Engsub/Indosub – River Knows Fish Heart – Full Movie

Engsub/Indosub – River Knows Fish Heart – Full Movie

Ahh…I’m so nervous. 
-You’ll be fine. What was the name of the last singer? I don’t know. –You don’t know? It’s your turn now. Oh, got it. An He. An He. Ah, Zhuang Xiaoci. What’s your problem today? Ah. An He, do you find me very annoying? Huh… You’re not that bad. You… Here, your breakfast. No! -What are you afraid of?
-I don’t dare to accept it. You gave me a skewer of candied haws, and I had to review math questions
with you all afternoon. I have no idea what new trick
you’re going to play on me this time. I’ve got to go, Xiaoci. Bye. Blockhead. Are you really that stupid? Hey, buddy, can I ask you something? You’re nuts. Who’s your buddy? I’m sorry about that. I had my sunglasses on
and didn’t notice that you’re a girl. Could you tell me
where the Office of Academic Affairs is? Turn left on the third floor. Alright, thank you. I’m sorry. I was having a fight with my boyfriend. Sorry about that. It’s alright. Thank you. Hold on. This is for you. Pretty girl, I can understand why you’re doing this, but we just met each other, so I don’t think this is a good idea. Take it. No wonder Bro Pi told me
not to transfer to this school. It turns out the school is very tricky. Hey, Xiaoci,
have you eaten your breakfast yet? I specially brought you chocolate and your favorite yogurt. I advise you to take away your dog food and get lost as soon as possible. Don’t piss me off. Oh. Alright, be quiet. I’ll announce your final exam results. Most students have made
progress this time. First place goes to An He. Let’s give him a round of applause. Damn, bro, I’m speechless. You still get first place
even though you sleep in class. What are underachievers like us
going to do? Second place goes to Wang Zheng. Although he’s 20 points behind An He, he’s made a lot of progress. Forever second place. What a pity. With you here,
he can’t do anything about it. Don’t blame me for it. The third place goes to… I’m reporting to the class. How come the blind guy is here? You must have come
to the wrong classroom. Ah. How do you do, teacher? I’m a newly transferred student. I originally planned to report to the class next semester, but I really want to get to know my new classmates. Here are my files. Please take a look at them. What a good timing. The school won’t have classes tomorrow. Well, why don’t you take a seat in the back? Sure. Pretty girl, haven’t we met this morning? Alright, be quiet. I won’t disclose more grade results. We’re going to have a long vacation. You’ll be a junior next year, so this vacation time will be the key period for your final sprint. Next, the class leader will assign your vacation homework. Alright. Language examination paper sample questions from number 1 to 25. Memorize and copy all poems we learned last week. Ah, we might as well not have the vacation. My vacation plans are spoiled. As for our English homework, the teacher said that she’ll put it in our classroom group, and will assign us new sample questions. Wow! Your school has so much homework! Perhaps you don’t understand the situation here since you just transferred to our classroom. Our school is a highly selective high school, and might be different from the face-saving elite school.. .. you went to before. Well, if you can’t catch up, you can consider changing to another classroom or school. Buddy, he’s gone too far, hasn’t he? How have you guys managed to survive? Ah, buddy, I must say that this is not the right school for you. The girl’s high school across the street is more suitable for you. What do you mean? Look at your sunglasses, your watch, and your blue jeans. You’re a typical outlandish migrant. Do you think you’re a playboy? An He. Oh, you’re An He. No wonder you’re so arrogant. I have heard of an otherworldly child prodigy who once received a math gold medal with a record-breaking score. Listen, having good grades is one thing. Look at your skinny arms and legs. You better hurry and close the windows. Ah. I’m better than you no matter what. Do you dare? -No matter what, I’m better than a pretty face like you. Do you dare? Out with it. What do you want to compete about? Who’s more of a man. You, are you going to… Pooh! what are you thinking about? I want to see who’s better at basketball. Five balls. The winner will rule over this desk along with the person. Okay. Don’t cry for your mommy
when you lose. Hey, where are you going? The restroom. How about this? You go first. I’ll give you a head start, so you won’t say that I’m picking on you. Hahaha. Ha, okay. Let’s do it. An He. An He, go. An He, you’re the coolest. An He, go. Ah, I told An He that he should practice more, but he didn’t want to listen to me. Now, he’s screwing up at a crucial moment. Pooh! What a jinx you are. We don’t know who’ll win the last ball. Anyway, I think An He will win for sure. An He, are you alright? -An He? An He. -An He. What do you mean by doing that? Didn’t you see we’re having a contest? I’m so sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose. It has nothing to do with you. Get out of the way. Wang Zheng, are you going nuts? Yes, I’m going nuts. I want to ask you about how to study, and talk about Xiaoci. Wang Zheng, go crazy somewhere else if you want. Don’t cause trouble here. If you have any complaint, take it up with me. My, my, my. Alright, Xiaoci, you’re now protecting An He, aren’t you? How don’t I measure up to him Look at yourself. You cling to An He like a lackey all the time. Has he looked at you once? Get out of the way. This has nothing to do with you. Class leader, let’s keep cool. – Wang Zheng.
