EATING FISH SEMEN (Shirako) (Adults vs Food)

♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’ll be eating this. – Ooh, okay. Exciting. What in the Nine Hells is that? – Oh! It looks like an intestine. – It looks almost like
a brain type of situation. That’s exciting. – Maybe intestines,
but I think it looks like brains. – This is like something that I feel
like I’ve seen in my biology class. – Can I touch it? Eugh! – Ooh, is that moving?! Yo, I thought it moved for a second. – (murmuring) Why did I do that?! There’s a first time for everything and, unfortunately,
my first time is today. – (FBE) And now you get to taste it.
– Ooh! Fancy. – Ooh, this is fancy. It’s sushi now. – All right, YOLO. Oh… hold up. Ooh, that aftertaste– that aftertaste. It’s just like mush of nastiness. – All right, here we go. It’s weird because
it tastes like it smells. – (mumbling) It’s not bad. I kind of want to finish it now. It’s like when you eat a hard boiled egg. It tastes kind of like the cooked yolk. – It does have a very fishy taste,
but it’s actually not bad. It’s really good. – Ew. Ew, I hate the texture. It’s sort of slimy, a little,
like a little slimy, but mostly just rubbery. – I’m going to go all in
and then… we’ll see. It’s… kind of grainy. Does that make sense? But not, like, sandpapery. It looks meh and it tastes meh. – Hmmm, it’s okay. It’s definitely salty. I probably won’t eat a whole meal of it, but, I mean, just taking
a few bites of it was fine. – Hmmm. Whatever it is, I’d eat it again. Once you eat it, it’s almost
like a pâté kind of situation. – You do not want to smell
my breath right now. – (FBE) You just ate shirako.
– Shirako. Never heard of it. – (FBE) Shirako is cod milt,
so to put it in more familiar terms, it’s fish semen.
– (gasping) Oh my god!!! No way! Yo! Yo! ‘Ey. ‘Ey. Come on.
Come on now. – Oh… (queasily) oh. – Well… – That’s not bad! (laughing) I’d eat it twice. – (groaning) Oh my god! My mom is going to watch this!
(embarrassed laughter) – (FBE) In Japanese cuisine,
the milt of cod, anglerfish, salmon, squid and pufferfish
are all considered a delicacy. – I mean, it doesn’t taste bad. It is a very mild flavor. – It was actually pretty good, so I could see how it’s a delicacy. – I can’t argue with
their culture. (chuckling) If that’s what they like,
that’s what they like. – Thumbs up for you guys,
but I don’t know, man. This one might not be the one for me. – (FBE) So for the poll, do you recommend
that people eat shirako? – Absolutely. – Yeah, I mean, why not? – You only live once. Try everything at least twice. – No. No. Nay. Nada. Nay. No bueno. – Yes! It’s good to step outside
your culinary comfort zone. – I wouldn’t recommend it. I just ate fish semen!
Are you serious? – It actually doesn’t taste bad. Give it a shot. Is there… is there anymore? – I say go for it. Don’t let them tell
you what is until after you eat it, but definitely try it. (laughing) – Thank you for watching
Adults Versus Food on the React channel. – Thumbs up for fish semen. – What food should we eat next? Let us know in the comments. – Hey, guys, I’m Katie,
a React channel producer. Thank you so much for watching. Now if you could just come on over
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