Feed and Grow: Fish – EVOLUTION PROVEN! LAND FISH CONFIRMED! (Fish Simulator)

Feed and Grow: Fish – EVOLUTION PROVEN! LAND FISH CONFIRMED! (Fish Simulator)

this is so wrong this is clearly gliched out he’s on the wall ahh holy [email protected] i’m a land fish! music playing hello everybody draegast here and welcome to feed and grow fish this is another agario like game where you start out as a small fish and you try and dominate the river or or ocean or I guess beta map uhhh… by becoming the biggest fish and these games are all the craze these days got busy put it on the back burner and then
forgot about it but I noticed my buddy Matt shape late and kind of sparked my
interest of it again so I figure we’d be checking it out today
and see what feed and grow fish is all about so you have a difficulty thing over here
and then you can either do deathmatch or death match unlimited… uhh let’s try out a
simple deathmatch right now i’m assuming that means once you die you have to
restart or maybe it’s time based I don’t know but we have fish select here so
let’s see where is my fish oh you actually got a click it we got
pirahna you can play for free could be a pike for 25 coins i’m assuming you coins
a game I hope there’s not like microtransactions because i just bought
this game I can also be a catfish yeah i think
we’ll try the river out and then we’ll go into the ocean and see what there is
there assuming there are different fish on each one so obviously we got to start out with
the small guy unfortunately be a little piranha and hopefully dominate the
world and become the biggest piranha the world has ever seen space if I’m
ready I am ready as I’ll ever be holy crap is ever laggy okay that just
took a minute to not be laggy and here i am being a beautiful little piranha now are
these guys going to help me I mean I know piranhas are a fish that hunt in packs
so i’m assuming these guys are just gonna hang about with me can I actually can can can I eat you guys I
would really like to each of you if I can doesn’t seem like i can know and i can
actually suck them in and I can eat them great anyways we are on a river system i
love the added you know that there’s an actual river flow here so you can go
upstream and downstream i’m seeing a few little fish here so I’m gonna go try and
hunt this guy community little bastard i’m a piranha and i am going to eat you oh my god they are acting like piranhas
that is so damn cool we’re in a fish frenzy right now this is great oh my god is that meat chunk that you
see a fish meat chunk this game is horrifying I i expected
with the kind of the cartoony graphics would be kind of nice and you know
accepting but obviously you know no this is this is blood worthy and f*cking
majestic i also really like that you know my fish act like actual pirhanas
was this guy you know what can we eat him you know what f*ck it let’s do it
guys this guy’s stuck in a wall we’re gonna
f*cking eat ’em oh my god this is so wrong this is the
fact is clearly glitched out in the wall holy shit i’m a land fish what what the fuck it back in oh no I’m stuck
in a hole wait how do I break a game so quickly
that that that’s not supposed to happen i’m going to do here well thankfully there’s not a fish
breathing meter because I would be screwed but obviously i’m stuck here can
I blow and get out of here maybe I’m trying to use my little blow attack it’s not letting me obviously I should
have went back into the water because I could kind of drive it on the land which
was too weak for this thing ever but now i’m stuck in a hole so I think I gotta
restart unfortunately but let’s try again but its holy shit ok I would like some of that me just
spawned in and my freakin karana allies are already dominating a fish you know what piranhas are the photos
fish to play with your small fish that can kick a big fishes as there’s nothing
better than that there’s a little guy here let’s go let’s
go and eat him shall we oh they’re big oh ok they eat them already homework and
I love this current because it’s so much faster going one way and i actually got
dammit guys you are all eating the food i need to eat food – obviously grow but
my teammates are eating at all immediately basically ok i’m just
writing the current right now looks like is that a piranha I believe that’s a
piranha buddy I don’t know where my piranha guys went I believe they were eating something
else what the hell is this guy doing i just want to see if thats oh god I don’t
wanna be a land fish again holy shit is that a big meat chunk over
here did I just fine like yeah someone just left a huge as meat chunks so you
know what I think I should probably eat this right Oh what the hell oddly enough i’m doing
like zero damage and they just come and freaking eat it so I don’t know what I’m