-What are you looking at? Go get him. Newcomer, I don’t care what you did before, but you better mind your own business. Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson as well. His affairs aren’t my business, but we have an agreement. Whoever wins will rule over the other. It happened that I won the last ball. So, as his new big brother, his business is my business now. Don’t hold me back. An He. Listen, don’t touch me. Listen, my father is a director at our school. Oh, tell me, what director he is? I think that he’s going to lose his job soon. What do you think? I’m a competent big brother, am I not? An He, are you alright? I’m fine. Why don’t you go home first? How come you aren’t concerned about me? He’s only suffered minor injuries. Let’s consider that
I owe you favor today, but I won’t admit defeat on this game. No problem, if you won’t admit defeat,
we can have another round anytime. But don’t you think you’re too unkind? You should at least treat me to a meal. If you want me to treat you to a meal,
you’d better hurry. Sure. River Knows Fish Heart Come in. Didn’t you say that you’ll treat me to a meal? You don’t need to eat it. You can make do at my home, alright? Why would I go to your home? I didn’t say that I would take you a five-star restaurant. Why don’t you make do and eat here today? Damn, bro. It can’t be true. You know how to cook too? Will it be edible? Why are you talking so much bullshit? Listen, don’t linger around and not leave my house once you have tasted the dishes I’ve cooked. Is that so? Okay. I feel so honored. Make yourself at home. An He, why are you living alone? My mom takes business trips all the time, and doesn’t come home. If I don’t cook, I’ll end up eating instant noodles every day. Ah. How about your dad? How come your dad isn’t home? My dad is living overseas, and rarely comes back. Hey, why do you keep going through my things? Stop it. Hey, stop messing with my stuff. Xiaoyu, don’t touch my stuff. You’re so annoying. No problem. I didn’t expect you could write songs. Get lost. Aaah. You have to acknowledge me as your big brother. To tell you the truth, I’m at the peak of developing my music career. I’m having a contest next month. Do you want to join me? That’s enough. Stop talking bullshit. Behave yourself if you want to eat here. Ah. Wow, you cooked these? Are you really blind? If I didn’t cook them, who cooked them? A ghost? Eat. You’re awesome. It smells so good. Damn, whoever marries you will have found a treasure. Got lost. Hurry and go home after the meal. We have to go to classes tomorrow. What classes? Isn’t school out tomorrow? Only unambitious people like you have school off days. Jiang Chuan High School has tutoring classes every vacation. I think you can give it a try. You’re in the third grade now, and it’s time to work hard. You… You’re the top child prodigy at Jiang Chuan High School. You’re in first place even though you sleep in class. Do you still need a tutoring class? Ha, let me tell you a saying, which is “Studying is like sailing against the current; you’re either moving forward or being swept backward.” Think about it yourself. Stop showing off your literary skill. This nonsense about sailing against the current. There’s a river in your name, don’t tell me that you’re afraid of drowning. Hey, tell me about that girl in our class. Who are you talking about? Stop pretending. I’m talking about that magnet. That’s right. The magnet? Yes. You mean Zhuang Xiaoci? Yes, that’s her. Magnet. I think she’s fine. Who’s her boyfriend? Is it you? I can see that
she keeps her eyes glued on you. Her? I don’t want her even if you give her to me. Do you like her? Let me make it clear, I’m not her boyfriend. If you like her, I’ll help you to get her. No. Don’t worry about it. That’s true. She gave me a welcome gift when we just met. Dare I say that this is the unique way your school welcomes new students? If you like her, go after her. Alright, eat your meal. I’m full. Take your time finishing your meal. Everything is alright to you. Bye. Nuts. Situ Xiaoyu, Ah. Doesn’t your family worry about you when you’re still out so late? Ah, let’s not talk about it. It’s likely thatmy dad doesn’t want to see me now. Ah, is it that serious that you don’t want to go home? It’s a long story. Anyway, we shall see each other again. Enough. Knock it off. I’ll see you in a month. Bye. I’ll see you. Hello, Assistant Li, what is it? Xiaoyu, why aren’t you coming? Hurry and apologize to your father, so he won’t worry about you. Assistant Li, don’t worry. Please pack up my stuff at home. I’ll move out in a few days. Alright, that’s all. Why are you doing this? What have Xiaohe and I done wrong? Xinyi, you… Can you calm down? I told you that this is my only chance. I have to leave. Otherwise, do you want to see me hanging on here like a loser all my life? –Dad. But you can’t abandon us
for the sake of your future. Tell me, you have a girlfriend,
don’t you? Give me your cell phone. Let go. Come back. Stop fighting. Daddy, you aren’t coming back, are you? You don’t want me and mommy. Be good, son. Daddy will be back when you learn this score. Damn it. It must be the new student. Oh no. I don’t have his phone number. Well, isn’t this the master himself? How have you found time
to visit my little shop? What is it?
Have you finished your homework? Enough. Stop talking nonsense. Pour me a glass of wine. It looks like Master Yu is troubled
by something. What is it? Someone dumped you? Me? You must be joking. I’m always the one who does the dumping. I won’t be dumped until your shabby shop
goes out of business. Shhh…lower your voice. I want to have two more years
of peaceful time. I hope the shop
won’t end up like you say. For a person
who has no desire to better himself, it would be good enough
if a girl fancies you. How is it? Did you get used to
your new school on the first day? Get used to it?
