Eel Finger Puppet Craft for Kids | Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse

The Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse Hey, guys let’s make the sea eel pet craft, OK? yeah! Hey, do you know what a real eel look like? Well, it looks like this. Pretty scary, eh? Let’s make our a bit cuter, OK? And what color is an eel? Well, I think I’ll color mine green, yeah! But please color your eel any color you want, OK? I’m not sure but I think eels come in many different colors. And we’ll make his eyes blue. And the rest of him. Well, let’s color him yellow. Yellow fins and let’s color the yellow stripe on his back, OK? Yeah! Well, grab your scissors and let’s cut him out, OK? Be careful, stay on the lines. Great! Let’s clean this up a little bit here. And next we’re going to cut on the dotted lines, OK? Cut here and here. And grab your glue and put it on the triangles. And fold it together like this, OK? There’s one side like that. And the other side, great! Now, for the last part. Fold these pieces like this. Grab your glue. Put glue on one side like this. And we’re going to make a loop to put our fingers in, OK? Yeah! Just like that! Great! And there’s our pet eel. Pretty cute, eh? Yeah! Hey, where do eels live? Do you know? Yeah, they live in the sea. Hey, I know a fun song about the beach. Let’s sing, OK? Yeah! That’s a great idea!

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