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Hello and welcome to FridgeCam. If you eat food,
then this is the show to you. Coming up in the fridge today. I level up bacon sandwiches. Then we have an international food quiz. And the Forfeit is the world’s
smelliest food. But first! I’ve been shopping again, and I’ve come up
with some mysterious meats. And/or extractions from
meat bases things. – I’m gonna feed them to these guys.
– Do you have too? Now we’ve done a couple
of these before, and in your own time you may
want to go and check those out. Today, we’re improving it
based on some feedback. Last time, people said
I made them too nice and disguised the flavor with too
many other flavored combinations. So, today we’re keeping it
a bit more simple. Secondly, the person
directly on my right, I will tell them what
it is their eating. They will be able to see it
and they will know. In the middle, they will
be able to use their eyes, but they will not know what
it is they are eating. The person on the end
will be blindfolded. They will just be aimlessly putting it
in their mouths and hoping for the best. These guys will rotate. First one, mystery meat #1. – Now.
– It’s fire press. Not too bad.
It’s a long slow cook. – Smells like beef stew.
– It looks like beef stew. It’s got some slight
fruitiness in there. With a little bit of red currant jelly,
some blueberries, but also red wine. Okay, yeah. Mike, would you like
to have a little peek? – This is what we’re eating.
– That smells like Guinness. Okay, okay. Starting easy. – It’s Elk.
-Is it? – It’s not too bad.
– What’s an elk? Ha, what’s an elk?!
Okay, number two. That looks like you
fashioned it yourself! And I thought that. I want to
see [Inaudible] give you that. Okay, this has been oven roasted
with oregano, cumin, salt and oil. I like oregano. And were’ serving it
with a Peruvian pesto. Give me your hand. No, haha, why is it like that? – Ah, it’s got hairs on it.
– No don’t say they that. Ah, there are little
hairs all over it! Dig in, in 3,2,1.. – What is it?
– It’s a squirrel. Oh, is that squirrel? Take your blindfold off
James, have a look. Oh, no. So, this is the closest
I could get to guinea pig. Okay. So, in Peru they serve this often
with the roasted guinea pig. And the closest I could get in the UK,
I thought it’d be something like a squirrel. Number 3, and for this one,
portion size is a teaspoon. Oh, okay, I think I’m okay with that.
I’m not sure yet. These have been oven dried
with a few curried spices. So I have masked some
of the flavour, not all. Oh, no! Okay, they’re not
quite what you think. I know what you think they are,
but they’re not quite that. And there’s the crunch. Absolutely fine. They smell worse earlier on,
when we didn’t apply the curry paste, or curry spices. They are in fact the larvae of moth. So, they would eventually
have become a moth. I ate a butterfly just then? No, a moth. Oh, they are grim.
That was actually a benefit. I’ve been subscribed to you for ages, but I see now that YouTube
unsubscribed me… thanks, Obama. Whack it in the oven,
whack it into the fridge. Boys, I think you’ve done
enough whacking in your lives, please keep it away
from the food. I need more James,
this isn’t satisfying. I don’t know how to react
to that, but tada! Mike has become so fat. Some comments you just
can’t argue with! Number 4. That’s not a portion size! C’mon, let’s just do it, ready,
3, 2, 1. In you go. So they are considered
a little bit chewy. I know what it is!
Can I have a guess? – Yeah.
-Is it chicken heart? – I’m impressed. It absolutely is.
– Because I’ve had it before. In a Brazilian restaurant,
we had it and they covered the table, and they come around with skewers.
And this is marinated. Oh, that helps, that really helps. Number 5. Oh, no! What I did first, was boil it rapidly. And then once you boil it
rapidly for about 15 minutes, you can skin, you can kind of
peel off the outer skin. And then dip it in vinegar.
The distilled vinegar helps to get rid of something, I’m not entirely sure what.
Then a long, long slow cook. This was 8 hours,
in an aromatic broth. Now, I’m not going to lie,
not that aromatic, so you can still taste what it is. – Proud of you!
– No, don’t do that. Why would you do that? Stop it! – Just put your hand out.