Why wouldn’t I get used to it? Everyone is talented in this school. By the way,
I’ll stay with you for a few days. I’ll move out after I find a place
to live in a few days. I don’t want to say this but why would you want to stay with me when you have your own home
to return to? I would say that you should go home
and apologize to your dad. Your dad’s temper is
as stubborn as yours. You’re both open to persuasion,
but not to coercion. That’s not it. Why did you say that too? I’d like to know why
it’s wrong to like music. I haven’t killed anyone
or violated the law. What right
does he have to follow his plan? After my mom is gone, he been lonely and likes to use me to gain a sense of being. What is this? Why did you give me juice? Forget about drinking wine. You aren’t clear-headed
in the first place. Let’s have a good chat today. You think you can make a living
by doing music? I have been around many places
for many years, and yet I’m now watching
over this little bar and is still worried about
next month’s rent. Young man, don’t do it on a whim. You’ll know one day. What is this? This is called running under the sunset. Alright, I’m not going to stay with you. I have no idea what stupefying drug
you have been given. Hey, don’t be home too late. Open the door. An He, open the door. An He, open the door. Stop playing dead. Hey, Situ Xiaoyu. Hey, Situ Xiaoyu. What’s wrong with you? Situ Xiaoyu, are you alright? Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu, wake up. What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Are you alright, Xiaoyu? Don’t say anything,
I’ll pour you a glass of water. Stay here. You don’t need to. In a while, I’ll… Ah. Ah. Situ Xiaoyu, have you gone nuts? Give me the glass. I had too much to drink with some pretty girls last night. I was in a daze, and I don’t know how I got to your house. It was an accident. It was a purely an accident. By the way, what time is it now? What time is it? Damn it, I’ll be late. I gotta go now. Hey, wait for me. I’ll go with you. Why don’t you rest? We’ll talk when I come back around noon. Bye. Hey, An He, did that blind guy pick on you afterward last night? Who are you talking about? Situ Xiaoyu? Oh, he didn’t pick on me. But we should keep a distance between us. An He, I don’t like what you just said. I am I and he is he. He has nothing to do with me. If it wasn’t for Situ Xiaoyu disposing of him yesterday, I wouldn’t have allowed you to be injured. I think you two are made for each other. I saw you giving him breakfast yesterday morning. You… An He, do you think I’m beautiful? Hm. Tell me, do you think that I’m gentle? Hm. This is my 50th declaration you won’t disappoint me, will you? Hum! I won’t. No. Ahhh. An He, stop ignoring me. I didn’t know that I was so strong. Can you stop following me? Don’t eat that stuff. Let’s go.
I’ll treat you to something delicious. An He, don’t go too far. There’s limit to my patience. You should know what’s good for you. Well, well, well. Gentlemen settle a dispute through communication rather than brawling. If you keep it up, I’ll… You’ll what? I’ll… You won’t go easy on me, will you
-Hey, -Go ahead.
-proprietor, give me another bag. Here it is. Why do you buy everything double? Are you going to see another girl? It’s none of your business. What does it have to do with you? -An He, you aren’t a human being.
-Proprietor, give me another bag. You’ve gone too far. Proprietor, do you have bigger peaches? They’re over there. You aren’t a human being. Tell me who she is. Believe it or not, I’ll tear her apart right now. What are you going to do later? What else can I do? I have to go home since there are no classes this afternoon. What? You have brought her home already? You’ve gone too far. Believe it or not, I’ll tell your mom that you’re messing around when she’s home. Let’s go. I’ll go home with you. -I want to see who the bitch is.
-Does who I bring home have anything to do with you? Anyway, I’m not taking you home with me. Thank you, proprietor. Hey, you haven’t paid yet. Keep the change. Ah, young girls today are really hard to deal with. An He. Are you done, Zhuang Xiaoci? I have to say that you’re a girl and yet you followed me all the way downstairs. The neighbors have seen you. Don’t you think they’ll laugh at me? I don’t care. I’m crazy today. An He, you don’t need to like me, but I have to find out the truth. I’ll going to your house today. I want to know what kind of a bitch I lost you to. Hey,
do you know the number of my address? 501 How did she find out my the number of my address. Zhuang Xiaoci. Zhuang Xiaoci. Zhuang Xiaoci. Xiaoci Xiaoci, what are you up to? What are you… -Give me the key. What are you up to? Xiaoci. Alright, -What? you’re even drinking now. It’s none of your business. -Come out, little bitch.
-Xiaoci, what are you up to? -Cut it out.
-Come out. See if I don’t kill you. Whether I drink or not has nothing to do with you. Get out of my way. Don’t you think you’re sticking your nose into my affairs too much? An He, I’m taking a shower.
Do you want to join me? Come, let’s shower together. Are you sick, Situ Xiaoyu? Alright, An He. I’ve caught you red-handed, -Get out. and yet you’re trying to talk your way out. Come out, bitch. -I said go! An He, can you lend me new underwear? Ah! Put some clothes on. You don’t say. Your underwear fits me perfectly. You’re wearing it now and yet you still have so much bullshit to talk about. But I’ve worn that underwear for three years. Have you?
No wonder it feels kind of distorted. But I won’t reject you. Hey, Eat fast if you want to eat. Get out of my house after you finish eating, alright? An He, I have a bold idea. Out with it. I think it’s nice living here. Anyway, it’s very close to the school. Most of the time… I can spend time with you most of the time. Most importantly, we can study music together. I think you’re pretty talented at music. Situ Xiaoyu, don’t go too far, alright? I haven’t settled the score with you yet. Did you steal the stuff I wrote? It’s not stealing. I did it because I admire your talent. Good things should be shared. Alright, stay away from my affairs from now on. What are you doing? Does your posture -mean that you want to fight?
-Are you crazy? Why don’t you call for help and see if it works? If you keep doing this, I… I’ll call the police. Go ahead. Keep doing it. Let me go now. No one has ever talked to me like that. I’ll pay you the rent in full. I’ll even pay you double. Let me go right away. If you dare to call out for help -I’ll take care of you right now.
-Alright. I promise. Let me go first, alright? Do you mean it? Let me go first. Alright, you can stay here. But we must establish some rules. First, you can’t affect my studying. Otherwise,
you’ll be out of here in no time. Your activity areas are limited to this sofa, the kitchen and the restroom. Why would I want to go to the kitchen? If you want to stay here, you have to clean up, alright? Alright, deal. What are you doing? That’s my room. What is it? I’m moving things. Otherwise, how will I fit into the family atmosphere? Wake up. What is this? Are you moving? That’s right. You… What about me? This bank card has money for one month’s rent. The password is your birthday. How do you know my birthday. Did you write the song I took on your birthday, didn’t you? It has a note on it. Take it. Situ Xiaoyu, can you be quieter? Okay, will do right away. Why can’t I get the tuning right? What is it? Situ Xiaoyu, can you be quieter? What are you doing? I’m tuning. Here. Let me tune it for you. What are you doing? Give it to me. Here. You won’t smash my guitar, will you? Don’t move. Do you know music at all? You can’t store the guitar in a humid place. It will be damaged.
