[Jurijs] How do you mean? With the hands on this one? [Balazs] Well, with the legs on this one! You’re kidding me! Are you ready? Come on! [Jurijs] We do it just simply on the ground! [Balazs] No-no-no, we do it like that! Are you ready? Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! Guys, today I’m not gonna do anything, I’m just gonna start filming, because we have a professional aquascaper from Germany, visiting us. His name is Jurijs Jutjajevs. Jurijs has started scaping this tank, during the 10-Year Anniversary of Green Aqua, during the party, he could not help himself. He just started playing around in the hardscape dojo in the backroom of Green Aqua. And he has come up with quite a nice Diorama style. [Jurijs] In this tank, you have to imagine you’re standing in a forest. I’m looking out from inside the forest and I can see some hills on the horizon. To create this illusion, you need something really big, really bold in the front of the aquarium, to frame the picture. This is why I have these trees rounding up at the sides. The majority of the plants are supposed to be slow-growing, because they will be placed in the foreground and mid-ground of the aquarium. This area is completely covered by the branches from the top. It’s very, very difficult to reach in for maintenance. This is a new species. Bucephalandra Serimbu Brown, a small, kind of red-brownish type of Bucephalandra. What’s really cool about this plant is they’re flowering right now. The best thing to do with the water afterwards, is to water your garden, or room plants with it, because there’s plenty of nutrients now inside. Very satisfying noise! Just take one cup of Hemianthus callitrichoides ‘Cuba’, and put it side-by-side with a Micranthemum ‘Monte Carlo’. They look quite similar to each other! So actually it’s obvious, that the Hemianthus ‘Cuba’ is much smaller, than the Monte Carlo. So in the tank, I will place the Monte Carlo to the front, and the Hemianthus ‘Cuba’ right behind it. This will create an illusion of depth. The same kind of thing we’re having here with the Marsilea species. One is Marsilea Crenata, and the other one is Marsilea hirsuta. And the Marsilea Crenata is the smaller sibling to the hirsuta. Marsilea hirsuta, Marsilea Crenata, Micranthemum ‘Monte Carlo’ and Hemianthus ‘Cuba’. Next plant I’m going to prepare is the Bolbitis heudelotii, which is the Kongo fern. I can use these tweezers as some type of a brush, to brush out the rockwool from in-between the roots. I really want it to be very small, so for this reason I’m going to apply a technique, that I showed in one of my pro tip videos. Shameless plug in here! Check them out, maybe the Green Aqua guys will link them below, or up here. Trimming off all the old leaves… Trimming the leaves as close as possible to the rhizome – is a technique, I learned from Takashi Amano. When there is no leftover from the leaves, then less dirt or debris will collect on the rhizome of the Bolbitis and the healthier the ferns will be. Riccardia chamedryfoila from Dennerle, on metal grids. Put them on from the side, underneath, and then push it to the side. I’m looking for a Hygrophila pinnatifida, because it’s a very nice fern looking plant, that growing… It is creeping on the surface with the runners and it’s attaching itself. We have it! We need some techno music here! Foreground, mid-ground, all the plants are prepared here. What is missing are the plants for the background. Three cups of Myriophyllum ‘Guyana’. This is a Ludwigia Arcuata, right now it’s just green. You might think: “Why is Jurijs so crazy about this plant?” This is actually a red stem plant. The red color comes from Iron, strong light and the lack of Nitrogen. This NO3 component. [Balazs] And actually the plants are defending themselves from the strong light with the red color. [Jurijs] My all time favorite plant is the Rotala Hra. Actually this plant is coming from Vietnam, so the full name is Rotala Vietnam Hra. The idea, to make this layout… The original idea came from a visit to Liquid Nature, which is a brand new shop in Austria, in Vienna, opened, or founded by two friends of mine: Philip Schwarz and Stefan Graf. One, two, three, four. Then we have piece No. 5. This is the one going up here. And the one coming from here to the front is piece No. 6. So six pieces of drift wood have been glued together, [Jurijs] – …to create…
