Egyptian Street Food – Seafood HEAVEN + Traditional Egyptian Food Adventure in Alexandria, Egypt!

Egyptian Street Food – Seafood HEAVEN + Traditional Egyptian Food Adventure in Alexandria, Egypt!

– Oh, we found something! (yells in foreign language) (speaks in foreign language) Alright, check it out guys! It’s Trevor James. We just got into
Alexandria, Northern Egypt. We got the Mediterranean Sea beside us and I am so pumped ’cause today, we’re gonna be going for a
full-on street food adventure. Let’s check it out. (jazzy music) This is it, Alexandria. Famously one of the oldest, continually-inhabited places in the world right here on the north coast of Egypt, with some of the best
food in the whole country. And today, we’re going in deep to try some special
Alexandrian-style street food like Alexandrian breakfast,
insane seafood, and more. So make sure to watch
all the way until the end to enjoy all this crazy
street food with us. Let’s eat! Awesome guys, look at this! We are in Alexandria and
you can feel the history as we’re exploring around today. First up, we’re gonna get an Alexandrian-style local breakfast and I think it’s just right up here. Let’s go check it out. Oh, donkeys in the streets. Here we go, guys! We’re going to fool heaven. Oh, in the back here. (speaks in foreign language) We just got permission
to take a quick look at the fool and these
beautiful breakfasts. Oh, look at this, guys! Wow, look at this beautiful
spread of fool, fava beans, we’ve got falafel,
omelettes, eggplant, eggs, tahini, baba ganoush, it’s all here. This looks so delicious. Look at all this beautiful food here. Wow! This is gonna be a full-on
colorful, healthy breakfast. This is food of your dreams. We’re gonna go try it out. Wow! Here we are, look at this! (speaks in foreign language) We got a full-on, beautiful breakfast today. Fool! The special fool. – Yes!
– Yeah! Wow! Thank you. This is awesome, wow! And falafel?
– Yeah. (speaks in foreign language) Beautiful! – Very nice?
– Thank you, very nice. Look at this beautiful,
full-on breakfast spread. Amazing, amazing selection
of heavy, healthy foods here. We have so many dishes cooked
in the Alexandria style. So we’ve got the full-on heavy fool which is a fava bean spread and you can see it has a bit of tahini, and a tomato, onion, coriander
almost like a salsa on top. We’ve got some eggplant, a
beautiful scrambled egg here that’s with tomato, onion, and cilantro. We’ve got some cucumbers
with some country cheese. This is super oily, fried, white cheese! Look at that. It’s completely saturated and it’s fried. You can see it’s looking a
little crispy on the outside. Beautiful! This is falafel. And what I love about
falafel in Egypt so far is that it’s actually
cooked with fool fava beans whereas in other countries,
it’s cooked with chickpeas. And here in Alexandria, they cook it in balls instead of patties. We’ve got a nice salad here, we’ve got some pickled
radish, we’ve got some beets, we’ve got some beautiful
tahini and hummus. Oh yeah, this is what
life’s about right here. And you can see this place is just packed with locals loving the
scene, loving the food here. – Good? Good?
– Wow! Oh yeah! – Very nice. – Very nice. That is so flavorful! And it really is all
about the tahini on top, it’s got a bit of a citrus-y,
sour, freshness to it, with the coriander, the
cilantro, and the onions, it gives a lot of power and a nice punch and a healthy feel to all
of that thick, heavy fool. – Good?
– Number one. – Very nice.
– Very nice? Fried cheese?
– Fried cheese, yeah. – Okay, we’re gonna try the fried cheese. Oh, some lemon on the cheese. Oh nice! – This with this tahini.
– Thank you! – Oh, with the tahini?
– Yeah. – The cheese with the tahini?
– Yeah. – Okay, and the bread? – Oh, yeah.
– Okay. Thank you. And he just put some lemon on there, and we’re gonna get some
tahini on there as well. Oh yeah, just dip it in the tahini there. That thick tahini made with sesame. Let’s try it out. Whoa! It’s all about the texture. It’s seasoned quite well. It’s a little salty and it’s
also got that citrus kick, but it’s so smooth. It really is a soft, soft cheese with a slight crispiness on the outside. And then with that tahini which is also citrus-y, it’s perfect. – [Server] It’s very, very hot. – Oh, hot falafel, thank you. Thank you so much. – Thank you. – Thank you so much. That was awesome. See you!