You don’t even know this. Let me tune it for you. Watch it. It looks like you’re an expert. The way you tune the guitar is like flirting. Get lost. Here, your guitar. Situ Xiaoyu, I can see that you like music a lot and you’re pretty talented at it. You must be very happy to be able to sing every day. That’s right. When I sing, I can forget things that make me unhappy. You also have moments of unhappiness? Situ Xiaoyu, I think you’re quite good-looking. Do you need a girlfriend? Do you have moments of loneliness as well? I don’t need a girlfriend. I don’t want to be tired of her all the time. I would rather have a drink with my good buddy. Are you a perv? What’s wrong? Are you sick, Situ Xiaoyu? Why would you have such a drastic reaction? Could it that you like men? Alright, keep playing. I’m heading to bed now. Are you going to bed? Yes. I’m going to bed too. Good-night. Hey, I said good-night. I’m sleeping. Alright, I’ll let you sleep today. Situ Xiaoyu, what are you doing in my bed? Are you sick? I’m sleep walking. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Are you playing dead? Wake up. Ah. Hey, are you playing dead? Are you done yet? Ah. Situ Xiaoyu, don’t you think it’s too crowded sleeping with me? Not at all. It’s better than sleeping on the sofa. Situ Xiaoyu, why are you poking at me? What’s poking at you? It’s doing it on its own, and has nothing to do with me. Ah, let me give it a try if you can’t do it. You’re serious. Ah, it’s true. Your pecker is quite large. Haha. Ah. Oh, shit. Pretty girl Zhuang, what happened yesterday
was a misunderstanding. Anyway I…I hope you won’t mind. Who minds? What a nut you are. I didn’t see anything. I didn’t see that thing. What thing, Xiaoci? An He, are you guys working together
to pick on me, aren’t you? How can you fool around
with this blind guy all the time? He is leading you astray. Hey, who’s leading whom astray? You have no idea
how awesome he is in bed. Get off me. Ugh. Students, the next unit
is a problem-solving unit. You can ask me any questions you have Please use your time wisely. You’re sleeping like a pig. Even the teacher didn’t want
to bother with you. Let’s go. The class is over. What time is it? The class is over. Let’s go. Ah. Let’s go. If you continue to behave like this,
you’ll have to sleep on the sofa tomorrow. Anyway, I don’t have other places to go. I might as well stay here
and keep my eyes on you. Please give me a break. If you keep doing it,
I’ll hurt you really bad. Hey, don’t do that. I’ll listen to you.
Look at you. You’re so skinny. Let me make you something nutritious. Let’s go. An He. What’s this asshole doing here?
He’s looking for a good beating. Stop looking for trouble. Calm down. Let’s go. What? Does your dad want
to look for another job? Situ Xiaoyu, I know your family
has great connections. But I don’t have bad intentions today. I’m here to apologize to An He. Ah He, what happened last time
was my fault. I was too impulsive. What about this?
I’ve reserved a table at Huangdu Hotel, Let’s consider it
to be my apology to you two, alright? Wang Zheng, I don’t like to lecture you, but you don’t need
to treat us to a meal, and if you have spare time,
you should spend it on studying. Don’t overthink it. Let’s go, Xiaoyu. Hey, Xiaoyu, bring me the apron. Okay. Why are you so nice to me?
Have you found your conscience? Alright, let me help you to put it on. You don’t need to. I remember when I was little, when my mom was cooking, I used to tie up her apron like this. What a pity, I don’t know how many years
it’s been since I’ve eaten a meal prepared by my mom. Doesn’t your mom live with you now? When I just started elementary school, my mom had a heart attack. When it happened,
my dad was out making a sales call and couldn’t see my mom one last time. Are you sick, Situ Xiaoyu? I’m not sick. Science has proved that patting a guy’s butt
will improve his confidence. Wow! What’s the occasion today? What a feast! Ah, never mind. Hurry. Let’s drink first. What’s the occasion? Are you serious? Here. Here, let’s have a drink. Alright.
Ah He, you’re acting strangely today. Tell me,
is there anything to be happy about? Nothing, actually. This is the first time
you’ve come to my house, and I haven’t treated you to anything. Let me treat you to a meal today. This for that thing? Alright, I’ll drink up,
but you can do what you want. Your attitude seems pretty sincere. Alright,
for the sake of your sincere attitude, I’ll tell you the second factor. Actually, it’s my birthday today. Are you serious? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Ahh, what do you want to do? Alright, wait for a second. Hey, what are you doing?
Where are you going? Xiaoyu, what are you doing?
Open the door. Wait for second. I’ll be out right away. Situ Xiaoyu, open the door right away. Shhhh. If you don’t open the door, I’ll… Open the door. An He, happy birthday. Xiaoyu, why did you prepare this? Never mind this. Just tell me, buddy,
are you moved or not? It’s not like you didn’t know that
I don’t like to eat dessert. Alright,
our hunk An He is 18 years old today. Make a wish. Damn it. Why is the power out? It must have stopped working. Could it be
the circuit breaker is broken? Let me check. No need. Why are you looking at me? Nothing. You’re quite pretty. Hey, what are you doing? What? Are you afraid? You must be a perv. Alright, let me feed you some cake. Here. No, I don’t want to eat it.