doing wrong but I’m just going to try and get away from my allies here and see
if i can actually eat a fish by myself all right we got a bunch of little fish
up here a common for you i’m coming for you oh shit yeah get out of eight pitches what the hell all I fell off the damn
waterfall okay well so much for a worming there was a waterfall there let’s chat reset once again ok looks
like i’m actually below the waterfall now oh that’s a big fish he just did a
bad as I did she see that that is awesome okay but there’s a lot more fish down
here so let’s see if I could actually eat one of these guys this is actually
really hard to aim being a fish is difficult i guess there
we go that’s what i want yes I’m going to eat you pinch I don’t need my friends oh he’s hurt he
it’s definitely hurt you can see I’m gonna wobble it away there we go there we go just accept it
there’s there you go yami ass that’s what i wanted now I can eat this
right or should I be more fish oh my brother aaron has joined me okay it looks like there’s some bones
here and I eat bones looks like i’m ted well Jesus Christ guys relax Oh what are you you are so cute but I’m
going to eat you did you see it’s big eyes that was adorable oh my god i don’t know where the meat
one and I think it’s slowly oh there it is it has fallen to the ground oh no that’s another one you know what
I’m gonna eat you to come here little guy oh my god so cute look at it oh no no that’s why you bitch okay you
know what I’m gonna eat you I’m gonna eat you all this is not good i I should
not be fighting bigger fish and we died there you go just accept it all man i
mean its pincers are gonna get out of his pincers I’m so I just died to a
fucking crab oh that’s what you gotta do you gotta
suck it up with your bubbles to actually eat it so that took me longer than I
expected but we got a nice little school these cute little guys here so i’m going
to go on a little bit of a feeding frenzy and hopefully i can level up cuz
that’s kind of the point of game you know to get bigger are being up front
though i don’t i don’t really see the point of being because I can just join
my buddies and kill pretty much anything in here right there you go just I just I buddy
yeah and then i can suck it up and get some point so you can see the level at
the top got it i finally understand the game
alright leveled up let’s just keep eating these you know what we’re we’re
at a good school of easy fish these guys park been fighting me I I feel so bad i would hate are all got
about I’m out that bigger fish can gladly have
those little guys I do not want to screw with him looks like we got some loot over here
though can i do what the fuck is that you know what i’m going to eat this kind
of heat this quick it yes level up now get up here these guys
are like bonefish oh god oh no oh god he opened his mouth time for it out I i gotta realize i’m a pretty small
fish I’m gonna go hide and be like a small fish oye he looks actually following me it looks
like i can also eat these and suck these up for a small amount of XP which isn’t
much at all it doesn’t really make sense being a
part of though i don’t think there are many boards are they i’m pretty sure
they’re just carnivores but whatever free easy XP all take it I
guess wow I was just eating plants you bastard
and then he come and eat me those pipes are assholes i believe that
was a pike ok well we tried river that was a bit too lengthy for me i don’t
know if it was the map or what’s going on so let’s just try ocean and see how
this one is and i’m also curious what kind of fish are here we got who Raptor that guy cost five coins i can
actually afford him because we did in some coins last time and then we got a
tio Chaka I’ve never actually heard of any of these but it looks like there’s
quite a bit more here i would love to be a seal that sounds like a beef on the
play on you can even go to a shark or a browser OGG no idea what that is ok but
let’s start out with raptor he’s got 21 health as compared to 16 from this
little guy so I figured me out management will play this guy we do have
the money to use him so let’s try him out oh yeah this is much more ocean like you
can see way deeper are looks like I got a little buddy here I have no idea how this fish plays I’m
assuming it’s just a predator so let’s go look for some prey right just got to avoid the Sharks and I
just seen 1i what that fuck you bastard you kidding me God fish are dicks aren’t they this is
getting ridiculous you don’t have enough points to spawn
with the selected fish while that lasted long i I’m so glad I spent five coins on
raptr I guess we gotta play with this dirty-ass all right now let’s try them
out ok and here we are look at this little
guy you are a pretty looking fish and I you’re bigger than me but you know what
