Fastest and most humane way to kill fish Andysfishing Fishing Video Big Fish EP.160

Fastest and most humane way to kill fish Andysfishing Fishing Video Big Fish EP.160

Andy’s——- fishing on YouTube HD quality
fishing videos uploaded every week enjoy and I’ll just show everyone there’s
three ways to kill a fish humanely one is you cut the throat you’re going under
here and you cut their blood vessels to their gills you hit them on the head
with a like a large stick or a donger your brain spike them here stick the
knife stick the knife in here in there and then look away if you’re squeamish in there twist it around and that that
actually gets their brain and then they completely dead after that so that’s the
way I’m doing it’s the quickest way and I’m here later on I’ll show you how to
smoke one how to fill it and add a smoke one and
the no smoking meth I’m using is going to be a liquid smoke so it’s not
actually heated it’s not actually using fire I’ve actually got a bottle of
liquid smoke which I’ll show you now ads actually some pretty good results with
that thanks for watching if you want to see more of my videos click one of the
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97 thoughts on “Fastest and most humane way to kill fish Andysfishing Fishing Video Big Fish EP.160

  1. I'm definitely not a fan of seeing people let fish flap around until they expire so this has to be better both for swiftness and taste quality of meat.

  2. Same method I use too, I have a dedicated 'brain spiker' that i carry with me though – just an old phillips-head screwdriver that's been sharpened up with a bench grinder, that way there's less chance of your hand slipping and cutting yourself on the blade of the knife

  3. Another great tricks & tips video. Cheers Andy! Hey, out of interest, why did you cut and bend the tail fin before you put it in the esky? Just to make it fit, or some other tricky reason? Thanks mate!

  4. A good and proper "wack" across the head, just behind the eyes, send my fish to the "fishy choir of the invisible". I find it has less blood and mess that way. I have a proper "preist" for that as a stick doesn't cut it and a rock i just … overkill and "sloppy".

  5. With whiting u can break there neck with your hand just turn em over one hand on there hand and one on there body and just pull back kills them instantly 👍

  6. I'm required to kill white perch on the spot since their invasive in the waters around me or I can get nailed a certain amount of money per fish. Can't throw them back of course so it kinda sucks killing so many fish. I just take my boot and step on their head till they stop moving which is pretty quick.

  7. usualy i dont have a knife on me so i punch the fish pretty hard on the head – instant death no suffering as long as you punch it hard enough

  8. I like how you put the filets up at the same time you were killing the fish to show people this is where food comes from 😉 LOL!

  9. My uncle taught me something close to the brain pike you showed; except he used a large wire stripper to cut into the brain. Does this essentially do the same thing or should I also scramble the brain afterward to insure the death? I personally prefer it due to it quickly killing the fish but I'd hope I'm not just snipping the spine and letting it die slowly.

  10. took 10 secs to kill the fish pretty humane what di I do for a instant death im new to the fishing world and wanna try it I aint no tree hugger just don't like to see things suffer

  11. nice pith. i myself am trying to learn about handling fish to prepare them for cooking. i've never done it before and I have a weak heart to kill of animals but i also understand that you need to kill to eat. im not against killing. its just me that im not sure if i can come to do it you know. im confident though i can bring out my instinct to kill to eat

  12. I just started fishing and recently caught a blue gills small fish I had a very big hook nice size shrimp (bait) I don't know how it even ate it but does it hurt the fish when you can't get the hook out in one try? would it be best to kill it first then yank the hook?

  13. +Justin Plant Yes they are. Two ways to fix that. Join youtube red or donate enough to me that I can remove adds from my videos.

  14. Thanks, I spearfish regular but a poor shot to the gut is a terrible way to die especially if they keep fighting enough they can get off and you loose em. That's the worst, not just because I lost a good catch but waisted too. Now I have to go find a long knife like that with a sheath I can carry underwater with me.

  15. fish don't feel pain though so this is kind of useless, you just need to kill it fast enough so it doesn't realize it's going to die.

  16. I fished before but I forgot how my uncle and cousins killed it, idk remember at all, was just curious but I don't think they did this

  17. I don't fish, but I was curious about how to responsibly end its life if I ever am in the situation. Quick and to the point video, thanks!

  18. can you please take the next plane and come kill my fish 🙁

  19. Okay thank you. I needed to know how. yesterday I gutted my first trout and I shanked it right in the eye thinking he would die instantly but he just flipped. the. heck. out. so I shanked him in the head again.

  20. Oh boy! Fish sure are easy to kill. Next target should be a piece of cake! Here I go!

    I sure hate to bug ya, but if you ever need anybody killed, I'm the best Gromflomite for the job! #KMichaelKills

  21. I found for larger bony fish (a lot of carp in my area) a machete works very well. Transverse cut across the top of the head into the brain=instant kill where spikes are hard to get through the skull and clubs take several hits to achieve the desired effect. Smaller fish (under ~18 inches) I usually spike or break the neck, which also conveniently bleeds them out.