Go ahead yourself. You’re sick! Here’s a cake and yet
you don’t want to eat it. What an idiot. Mom, what are you doing? Mom. An He, didn’t you promise me that
you wouldn’t touch music? Mom. Mom. I told you that
I would throw away all your scores if you touch music again. Mom. Do you want to end up like your dad? Your duty now is to study hard. Mom, don’t. Mom, don’t. Mom, don’t do it. Auntie, wait. Please don’t smash Ah He’s guitar. That’s his dream. Mister. Mister, this is our family’s private affair. Auntie, Ah He’s affairs are my affairs. We are good buddies. No, Mister, why don’t you
take care of your own business? We’ll take care of our own affairs. Xiaohe, give me the guitar. Mom, no. Do you want to end up like your dad? Have you forgotten
how he ran away all those years ago? Auntie, calm down. Calm down? How can I calm down? Alright,
you can hold the guitar forever. I’ll go. I’ll go, alright? Mom. Mom. Auntie, auntie, wait. Xiaoyu, what do you want? Don’t you have make-up classes to attend during vacation? Auntie, can I talk to you? I’m sorry, I don’t have time. Auntie, I only need five minutes. Alright. Auntie, please wait for me.
Let me change my clothes. Hmm. Go. His dad has been gone for 10 years. I heard that he’s not doing well now. I don’t want An He
to end up like his dad What’s wrong with an insipid life? Auntie, An He isn’t ordinary, and his life won’t be insipid. You’re blocking his path in life. Xiaoyu, I don’t agree with your view. You’re still young and haven’t
experienced the reality of life. You have no idea how extravagant it is
to have a dream. There are plenty of people can
who sing well in society nowadays. Do you think that it’s so easy
to become a famous singer? If he didn’t become famous and failed, who’d be responsible
for the rest of his life? I don’t think An He can bear it. I want my child to be safe,
healthy and happy. I don’t want him to end up like his dad and live an uncertain life. Xiaoyu, be realistic. Auntie, An He isn’t happy. When he understands my good intentions,
he’ll be happy. His future should be
to go to a good university, marry a wonderful wife and have an adorable child. That’s the right path in life. Auntie, have you heard An He singing? I haven’t. Auntie, you must be very busy
most of the time. Hmm. That’s it. Auntie, you have no idea how much
he’s different from his dad. You haven’t seen the way
he plays guitar. He cries, laughs,
and feels sadness and happiness. He’s way more animated
than when he’s studying. That’s the real An He. Did you know that your son is like that? Perhaps you have treated An He as his dad’s shadow over the years. But he is he a unique individual. I… Auntie, why don’t you give An He some time
to prove himself? He is he. He’s an individual who shines on stage, and isn’t an emotionless machine. If you believe in me and An He, please allow him to take part in the competition with me. You’ll find out that you can’t help but love and cherish the An He on stage. You may even find that you want to support and trust him with your heart and soul at all costs. I know this path will be very difficult, but this is the life Ah He wants. I love An He. At the same time,
I also don’t want to see An He living under his dad’s shadow. But as you said, he’s different when he’s being himself. I’m not an unreasonable parent. I permit you two
to take part in the competition. But you have to agree with me that if you lose, you must study hard, and eventually get married
and have kids. If you win, I agree to give you five years
to pursue your dream. Are you happy with my decision? Thank you. An He and I won’t let you down. This way. What’s wrong? You can’t do it anymore? How did you convince my mom? Never mind. Anyway, I’m good at something. Xiaoyu, the competition is tomorrow. Do you think we’ll lose? Don’t worry. We’ll be fine. The biggest problem will be my dad. It might appear that he’s ignoring me, but the fact is
that he has been doing battle with me for taking part in the competition. He’s not as reasonable as your mom. Actually, your mom has it hard in life. Xiaoyu, my mom also said that we can’t have the lowest score in class. We can’t have the lowest score in class. Am I really that terrible? Not to mention that I have you. I won’t take part in cheating. What I meant is that
if I don’t know anything, you can teach me. What’s more,
if one day my score surpasses yours, you won’t be able
to keep your first place in class. Stop your boasting. Let’s go. Why are you running? Blind guy,
what’s the matter with you today? Shhh…Stop talking.
Pay attention to the class. Alright, let me see what you’re writing. Hey. Let me take a look. No. Let me take a look. Let me take a look. No. Situ Xiaoyu, what are you doing? Nothing. Teacher, I’m taking notes. Lying isn’t a good habit. Sit down. Pay attention to the class. Situ Xiaoyu, someone is looking for you. Assistant Li, why are you here? Xiaoyu, the president wanted me
to bring you a message: You should go home as soon as possible. I have a place to live now. Why should I go home? Stop being so willful, Xiaoyu. You already beat up a classmate after having lived outside
for a few days. Your dad knew about it. He’s considering transferring you
to another school now. He has contacted a school
over last few days. Assistant Li, please tell him that I’ll be in charge of my own life, no matter what his arrangements are. I have a class to attend. You should go home now. Hey. Ah. What are we doing tonight? We’ll review English tonight. There’s not much time left
until the competition. You don’t look worried at all. Are you going to cheat on me? How am I cheating on my teammate? Registration hasn’t started yet. You’re worrying for nothing. Alright, let’s go. I’ll take you to a fun place tonight. Where’s the place? Why so mysterious? Let’s go. You’ll know when you’re there. I won’t go unless you tell me first. It’s a little bar on the south side. Don’t worry, it’s not a wicked place. It’s pretty deserted. The owner of the bar is my close buddy. The effects of his equipment
are quite nice. We can use it. Let’s go. Ah. An He, there’s a English lecture tonight,
aren’t you going? He’s not going. We have business. That’s it. Bye. An He, go ahead and
screw around with him every day. The day of reckoning will come. Punk, you remembered to come back? How is it? Which girl have you been
fooling around with lately? What nonsense. Let me introduce you guys. This is the owner Pi. ust call him Bro Peter. He’s a down and out hipster and a low-rated singer. Thank you for your acknowledgement. This is my new partner An He. He’ll take part in a
music selection competition next month. How do you do? Grab a seat.