[Balazs] – Only the first! only the first, this is six pieces. Usually I’m starting planting from the foreground, to the background. The reason for this is, when I plant something in the foreground, it is holding back the slope. So we have over here the Marsilea hirsuta, which is going to be our foreground plant. We have over here some Cryptocoryne parva. So that’s a perfect candidate for the foreground. I’m starting with this one, adding little highlights. And then the gaps in-between, I’m going to fill those in with the Marsilea hirsuta. Glueing this hardscape is making use of the cigarette filter and liquid superglue technique. I’ve made a pro tip video about it. Applying it on a larger scale, how this hardscape was created… Actually part one to this video – If you want to see, how this hardscape was made inside this tank, check out the video on my channel! This is the Cryptocoryne wendtii kompakt. Now we can start adding the carpeting plants, like I said before, with the different layers. When I’m talking about layers, I’m talking about rows that you can see in the layout. They’re created by the shape of the wood , that is going like this. And between the branches and the middle, there’s the very twisted path, that is creating the depth, going towards the mountains on the horizon. The good thing with Marsilea hirsuta is that it’s producing a lot of runners, so I don’t have to fill in the complete carpet. I only have to introduce little somethings here and there. This looks uncomfortable, guys! And it is exactly what it is. I’m filling in the Marsilea Crenata piece by piece, along the sand path. Moving further towards the back, I should even start with Hemianthus ‘Cuba’, by adding it in the very back. This is where it is going to create the scale. [Balazs] As you can see, the tank has started to fill up nicely. The foreground and the mid-ground is already quite nice. We will still need time for those rhizomes, to climb over the rocks. Now we’re switching it to Monte Carlo, which has a slightly larger size. This is now going again in-between the rocks and the drift wood, more towards the mid-ground of the aquarium. So the good thing with Monte Carlo is you can literally squeeze it anywhere in-between. Next plant that goes inside is the Eleocharis mini. In here, I’m not planting an entire carpet. I’m rather planting small bushes. Now I’m going to plant the Myriophyllum ‘Guyana’, towards the side glass of the aquarium. We decided to fill the entire space with Myriophyllum ‘Guyana’ and then just see how it will evolve. I mean Balazs likes to tweak and improve everyone else’s scapes, so I will leave this freedom to him. [Balazs] It’s not about me tweaking others’ scapes, I do the same with my scapes. I build it and then I tweak it. Don’t plant in rectangles, or in squares. Plant in triangles! What it will make, it will create longer lines and it will make the aquarium look more natural. This again something I learnt from Takashi Amano. Planting in diagonal lines towards the back in triangles makes you have longer lines and for this, the transition between two different types of plants will appear longer. And the distance from front to back will appear longer as well, and the aquarium will look deeper. [Balazs] One, two… No! Nooo! I’m not finished! No, wait! Wait! No! I’m still here! New day, new adventures! We finished last night at around 10 o’clock. You can see that we wrapped the top of the aquarium with some foil, to prevent the plants from drying out. Today we’re gonna continue with introducing, actually gluing in some Riccardia moss. And we have some Bucephalandra types. Let’s see, what Jurijs has to do with them! By the way, how about a push-up challenge with George? That would be fun! Wouldn’t it be? Okay George, I’m challenging you! Who can do more push-ups within 60 seconds? Go! George, here we go! Before using superglue, I always try to insert the plants in a natural way. And I just squeeze the pinnatifida in-between, just like this. I’m taking little portions of the Bucephalandra, then again, to accentuate the Diorama style layout , with lots of kinda… I don’t know, I call it layers. I mean like lines, that are parallel to the front glass. I’m planting the Bucephalandras in those lines, to make it look longer and bigger. Planting the foreground of this tank is definitely one of the most difficult tasks, because we have all the branches in the way. As you see, the top of the driftwood, of the trees, is still naked. You would just expect a little foliage up there, something, that is also very easy to maintain. And for this reason, I wanted to use a moss, that is called Pillow moss. It hasn’t been delivered with the last order. [Balazs] But maybe by the time that we publish this video, it’s gonna be already in, because I’m gonna introduce it with a little tweak. This is a very detailed job! By looking at the tank from up close, I can really really say that there are very many nice details here. Okay guys, so now, that the Bucephalandras are in place, the final step is to add Riccardia chamedryfoila, a.k.a. choral moss. Now I will have to use superglue. It is important, that it is a cyanoacrylate gel type superglue. Many of you are asking if it is safe for fish, or shrimp. Yes, it is! Okay, so I guess the tank is ready! Yeah! Jurijs, this is a wonderful job! This kind of aquascaping is my favorite style. It has been an honor to have you in this gallery and to do this precise and clean work. And it’s really close to my heart. Yeah! I’m glad you like it! You’re great! Thanks so much! You’re welcome! Just let us know guys, what you think of Jurijs’s scape! Show it, if you like it, with a thumbs up and hit the notification bell! Yeah, it’s very important! But that’s my text, right? [laughter] And also, subscribe to the Green Aqua channel, if you didn’t do so yet! Until next week, bye!


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