Ellen Gives Life-Changing Present to Single Dad

Ellen Gives Life-Changing Present to Single Dad

All right. We are back with
the Lazo family. This is Mario, his
daughters Eden and Monica. And it’s nice to
meet all of you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for having us. All right. And Keeli is in the audience,
and so are Jennifer’s parents. And hi, thank you for coming. Mario, what did you think when
Melissa showed up to your house in that revving engine? It was crazy. We were not expecting
that at all. I remember we were
inside the house, and then you hear the
engine of that car outside– Right. And then we just come outside. We see her, and we see
this red car full of gifts. I was in shock. What do you think Jennifer
would have thought of this? Jennifer– you are one
of your favorites ever. When she wanted
to laugh when she was going through
the cancer situation, she turned on your
show, and the scary, the Halloween– all that stuff. And the box [INAUDIBLE]– Nobody going to scare you. It’s OK. [LAUGHTER] Not today. Not today, OK. No. We thought that’s not
a right time for that. She had a wonderful smile. I know that was one of
your favorite things. That was her first thing that
I remember when I met her that catched my heart. She went through the
cancer for four years. On those four years,
I barely see her down. She was always smiling. She was able to walk
in a room and just– with her smile, will
light up the whole thing. Yeah. She has so much
happiness, so much joy. And we’re contagious about that. That’s– well, look at these
two beautiful daughters that you both raised. And it’s so nice to
meet both of you. I understand that you
love one of my bff’s. And she wanted to give
you a gift as well, but it was too big to wrap,
so she sent something. So I think if you watch right
there, you’ll see my bff. Hi Eden and Monica, it’s Taylor. I just wanted to say hi– Oh, my God. –and I heard that you are
possibly fans of my music? Which is like, yes. Amazing. Thank you so much. I’ve heard about everything
you’ve been through, and I just wanted
to send you my love and say that I would
love it if you would be my guest at Lover Fest West. I’d love to meet
you at the show. So here’s your
official invitation, and I’m sending you guys
the biggest hug right now. [CHEERING] Oh, wow. You two are going to meet
her backstage at the concert, so that will be fun. Oh, wow. So you’ll go see her concert,
and then go meet her backstage. So again, Tay-Tay, sweet of you. All right. Do you want to see
what’s in the box? Yes. Yeah. Not really. Heck yeah. You don’t want to see
what’s in the box, Eden? It could be scary. Oh, it’s not going to be scary. It’s not scary. No. Do you like lizards? No. No. No, no, no, no. It’s not a lizard. OK. Do you want to open it up? Yes. All right. Let Eden. Let Eden? No. Eden, it’s not
going to be scary. [LAUGHTER] All right. Here we go. Whoop. Oh, it’s a smaller box. Oh. Yeah. Pull it out. Because we wanted you
to have a smaller box. That one was too big. All right. Oh, I know this. All right. Well– Yeah. It’s going to be another box. Yeah. All right, miss smarty pants. Yes, it is. Yes, there is. All right. Let me have that. Let me see if there’s more. Oh, yeah. That’s just some papers in here. Let’s see what this is. Oh, you know what it is? Watch out. It’s your mortgage. And– Oh, my gosh. –it’s $300,000. And what I want to do to
that is just tear that up. We’re going to get rid of that. [CHEERING] That’s paid for. Oh, my gosh. Thank you. Thank you guys so much. The Unlimited Bank
Account by Green Dot Bank is all about helping
you save for the future, so they want to pay off
the rest of your mortgage. The house– that’s
your house now. Now all you’re
responsible for is taking care of these beautiful girls. Merry Christmas to you. Oh, thank you so much. We’ll be right back. [CHEERING] You own that house. It’s your house. Thank you so much. You’re welcome so much. [MUSIC PLAYING] Want to know who’s
on my nice list? Green Dot Bank for sponsoring
my Greatest Night of Giveaways. The Green Dot Unlimited
Cash Back Bank Account is all about putting cash
back into your pocket to help save for your future. See? That’s nice.

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  2. Thank U Ellen, thank u so much for always make people less burden, happier and feel good about life. Much love n respect…come far from Malaysia.

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