I’ll prepare something for you. Well well well. There’s no need. I’d like to talk about some business. You know we don’t have
a place for rehearsal. Your place is pretty deserted, can we use your place? Okay. My place will getting dusty
if you don’t use it. Who knows, my business might improve
if you guys are singing here. Alright. We’ll go ahead and sing. Let’s go. Let’s go. -Ah. What’s wrong? There are people here. What? Are you afraid of being watched? How will we practice if we don’t sing? We’re singing for real? That’s right. Alight. -Let’s go. Xiaoyu, what song should we sing? Sing the song you wrote. Then what are you going to do? I’ll listen to the original version. Don’t be afraid. Come on, you can do it. Your buddy sings well. He does.
Can’t you see who’s teaching him? I think you should play this way. Use this tune, don’t you think? Try it again. An He. An He. What is it? What’s up? Come here. I have something to tell you. What? Why don’t you tell him here? It’s not your business. An He, come over here. An He, you can’t go. Xiaoci, what is it? An He, don’t you think you’ve been getting
too close to him lately? I don’t think so. What’s wrong? Look what you have been doing lately. It has been days
since you went to classes. Your grade went down in last test. You’ll be ruined
if you keep sinking lower. It’s none of your business. Anything else? An He, listen to me. You should know what’s good for you. Do you have any idea what Situ Xiaoyu was like
at his previous school? You’re from two different worlds. Can you be more realistic? He’s a rich guy’s kid,
and is just amusing himself with you. He doesn’t really see you as his buddy. You’re wrong, Zhuang. I know my own business. Xiaoyu isn’t that kind of person. If you keep going on like this, our 10-year plus friendship
will be over. An He, you… You’re an asshole. Don’t you regret it. The bratty girl is going crazy again. Don’t pay any attention to her. Where were we? Stay away from her from now on, alright? Why the expression? Let’s practice at home.
It’s getting late. Let’s go home and take a shower. Don’t you think it’s stuffy? Let’s go. An He. What? Come over and take a look. The water is too cold. Hurry. Ah, how annoying. What’s wrong? The water heater is broken. Are you crazy?
You’re doing this on purpose. Didn’t you say that cold water is good? I’m just giving you a cold shower. Do you want to take a shower or not? Forget about it if you don’t want to.
I will. -Let’s take the shower together.
-What are you doing? Are you crazy? What are you doing? An He. -Situ Xiaoyu, you’re a pervert! I realized that I’m smitten with you. Are you a pervert? I’m not. Cut it out. Cut it out. Xiaoyu, cut it out. Xiaoyu. Are you crazy, Situ Xiaoyu? Are you crazy? Stop it. Stop it, alright? Stop it. Stop joking around. It’s enough. Are you crazy? Stop it. An He, stop talking and fighting against me.
Listen to me. I’ve struggled. I was once confused. But I really can’t control myself. I now only want to possess every inch
of your skin. Situ Xiaoyu. Did it feel good? Feel good? Fuck your feel good. How about let’s do it again? Move your hand. Don’t be like this. Really. You’re turning your back on me. Tell me, Xiaoyu,
what kind of relationship we’re in now? I don’t know
what relationship we’re in now. Like knows like? When I just met you, I thought that you were a great student and good-looking. I couldn’t help
but fall in love with you. I’m sorry. It’s my fault this time. I won’t do it again. Wait. Is Zhuang Xiaoci crazy? What joke is she playing now this late? Alright. Stay here. I’ll go. Should I go with you? You don’t need it. I’ll go myself. You didn’t lie to me, did you? Do you think he’ll come? Xiaoci, why would I lie to you? I saw it clearly
in Situ Xiaoyu’s notebook. It says that he likes An He. They’re very close now, which you’re aware of. If he didn’t show up tonight, I’d advise you to give it up. I’m not a good person, but I’ve always wanted
what’s best for you. When An He shows up, you should leave, so he won’t misunderstand. Alright.
If you and An He really end up together, I wish you happiness. Isn’t that An He? Alright. I’ll go now. Xiaoci, who’s that? Let’s go, Xiaoci. I’ll take you home. Alright? Cut it out. An He, I beg you. I really like you. Why can’t you give me a chance? I really like you.
Why don’t you like me? Let me go. Let go, Xiaoci. We’re not right for each other. We can talk tomorrow, alright? Where don’t I measure up to Situ Xiaoyu? Why do you like him, and not me? It’s wrong for you to be together. You’re both men. I’m happy being with Xiaoyu,
do you understand? Are you happy with this reason? But he’s a man. What’s wrong with him being a man? Is that very important? It’s way better than being with someone
who doesn’t know you. We aren’t right for each other. We won’t be happy together. We can take our time
working on our relationship. What you have together isn’t love. The exam is approaching. Our teachers said that
we shouldn’t have puppy love. Excuse. Don’t you have any feelings
toward me at all? No, I don’t have any feelings
toward you at all. If I feel anything toward you at all,
it’s only because you’re my classmate. Only your classmate. Yes, my classmate. You have declared to me 50 times, and I’ve refused you 50 times. Xiaoci, I’m sorry. Okay, I’ll go. Get lost. Xiaoci, let me take you home. Get lost. Xiaoci, let me take you home. Xiaoci, Xiaoci. Zhuang Xiaoci. (The number you’re calling at is
not in service…) Hello, Zhuang Xiaoci, is An He with you? Didn’t he go home last night? Have you seen An He? Tell me where he is. I…I got it. Come and meet me. Proprietor, have you seen this girl last night? I saw her last night. After she left, a bunch of students had a fight here. Do you know where they went afterward? They ran in that direction. Xiaoyu, what should we do? What should we do?