i need food so i’m going to try he’s flying i’m going to try and eat you if I can’t
help that yeah there you go there you go I don’t think this guy is a predator so
i can probably eat him if I can keep up to him come on come on
just died holy shit you got a lot of healthy bastard just fucking die I don’t want to go down there that bony
guy oh god okay you can have it I guess oh no I’m going to steal some of this
because it was mine this was all mine you bitch up I just got sucked up I am not good at being a fish octopus
what do you think octopus which we can move the camera as he was going on there
may eat the starfish oh yes I can Oh delicious starfish can i
suck you up oh my god I just sucked up a huge as I star fish hook it to not feel
safe in the ocean at all oh yes I will join you brother and we
shall kill him haha so yeah these guys are a lot like the
point is i’m assuming oh I would love to suck that up there we go we leveled up level 25 inflicted with this little guy I look at all this delicious plant life
leveled up once again all guys stop I’m I this is my zone I
don’t know how you guys keep following me but you do on finding all the
starfish and they’re actually worth quite a bit looks like 36 XP this who
yes delicious fruit haha who there’s an eel down here a
wonderful app no no oh god I don’t know if i should be
fighting this guy i might be died here i am level five though so I should be okay
there we go I took down an eel and that was a lot of
XP as you can see there we go and my friends didn’t eat much a bit so
I’m almost level six now all the highest level yet let’s eat a starfish and oh
shit we didn’t level up yet but there’s another star fish here there we go leveled up to level 60 my
guy is getting quite big I’m feeling pretty confident myself we
got another eel here let’s go for this seal these heels are a lot of money you’re not going to beat me you bastard
get it comes my teammates you bastards ok level 7 i’m so much bigger than these
guys now they used to be bigger than me look at
how many of them there is oh my gosh want to eat one of you or like i’ll see
like all of you how about that let’s pick up that me let’s just keep
fightin people because they have their clearly a schooling fish I mean look how
many of them there is my god the bloodbath this is this is where the XP
is follow this school of fish and just white that’s all you got to do and then suck
up which you killed oh this is a predator am i eating a
predator right now yes help me team hey we got him holy shit
i’m gonna be bigger than the shark soon oh and here’s another eel you know what
i should be able to beat the email we got lots of health now as you can see on
no problem at all getting to the point actually see a
shark above us all I would be so tempted but i’m sure they have a shitload of
health is this guy dead anybody oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
whoa whoa oh god help me broke thank you so much that was close books where did he come
from auto dad is that you it’s so dead oh my god that’s so sad he was just
sitting there basically dead oh my god it’s all no no you are not
going to get to me you bastard ok maybe I should you know what fuck it let’s see
what happens here uh-huh I’m willing to risk myself too if
I can be a fucking shark oh god no I’m – dad are night he’s
getting me for 17 I tied right away oh my god look at my hits you they’re trying to
kill him please kill him i wish i could watch
this but in core of course all I can see is what i can see right
now okay guys well that was our first look at feed and grow fish got us a
great little game had a great time playing it’s obviously not too complex
or anything but if you guys want to see some more of it let me know in the comments below maybe
all try and get as much money as I can and try to a shark or something I think
that’d be pretty fun as always guys thanks for watching liking and i will
see you in the next one

100 thoughts on “Feed and Grow: Fish – EVOLUTION PROVEN! LAND FISH CONFIRMED! (Fish Simulator)

  1. Things that you can 1 hit or less you don't need to bite, especially not moving things such as star fish, fruit of those red crater looking things

  2. "feed and grow is a agario like game. you start off with a little fish and grow" yeah, with that logic. agario is a rippof from spore.

  3. In the river level those things that you got little xp from were actually creatures I believe.. not plants. Because they had suction cups.

  4. lol i bought it this afternoon, played it this evening finished the game after 30 minutes on ocean mode _.

    seriously don't recommend this guys if it was cheaper i would but simply too short on content for what you pay 🙂

  5. Piranhas actually can eat pretty much anything, I know they can eat things like bone, seeds, etc.

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