– See you! – Bye bye. That was amazing and
we’ve got lots more food to eat today in Alexandria. Let’s go check it out guys. Next up, before going in deep
to the local seafood market and having seafood of your dreams, we found an amazing Egyptian fondue place with a huge line up out the door. This is so beautiful! Northern Egypt, Alexandria. This has been inhabited
since 400 B.C. and– (car horn honking loudly) It’s great to be here. We’re gonna have a lot
of delicious food today. Just look at these Alexandrian streets! You can feel the history here. And right up ahead, there’s a local Alexandrian
cheese fondue with local meats. You can see the street is
just packed with people. You can order up and sit inside and that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna go try it out. Here we go, guys. (speaks in foreign language) And after ordering up
some delicious fondues, we were ready to feast. Oh! (speaks in foreign language) Wow, look at this! Alexandria specialty! Look at this, guys! Alexandria special fondue. So both of these fondues here
have a mystery cheese mix. There’s supposed to seven or more different mystery cheeses in here that make it super cheesy and delicious. So this is the beef and
caramelized onions with, oh, look at the cheese! It looks soft and gooey! Incredible! And then over here, we’ve got cheese with
shrimp and crab meat. And you can see they
loaded it with pepper. And the real joy here is gonna be taking, this is fino bread, soft, like
extra soft baguette bread. And you load up, oh yeah! Look at that, you can load
up your beef and your cheese and go for the kill. Make sure you get lots
of beef, lots of cheese on that soft fino baguette. We’re gonna try it out. Wow! That is so cheesy, it tastes like feta. It really tastes like a
salty feta with peppery beef. That is so flavorful! Now let’s go for a bit of shrimp and crab. Look at how gooey that is. You can just load it
up on that fino bread. Make sure we’re to get a bit
of shrimp, a bit of crab. Oh, it’s peppery and gooey. Here we go. Oh! Oh, that is really good. That is such a unique cheese flavor. Oh, and look at how gooey that is. It’s peppery, it actually
tastes a bit like feta, it’s salty, you got the
shrimp flavor in there. This combined with the
beef is the perfect combo. And you can see, we’re in
like a grocery store here. There’s pasta, and jams,
and juice, and coffee. They cook it up for you and you can also get your groceries here. This is so flavorful. Wow! (speaks in foreign language) Thank you, thank you. – You’re welcome. – That was so delicious. And we’ve got tons more food to try today. Let’s keep going. This is just such a cool city and we’re gonna be taking the tram. We’re going for more food. We’re going for Seafood Avenue. We’re gonna make our way to the market and we’re gonna jump
on the tram here first. Awesome, guys! We’re on the tram making our way to the local seafood market. We’re gonna pick up
some delicious seafood, have a feast, bring it to the grill, and I am just in love
with Alexandria so far. You just got this historical feel, you can feel the energy in the streets and the food has been amazing and we’re gonna make our way for more. After a quick ride on the tram, we made our way to the local
seafood market for a feast. Awesome, guys! We’re going for seafood delight. This is so cool, guys. We made it into the local seafood market and you can see there is hundreds of varieties of seafood,
vegetables, fruits. It’s all here! And we’re gonna grab some seafood and then pop it over to
one of these local grills and have a big seafood feast. (yells in foreign language) Oh, we found something. (yells in foreign language) (speaks in foreign language) (speaks in foreign language) Wow, look at what we got here, guys! We got some tilapia,
tons of different fish. This is Buri? – Buri. – This is Buri?
– Oh! – Buri?
– Buri! – Okay, so we’re–
– Buri! – Buri?
– Buri. – Buri!
– Buri! – So we’re gonna get a Buri–
– Buri! – And a tilapia.
– Buri. (speaks in foreign language) – This guy is so friendly. (yells in foreign language) He’s scaling them for us here. (laughs) So we got, so this is the Buri. And then oh, giant tilapia. Wow, look at that!
– Look at that! – Look at that, fresh. And he’s showing us the gills
here, the bright red gills. So you can tell that
this Tilapia is fresh. (speaks in foreign language) Beautiful. So we got tilapia and the Buri. – Buri! – Buri! (laughs) (speaks in foreign language) This guy is so friendly. (yells in foreign language) Awesome! So we got our seafood here, guys. And we’re gonna keep going. (speaks in foreign language) Bye bye. Look what we got here guys, fresh squid. (speaks in foreign language) (speaks in foreign language) Wow! Look at this, guys. We’ve got a ton of delicious-looking squid with a huge tray! We’re probably just gonna get a couple. I think we’re gonna put
this into a tagine stew. So we’re gonna get just two please. – Two?