You’re the one who caused the trouble. Hurry and look for him. What’s wrong, master? I’ve been waiting
for you for a long time. I heard that
Situ Xiaoyu likes you very much. What’s wrong with him? Why would he shy away
from so many beautiful girls and fancy you instead? Could it be that you’re good at sex
and not clingy afterward? Alright. You hate me so much? I’d like to see how you guys have fun. Ah! Have you seen this person? This person. Have you? No. Tell me, have you seen him? I saw a bunch of people yesterday. They’re in the room at the end. Let’s go. That way. How is it? Are you having a good time? Come on, let’s have fun. Wang Zheng, stop it. Stop it. Stop it, Wang Zheng. Stop it.
I’ll kill myself if you don’t stop. Xiaoci, I’m doing it for you. Let him go. Okay, I’ll let them go. I’ll stop. An He. An He. An He. An He. An He. An He. I’m here. Don’t you play dead on me. An He. Ah… Xiaoyu. An He, you’re awake. Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu, if you came later, I would have lost my virtue. Everything is fine now. Lie down. Xiaoyu, they gave me drugs. I’m dizzy. I know. Dummy, everything is fine now. Who is it? Let me check. An He, I’m sorry. Xiaoci, you don’t need to say anything. It has nothing to do with you. I can’t do anything right. I’ve always wanted to be good to you, but ended up
bringing you trouble instead. You don’t need to say anything. Hey, don’t cry. An He, I’m sorry. Alright, An He needs to rest up. Please ask the teacher
for a few days leave for us. Alright, let’s talk outside. He needs rest. Lie down. Nice and slow. What happened to An He is all my fault.
I’m sorry. Stop apologizing. I’m sick of hearing it. But Zhuang Xiaoci,
I’ve something to tell you. If you can’t make him happy, you should leave him. It’ll be good for both of you. An He is very lonely. You think that you know him, but you never understood
what he’s thinking inside. I know. I realized today that perhaps you’re the person
who has a place in An He’s heart. I was wrong. I’m only a little fish in the river. It’s only human nature for me to protect
my habitat from being invaded. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him. As for his future,
please don’t step into our world again. I understand. It’s alright now. You can leave. I’m leaving now. Xiaoyu. Why did you leave your room? Come. You don’t need to help me. I’m fine. Don’t be unconcerned. You have no idea the way you looked
when I entered the room. My brain went blank. Oh, where’s that son of the bitch
Wang Zheng? Never mind that. The police are talking to him now. Don’t worry,
I guarantee that from now on he won’t dare to give us trouble. Alright.
Let’s practice the lyrics tonight. Don’t forget them at the competition. I won’t forget. Don’t worry. I’ve memorized your song by heart. Most importantly, let’s give our team
a bold and memorable name. A name? Isn’t that your specialty? Just give me one of the corny names
you used before. I just mentioned them casually. I can’t come up with scholarly names. I think, I’ll call it River Knows Fish Heart. What do you think? What? What renxin or burenxin? It has one character
from each of our names. It’s true. The name, River Knows Fish Heart means you don’t have the heart for it. Ah, get lost. I…I can’t put up with you, and can’t wait to see you gone. Let me look at you carefully for one more minute. There’s no reason for me to hug you anymore. What are we? We can just be friends. You smile while looking at me. It feels like a joke
when I flirt with you. The corner of the dorm is a trap that frightens me. I pretend to be afraid
and hug you in my arms. The inscribed wall in the classroom. The bridge near Qingshan Lake. You said don’t draw in the past. Let me look at you carefully for one more minute. There’s no reason
for me to hug you anymore. What are we? We can just be friends. My heart is near breaking But I can’t let you know. The basketball hoop. Your pouting face. I can’t read your tear-filled eyes. The sports field that is too big to run. The wind is blowing when I kissed you. You insisted and said forget the past. An He, the competition will take place
in two days. Are you nervous? Nervous? Why would I be nervous about? If we pass
the qualification competition, it’s possible that we might need to make do
with each together in the future. What make do with each together?
How cheeky you are. Joking aside, actually, I feel that my dream isn’t that important, because I’ve found something more important than my dream. What is it? You. Can you be serious? Have you gone through the song
I wrote for you? Don’t forget the lyrics
at the competition. Then you teach me. How? Let me teach you. An He, -What are you doing, Xiaoyu? I want you. No. An He. An He. -No. No. No. Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu, no. Are you playing dead? What are you doing, Situ Xiaoyu? Come on, what are you afraid of? What are you doing, Situ Xiaoyu? Assistant Li, why are you here? Are you doing morning exercises? No.
I need to talk to you about something. Go ahead. I’ll be there in a while. Speak up. Let’s talk inside the car. The president is waiting
for you inside the car. I’ve a class to attend.
Do we have to talk inside the car? It won’t take up too much of your time.