  22. Thanks so much for the vid! I'm going walleye fishing tomorrow for the first time with some friends, and they usually just ice the fish. I'm pretty serious about humane treatment (and slaughter) of animals, so I wanted to know how to kill the keepers quickly so they don't get stressed or suffer. Gonna freak out the guys when I (the tiny girl) dispatch the fish, lol.

  23. I just feed my a little vegemite, they may not die right away but they wish they were dead soon after.

  24. I know you said this, but I think I good smack to the head with a fish club puts a fish down instantly

  25. If I'm gonna keep a fish I put him on a rock and smash his head with another rock which kills brain activity and if done right severs most the arteries going to the head. An instant kill kill hardly any blood

  26. get a ice pick to spike the fish also keep in mint its not the right spot inless you see a bunch of blood come out and its amazeing how much blood will come out.

  27. a .22 to the head is the fast and most humane way.. poking a knife into a living creature until its brain dead is not humane as the title states.. nor cutting its throat the brain is still active for a while and for bashing it in the head, definitely not humane…

  28. Just cutting the main artery is NOT a humane way to kill the fish. Fish must be stunned before cutting the main artery. Please beware of this when you are making instruction videos. Thanks!
    With the spiking it is important to study skull shapes of the different fish species. Far too many times I have seen that fishers do not find the brain of the fish and they are just stabbing the fish in the head without killing it. That is torture for the fish.

  29. Here some instructions for proper killing of the fish: All fish that are caught for eating must be handled carefully to reduce stress and humanely killed as soon as possible after capture. Humane killing requires that the fish is stunned (rendered instantaneously insensible) before being bled out. Percussive stunning involves a forceful and accurate blow to the head with a blunt instrument. The force required will depend on the size of the fish. The blow should be aimed just above the eyes to impact on the brain. The effectiveness of the stun should be checked and another blow applied if the fish is not unconscious.

    After stunning the fish should be bled out by cutting the gill rakers or, with larger fish, a main artery. With the very small fish breaking the neck is good way to kill. Just put your thumb or other finger to the mouth of the fish and quickly make a move upwards.

  30. When unsure of an animal's pain vs. no pain question: the simple fact is that you (we) DON'T know. So best action is to put it to death quickly, use every bit of it. Every creature deserves RESPECT & how we feel toward & act toward it shows exactly what creatures WE are… or aren't.

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  32. lol your worrired about the feeling of a fish ? we catch about 90 specks in la. toss them in a ice cooler call it a day

  33. Thanks for teaching humane way to kill. It is disturbing to watch but I know it did not suffer. We need to know how to eat our own meat. I hope I never have to do it, though.

  34. so like what If I plop it on my cutting board and accurately chop through the same brain spot with a meat cleaver? One fell swoop

  35. Is cutting the head off humane? I've seen many people gut a fish while it's still alive….not my thing, I've always cut the head off because I don't think I could find the brain, I don't want to hit the wrong area and make the fish suffer more. Appreciate a reply, thanks.

  36. It works better for the fish to calm down by holding it for a like 0ne minute covering its eyes with your hand and then laying it down and quickly stab it in its brain and twisting the knife I find makes it alot more humane

  37. If you can’t find the brain, smash it real good in the head with a hammer, that’ll do the job fast, and it’s easy! No excessive pain for the fish.

  38. quickest, maybe, but the most humane was actually putting it into icy water; this slows the metabolism of the fish and make it hibernate, if you suffocate it then it won't feel any pain.

  39. I have some large pliers that I normally use for my bike, one quick whack behind the eyes and they die instantly

  40. i am glad people are starting to realize that fish do feel pain and suffocating is not a pleasant way for any creature to die.

  41. Goddamn – that was not a quick kill. It was squirming while you slowly drove that knife in it's head. It needs to be lightning fast. You suck.

  42. Lol this video has been out for ages but love this man. Hate people that don’t know what their doing, good informative video. When I fish I catch mackerel and I find the most humane way is to snap their necks instantly killing them (fingers between gills pull back till head is on their spine)

  43. Why not beans instead of the flesh or secretions of a fellow animal? Beans are cheaper, more nutrient dense, more sustainable, and don't involve exploitation. Unless you like abusing animals, why wouldn't you reach for beans instead of body parts?
    (watch What the Health, Cowspiracy, and Dominion 2018 for more info)
    Peace, love, Veganism ✌

  44. I like to fish, mainly for Walleye, and love fried fish. But I hate killing them. I grew up learning to just put fish on ice. One time, ice fishing I felt bad so I brained them and my "stepdad" got angry told me it ruined the meat. Sometimes I'm too tired to fillet them so I put them in the utility sink with an aerator to be processed later. Word to the wise; Don't let your girlfriend name them.

  45. I think smacking em really hard on the top of the head is definitely the easiest and fastest way to kill smaller fish like the one in this video

  46. Thank you for this. I moved to a rural area, after living in cities my whole life, and learned to fish. Your video really helped me. Subscribed, now! 🙂

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