– Two. (speaks in foreign language) He’s gonna scale them for us. Oh yeah, look at all those squid. Awesome! – Awesome.
– Yeah! – It’s awesome!
– Awesome! – It’s awesome! – People are so friendly
here in Alexandria. I just love this seafood market. – Alexandria.
– Alexandria. (speaks in foreign language) Wow! (speaks in foreign language) (speaks in foreign language)
Thank you! – Thank you.
– Awesome! – Awesome!
– We’re gonna keep going. Oh yeah, look at this up here. We got shrimp. Oh! (speaks in foreign language) Oh, crab. (speaks in foreign language) Look at these! (speaks in foreign language) Nice, blue crabs. – [Vendor] Blue, blue,
blue, natural, natural. – Natural blue, these
are still a little alive. You can tell they’re slightly moving. So let’s get a couple of
these, can we get two? – Two?
– Two. – Two kilo?
– Two crab. – Two piece?
– Two piece. – Two piece.
– Two piece. (speaks in foreign language) Look at those beautiful blue crabs. – [Vendor] Thank you. – So we also got some
beautiful shrimp here. I think we’re gonna get these and put them into a tagine stew. We’re gonna get a kilo and
put those into a tagine. Oh, yes! (speaks in foreign language) Wow! (laughs) That’s amazing. – Thank you, thank you. – Thank you! Alright, guys. So we’ve got our seafood now. We’re gonna find a grill right up here, you can drop the meat off,
drop the fresh seafood off, and have a delicious meal. (speaks in foreign language) Everybody is so friendly. (speaks in foreign language) Wow! Okay. (speaks in foreign language) Oh, here we go, here is the grill. (speaks in foreign language) Wow! – Welcome, welcome! – Thank you! So we’ve got the seafood here. Oh, beautiful. We’re gonna grill it right here. What happened next was
nothing short of pure magic. These guys know how to cook, and within seconds had
taken all of the seafood to different sections of the restaurant to be grilled, baked, and sauteed all in the Alexandrian style with cilantro, tomato,
onion and tons of flavor. Wow, look at that! Right on the grill! A little oil. Oh, right on fire! (speaks in foreign language) The crabs are on fire. Oh yeah. That’s actually a tomato-cilantro water he just sprinkled on there. Look at this, guys. The crab, all of the butter has leaked out and turned into a patty, a crispy patty. And you can also see all these shrimp. He poured our shrimp onto the grill and they’re in a tomato,
onion, cilantro mix. Absolutely beautiful. And look at this now, guys. We’ve taken the fish and we’ve stuffed it with tomatoes, and cilantro, and onions and a bit of chili as well and we’re just flattening it down. And that’s gonna go right in the oven. Look at the color there! It’s beautiful. And now we’re in the back, guys, watching how they make the squid. So we’ve got tomato and coriander and onion in this pot here and we’re gonna pour that squid right in. Look at that, wow!
– Squid. Squid.
– Squid. – [Cook] Yeah. – [Trevor] Beautiful! – My friend.
– Yeah, friend. – Friend, welcome. (Trevor laughs) (speaks in foreign language) – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– Thank you very much. – Awesome! And it’s all here now, guys! Beautiful! Look at this beautiful,
massive table full of seafood. We’ve got such a variety
of cooking methods here. We’ve got, this is a baked fish. He loaded it with
tomatoes, onions, cilantro. You can see it’s all grilled
and crispy and char-y. We’ve got beautiful,
beautiful grilled shrimp. He also loaded these up with
tomato, onion, cilantro. Very smokey-looking. And then here, we’ve got
boiled prawns, similar mixture. You can actually see a bit
of chili seeds in this one and oh, those look plump. We have another grilled, entire fish here. This is covered in bread crumbs and you can see it’s
totally black and char-y. The onions, cilantro, tomato. He sprinkled a lot of lemon on there and we watched him as he poured the tomato-cilantro water over top of it. And then we’ve got a beautiful fish tahini and a shrimp paste. We’ve got two amazing grilled crabs, and what was so cool was you
could actually see the juice of the crab grilling into a
patty as it came off the grill. And those are gone now but that looks like it’s
gonna be really delicious And what I’m most excited
to try is right here. So this right here, we’ve
got a beautiful squid and we were watching him make it. Its got tomatoes, onions, coriander, and we watched him scoop a little chili paste in there as well. So that is gonna be spicy and fragrant. And what you can do,
scoop up all of this squid and what’s so cool is you
can actually take anything from the seafood market and they’ll cook it any way you want. Wow! – Good?