Let’s go. Assistant Li, Assistant Li, Assistant Li, what is this? Where’s my dad? Are you playing with me
this early in the day? I’m sorry, Master. The president is waiting for you
at home. He has finished the procedures
to send you abroad. He knew you wouldn’t go home, so he was forced to do this. Drive. Open the door. I won’t go. Hey, open the door. I won’t go. Open the door. Open the door. Xiaoyu, stop fighting. If you dare to take part
in the competition, you dad won’t make it easy for that boy. You’re such scumbags. I’ll despise you all my life. Open the door. Open the door. An He, wake up. Come with me. Yes, teacher. An He, how have you been doing lately? I’m doing well, teacher. Don’t exhaust yourself. I know that you and Situ Xiaoyu are
taking part in a competition tomorrow. Don’t stress out. You have always worked so hard
all the time. Just remember that
it’s a hands-on experience tomorrow. Don’t relax your efforts
during the third year of high school. Do you understand? I understand, teacher. Alright, I gotta leave. If you need me, just let me know. Alright, I’ll remember it. Bro Pi, has Xiaoyu come here? No. Isn’t the competition tomorrow? How come you can’t get ahold on him now? His phone is turned off. There was an Assistant Li
who came to get him. He hasn’t been back since this morning. By the way, Bro Pi,
do you have Assistant Li’s phone number? I don’t. Alright, Bro Pi. I gotta go, bro. -Okay, good-bye. Bye. -Bye. It’s your turn. Okay, got it. Judges, how are you? I’m contestant number 21
River Knows Fish Heart. Today, I’ll sing alone. Alright, start your performance. Thank you, judges. The withered season, the fallen snow covers your eyes. After the snow is melted, it’ll wash clean the soil. That’s your home. Are our footprints still there? You cry like a child’s father. Perhaps one day at a crowded coffee shop, we’ll be able to chat and laugh like we did before. Don’t answer me. Allow me to remember the past, and pretend you’re still with me. There’s a place that is full of dreams and songs. I wish you’re laughing sweetly. Laughing at this world for its boredom, shams and quarrels. How wonderful it’ll be
if you’re still here. Perhaps one day, at a swarming video game shop, we’ll be able to play until we’re late for the class. Don’t talk. Allow me to think one more second, and pretend you’re smiling at me. You for sure will say that Jielun’s new song has changed. It doesn’t stir your heart like before. Your youth is gone. What are you expecting? Hurry and drink the autumn wine. There’s a place that you can look forward to. You’ll have your law firm, where you can burn
the world’s complaints according to your moods, and bring all the world’s worries
to trial. There’s a place that is full of dreams and songs. I wish that you’re laughing sweetly. Laughing at this world for its boredom, shams and quarrels. How wonderful it’ll be
if you’re still here. How wonderful it’ll be
if you’re still here. Xiaoyu, where did you go? Xiaoyu, come with me. An He, I’m not going. I’ll tell the judges
to let us do it again. Let’s go. Xiaoyu, let’s go. An He, I’m not going. Why? Do you know why your mom
didn’t hesitate for a moment and agreed to let us take part
in the competition? It’s because I told her that if you
and I take part in the competition, I would guarantee that
you wouldn’t touch music the rest of your life. Now, I’ve achieved my goal. Are you disappointed? Situ Xiaoyu, why? An He, I’m doing this for your own good. I wanted to show you that
dreams can’t bring food to the table. We’re different. I can afford to go after my dreams, but it’s impossible for you. This is my original intention. Your mom was right. You should study hard. My time here is meaningless. I’m going to the States. That’s it. Situ Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu. If you can come again, you will leave me? After one month An He, how is it? Did you miss me over the vacation time? I missed you so much. I lost weight when you weren’t around. Forget it. I’ve heard about you and Situ Xiaoyu’s
glorious accomplishments. Wang Zheng has transferred
to another school. One word: Awesome. Where’s Situ Xiaoyu? An He, let’s have lunch together. Sure. Have you heard anything from him? You mean Xiaoyu? I haven’t heard anything from him. This river doesn’t need that little fish. But without him, there are indeed less amusements. Hello, An He,
has the school started yet? Mom. Yes, the school has started. You’re in the third year now.
I’ll be home in a few days. I can’t always leave you at home alone. Mom, got it. Anyway, you can’t help with my studying. I’ll move to the school’s dorm soon. I’ll be even closer to the school. Ah, you have grown up. there are many things that
I can’t look after for you. Call me if you need me. Okay, mom. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Move quickly. Put them down. There is more stuff over there. Move them over here quickly. Bro Pi, what are you doing? What am I doing? I’m leaving. You’re leaving? Bro Pi, you’re doing great here, so why are you leaving? The rent is too expensive. My business is getting worse
year after year. Moreover, I’m getting old, and my dream of becoming a singer
should come to an end. I don’t have many people
whom I know well here. There’s nothing to keep me here. Bro Pi, what will this place turn into? I think
it’s going to be a plant nursery. Nowadays, selling knickknacks
makes more money than opening a bar. How about you? How have you been? Me? Same old, same old. You and Xiaoyu are the two people
I know well in this place. You must feel bad
about Xiaoyu’s leaving. Who’s feeling bad about it? That punk dragged me to take part
in that sucky competition. Now, he’s missing. He’s a liar. A downright liar. He must have his reasons. Isn’t it the way life supposed
to be sometimes? Life is a mixture of truth
and falsehood, and twists and turns. Perhaps you’ll meet again eventually. That punk
doesn’t remember anything else, but remembers my address. Here’s a letter for you. Is it from Xiaoyu? Yes. An He, I’m sorry. There are many things that
I can’t explain to you, but I’ll never forget the time
I spent with you. Perhaps I can’t never fulfill my dreams. If possible, I hope you can fulfill it for me. Wait for me. Hi, mister, here’s your express mail. Thank you. -You’re welcome. Hello. Is this Ah He? Speaking. Hi, I’m a teacher
from Xiangcheng Music School. You have passed
our qualification competition. If there’s no problem, we’ll arrange an exam for you.
We’ll notify you of the time. Alright, got it. Alright, be quiet. I’ll announce the exam results. First place goes to An He. An He, come and get your grade report. An He. Second place goes to Zhuang Xiaoci. Third place goes to… I’m reporting to the class. What are you looking at? How about let’s have another contest like men do? (The end)

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