Fake Friend Request (Sketch about annoying fake catfish facebook request from hot girls) | VLDL

Fake Friend Request (Sketch about annoying fake catfish facebook request from hot girls) | VLDL

What’s her name? Do you guys ever get this catfish friend requests? Ah all the time Let’s have a look ??????? She will be real bro, woman of your dreams good woow, Obviously she’s a fake person absolutely She’s got no friends, no photos apart from this incredibly hot profile picture Oh, I see she just message you.. Oh!! what is this?? hello adam, I saw your profile and instantly fell inlove with you eyyy, Congratulations man! whew I would make contact with you to come together. Please message me back instantly (lol) you know man, you gotta message her back instantly okay but you know what I’m gonna say? GO THE HELL AWAY FROM ME AND LEAVE ME ALONE. Oh man I wonder how she messaged like and who do you think she actually is? music~~

100 thoughts on “Fake Friend Request (Sketch about annoying fake catfish facebook request from hot girls) | VLDL

  1. Now you're going to put doubt in people's mind that it's not a scam and might actually be beautiful person tsk tsk

  2. well fuck, i folllow this video and added the Iania Blake and turns out she is horny and lives in my neighbour hood and wants to have sex with me and wants me to send her money via paypal if i wana see her nudes. I'm not sure what to do now.

  3. Legit this shit happens to me every day on insta and it’s annoying af😂 half the people use pornstar profile pics like everyone knows who they are they have become memes 😂

  4. Ха-ха-ха!! Очень смешно про русскую девушку!!. . . . Я даже лайк поставлю 🙂

  5. This is quite true actually. I met a beautiful girl online that I thought must be fake, but she is real and is coming to meet me now I've sent her the money for the plane ticket of £20,000 which I guess is quite expensive but she lives in Assberia which is very remote. The internet there is very slow which I guess is why she hasn't messaged me for the past month.

  6. Lol this is super childish compared to all the fake accounts that follow me on instagram haha they're literally the same account with a different girl everytime asking to check out their nudes in their bio

  7. You've got to go with your gut. When it looks too good to be true, it's definitely your destined soul mate who you should give all of your financial details to.

  8. Nobody in Russia dont give name "IVANKA" for they chaild. Trust me, im Russian. (sorry for mistakes, if I write somethink wrong)

  9. Иванка блять)))) Ну можно же было найти более подходящее имя, как и фамилию

  10. Well… Britt sucked in Russia… ahem, I mean you sucked a bit in that role composing for Britt as a russian.
    Damn, English sometimes is too hard to implement it perfectly.

  11. The only problem with this video is that it inadvertently aids the scammers since it reinforces that false hope that there is an actual incredibly beautiful woman behind the catfishing (if it didn't work they wouldn't be doing it worldwide). My brother actually has fun messing with catfishers by asking for a current photo, while they insist that he send them money. Of course, these "women" are unable to take a current picture of themselves with their phone for some "mysterious" reason.

  12. 9/10 of my friend requests are this kind of crap. It's usually just bots, but I've probably told a few real people to fuck off

  13. To all the people saying that the name is Serbian and not Russian, who’s to say a Serbian family can’t become Russian citizens and live in Russia?

  14. The funniest part of this Video is, that this FB-profile still exists 🙂 But now she has a lot more Friends 😉

  15. " Somewere in Russia.. Ivanka! Were is my vodka?? My bear eating every day?? Play balalaika right now! Putin is a god! "")))

  16. Ребят, всё хорошо, но Иванка??? Вы серьёзно? Катя, Ира, Света, Маша, Наташа, да хуева куча имён! Зачем русской девушке давать не русское имя?

  17. Btw we don't have any Ivankas here in Russia. Masha, Natasha, Sveta, Lena…. – ordinary names ))) If you see some Ivanka from Russia – she's definitely a fake.

  18. I am from Russia and love your videos. You are cast guys! Hello Britt!

    But I don’t understand why why the “western” culture is so self-obsessed and arrogant? Stereotype of Russia? Ok! Good. I understand it. But is it really difficult to know the real Russian name? Ivanka is NOT a RUSSIAN NAME! Just google it. What's so hard?

    Just a little attention to other cultures and the world will become better …

  19. I get these damn requests like twice a day. Don´t know why they keep messaging me. I mean I send one of them my whole salary and bought her a house, but this cant be the reason

  20. Well in real life she would send 100 friend Requests and get 210 times yes. Maybe only 209 if her username would be catfish1one1.

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