– Good! – Good. (speaks in foreign language) – Delicious.
(speaks in foreign language) – Delicious. – Good.
– Number one. – It is the number one. – Number one! (laughs) (speaks in foreign language) Wow! That is really nice, a little spicy. – Spicy, yeah.
– A little spicy. – Yes.
– Yeah. And this is just the first bite of food. I am actually so surprised
by how delicious this is. You can taste a lot of dill in there. It’s got a really smooth dill flavor and it’s also quite spicy. And then the onions give it
a little bit of sweetness and the squid is so soft. And this is just one
of so many dishes here and we’re right in the market. You can see the grill is going. We’ve got the ovens going,
people are buying fish, and you can just come
right into the market and have some of the best
seafood of your life. Here we go, look at this, guys. Let’s go in for this beautiful crab. Oh! Look at the meat in there! Wow! This is the male so there’s no eggs. You can just see a bit
of the gills in there and this was right on the grill. Oh, look at the butter bursting out there! Let’s try that. This almost tastes like butter. And after trying the amazing baked fish and the rest of this
incredibly flavorful seafood, we finished up the day by exploring more of
Alexandria’s deep streets and found an amazing liver sandwich joint. This is such a cool city, guys. And right up ahead, next up, we’re gonna get some Alexandrian sausage and liver right up here. Beautiful, we’ve got
liver sandwiches, sausage. (speaks in foreign language) Wow! Look at this, guys! Wow, look what we’ve got here! Liver.
– Liver. – Liver! So we’ve got boiled
liver, this is beef liver, and you can get it in a
beautiful little bread like a baguette back here, beautiful. That smells so aromatic. Oh yeah, we’re gonna stuff
it into those little buns, those little mini baguettes. Wow, look at that! So in this bubbling stock here, I’m smelling a bit of onion, it almost smells mushroom-y
and a little spicy. It’s a pure liver aroma. Wow! Looks good! And a bit of spice on there as well. And look at this, guys! We’ve got beef brain in
the fino bread as well, beef brain sandwiches, and you can see we’re loading
up all of these sandwiches in the back with tomato
and a bit of tahini. It’s all ready. (speaks in foreign language) Wow, thank you. – Liver sandwich. – Liver sandwich, and plate of liver. – Yeah, plate of liver. – Beautiful!
– You’re welcome. – Wow! Look at this selection! This is an Alexandrian meal
so heavy it’ll knock you out. We were served so much food
like stuffed intestines with rice, parsley and tomato, liver sandwiches in vino
bread, brain sandwiches, tahini, cheese spread,
chili and tomato sauce, coleslaw, potato salad,
fried liver and kidney, spicy eggplant, yogurt with cucumber, and tomato and cilantro. The first thing we’re gonna try is this beautiful,
stuffed, fried, intestine with rice and tomato, and it’s seasoned. You can see all the
grains of salt on there. Let’s try a bite of that. Oh yeah! That is so delicious, you
can taste the dill in there. And it’s seasoned well! All those grains of salt on the outside give it a lot of flavor and it’s crispy as well
’cause it’s been fried. Mm! That rice is really nice. We’re gonna go right in for this beautiful fried brain sandwich, get a little bit of lemon on there. Oh! Oh, that’s nice. That is actually one of
the better brains I’ve had. It doesn’t have any odor to it. It’s just buttery and creamy with the lemon flavor, really nice. Next up, guys. We’re gonna go in for that
beautiful liver sandwich. Look at that. Oh! I don’t know if that’s my favorite because that’s just a huge bite of liver and I’m not sure if I
like the liver flavor as much as other flavors. If you like liver, this is really good. But if a huge mouthful
of liver in your mouth isn’t your thing, don’t
order this because that is, that is just intense liver aroma. If you guys liked this video, make sure to subscribe
and check out our merch in the description below. We’ve got Tai Hao Lei and
Travel Eat Repeat merch. I would love to know what you thought about this video as well
in the comments below and thank you so much for watching. It’s been an amazing day in Alexandria.

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