– Oh, okay! It’s super weighty. You know what it is. 3,2,1, go! This is a reaction you want,
there we go. Actually, he’s not sick neither. Mike is just battling through. Well these guys can see it,
so they know it’s tongue. It came from a pig. Did you stick a pig’s
tongue in my ear. You can take it off now, James.
You technically French kissed it. Oh, that is not pretty, is it? The final one, number six. Now, the previous five, I have prepared
and tasted it, I’ve gone along. This dish I had a few years back.
And I’m never eating it again. I’m going to go prepare it. In the meantime, James is going
to level up a bacon sandwich. It’s not really the right time
to level up a bacon sandwich. I don’t want, I never thought
I would ever say this, but I don’t want a bacon
sandwich right now. Welcome to level up.
This is where we take an everyday dish, and with a few simple tips and tricks,
show you, how you can take it, a level up.
Because we’re not chefs, we’re normal. Please tell me it’s not
just add more bacon. It’s not just add more bacon. We’re going to start with maple syrup in
a bowl mixed with a teaspoon of oregano, a teaspoon of smoked paprika
and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Lay your bacon out on a tray
and brush it with the sauce. Heat a large frying
pan over a high heat. Lay the bacon into the pan,
sauce side down. And turn the heat down
to a medium high. Fry for 3 to 5 minutes until the bacon
is just starting to blacken in places. Turn the bacon and repeat.
Give me a second. Got a little bacon
from down there. Obviously, we’re going
to butter our bread. Transfer the bacon on to the buttered
side of the bread. Making sure that you angle the bacon
to get maximum coverage. Sandwich the bread, and spread butter
over the topside of the sandwich. Return the bacon pan
to a medium heat, and place the sandwich into
the pan butter side down. Fry for a minute whilst pressing
down with a spatula. Butter the face up bread, and flip. Cooking for another minute before
removing the sandwich from the heat. Slice into quarters, and that boys is how you take
a bacon sandwich a level up. And I think we should put that
through the sexies, don’t you? Put it in my mouth. Put it in my hand, please. That doesn’t need ketchup,
brown sauce or salad cream. That is amazing, I’m making this. Phenomenal. Well done. – Well done, mate.
– Thank you. – Truly a level up, well done. Do you know what the worse thing is? I just remembered where
we gotta go back to it now. Great level up, sandwich was awesome.
Are we ready? I just want to savour the taste of bacon
sandwich for a little bit longer. Number 6, here it is. No, is it that… Is it that flipping half cooked
born little…oh what is it? Is it that half born chicken thing in the neck? What was that? That smells like kegy,
I don’t want to do it, no. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Yep. Why do you serve it in porridge? It’s in a nice bed of kanji,
which I’ve beautifully seasoned, partly cooked from chicken… I actually feel like I’m gonna cry. And, you’ll be glad to know,
I’ve cut it into four, so you only have to do
a quarter each. Give me your left hand, I’m going
to put the handle of the spoon in it. That is so heavy.
I can’t even smell it without gagging. Definitely we won’t get ill from this? Definitely unlikely to get ill from this. 3,2,1. Go!! The thing with century eggs is, they’re preserved in a combination of salt,
lime and ash for several months, and in that time, it changes the pH to a point
where the whole texture changes. The white becomes [inaudible]
and gelatinous inside the yoke, almost about the texture of cheese. Preserved for months
to come egg. Exotic meat party and other excretions
that come from meat based animals, number three, sorted. Now consider this,
that video contains 7 recipes, but I think you’re only gonna
want to make one of them. So if you want to find out how
to level up your bacon sandwich, head to sortedfood.com
for the full details. And remember, we have done
a few other exotic meat parties. By all means check those out.
But do be careful, equal amounts of spitooning. Remember, do subscribe,
because usually we will make you hungry. Do you know what, Jamey?
I think our FridgeCam had everything. It had some serious bacon highs. It had some very unusual
parts of animals we wouldn’t normally eat
within these four walls. I would call them lows. – Okay.
– The highs and the lows. The highs and the lows. And we’re about to have
an international food quiz, where the loser is going to have to eat
the smelliest food in the world. This is nasty. But until next time. – Good bye!
– Bye.

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