this a stir and go for another 15 seconds.
If it’s not bubbly yet continue with 5 to 10 seconds and it should get there quick.
Stir well. Afterwards it should be nice and thick so stir it well Now I’m going to add some vegenaise to change
the colour a bit and give it more of a creamy consistency. You could also use a
bit of vegan butter instead. We haven’t salted so add some black salt for that eggy aroma. About an eighth to a quarter teaspoon. It’s really up to you how eggy smelling you want this to be. And so
it’s not too strong but nice and salty, add regular salt to taste. About 1/4 teaspoon. Grab the toast. Add the fried tofu “egg whites.” Scoop out a little center for the yolk to
go. There’s your pre-meal snack. And spoon in that yolk sauce. Add ketchup or brown sauce. And there we go. Apparently the term egg banjo is from the thing you do after it drips on your shirt Which is why I eat bent over the plate. And this is pretty darn good! Normally in
my breakfast sandwiches I would put some tempeh bacon or tomato. What would you stick in your
vegan egg banjos? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks to Chris who suggested this recipe.
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