Fast Catfish Action With Nightcrawlers

Fast Catfish Action With Nightcrawlers

hey guys just another quick little
catfishing video here so last night I went out I was under a very short time
constraint I needed to get home quick my wife had some things that she needed
some help with and she was not gonna be happy if I was late I’m not so sure she
was too thrilled that I went out in the first place so I had about really only
about an hour and a half of real fishing first hour goes by I had no keepers my
hope was to catch a couple of nice keeper channel cat for the freezer so
with 30 minutes left or so I said okay I need to catch three or four key precise
channel cat not looking for any monsters or any trophies just once a fish for the
freezer you know so it was down to the wire all I got for Bay was night
crawlers and I really wanted to have a couple three or four fish to to bring
home with me do you think I pulled it off you got to watch and find out but
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really appreciate getting some comments recently the channel slowly starting to
grow so thanks for all that now keep watching to see if I if I manage to pull
off those channel cat oh come here I guess whew these and the I guess I could come home
fine there I’d catch for eaters ah next 20-30
minutes there’s a pie right there
I have a shot at this do you but I’m out throughout the run tanker
otherwise as opposed to explaining too much how we look myself for the Swedish pimple dang
I actually hurt a little bit left now in that last video
I was talking about these pre-tied rigs and catfish rigs my catfish rig video
and how I feel like you lose a little bit of sensitivity with the with the
snap end of this thing granted they’re very
convenient very easy to use but this is kind of one of those examples one of
those times it makes me think because these pre-tied rigs are they’re made out
of got like a steel leader we’ve got your flat on the bottom and
they can try to just sit there and the hook is on snap so it can kind of
flip-flop around in my opinion without necessarily
alerting you I think you lose a little bit of sensitivity that way like I said
I’m I mentioned what when I was talking about catfish rigs in one of my earlier
videos so I’ll go ahead and put a link to that so you know what I’m talking this time do I have left and not a big one we hooked him up use let’s look it’s bigger in his mouth you
you’re the basket it’s good enough for best write me on a ball huh
so go get a job though Emily I don’t put channel-facets we’ll beat each other up
and crank it’s a few more tomorrow plus I didn’t actually bring my Springer I’m telling you not a monster what I mean
I’ll make the basket yep another eater unless the basket so this catfish is perfect for a

9 thoughts on “Fast Catfish Action With Nightcrawlers

  1. Thanks for watching. A lot of times we get caught up chasing monster catfish, but sometimes it's nice to snag a few good eater sized catfish. Those are the ones that taste the best anyway!

  2. Monster rod holders all the way here is the link… Also instead of nightcrawlers try this chicken liver chum bait… I enjoyed watching..Keep those videos rolling…

  3. Really liked your video. Love how you catfish even though your wife might have been mad haha now that's a true fisherman. I love catfishing myself and dedicate my channel to catfishing and showcasing all my adventures! I subbed your channel, you should check out my catfishing videos and sub back brotha!!!!!

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