FEEDING 500+ FISH!!! | The King of DIY

FEEDING 500+ FISH!!! | The King of DIY

Wants it. Oh Okay, so I’ve been meaning to go visit a friend for About a year now we’ve been trying to arrange flights for me to get there and it just hasn’t been working out until I realize I have nothing to Do tomorrow. How bout I come see you tomorrow. So today I booked the flight and I leave at 3 o’clock in the morning tomorrow the only thing I have can really do for you guys today is The thing that I always do before I leave is feed the fish We got like 500 of them to feed. I should also mention that my friend lives in Detroit everything that I’m going to do I’ll be filming and you guys will see – not tomorrow, but the next day can you guess who it is? Alright so It’s 7 o’clock at night here my flight I have to go to the airport at 3 o’clock in the morning So we’re gonna have to be quick. I’m feeling pretty lazy So everybody’s just getting frozen foods and fresh foods for the most part. Nothing fancy. Let’s get started. Ok I guess we can start off with the 375 gallon aquarium filled with 3 different species of da ha and some clown loaches as well as a Bashir or pusher or a biker been there somewhere this is 8 ounces of frozen food, they won’t get the whole thing But what I like to do is because I usually feed a couple of these everyday As well as pellets and and flakes and whatnot If I’m opening up the pack, I will feed all the fish that will eat this first So give these guys half of it maybe a little bit more depending on how they react to it Guys, it’s time to eat This takes always fun to feed but you gotta watch him for the Mochis Okay, who else wants out you guys want some know who likes it the trophies These a trophy acai cola from Lake Tanganyika, which is an African You know who else likes it the rainbows These guys will get a bigger chunk cuz there clearly is a lot more of them Love feeding these guys though because they come right up to the tank Just defrost it. Shake it around a little bit. Make sure it gets in front of the wave maker so it blows it throughout the other whole aquarium, so everybody has an opportunity to get some And a little bit left in my hand, I’ll go ahead and give this the waro They’ll like it a lot. I’ll watch out for these guys These guys actually do have teeth and their dorsal fins are actually really spiny and sharp Guys can hurt you, believe it or not It’s interesting these are all the same age but not all the same size which clearly demonstrates Dominance as well as their sexes. So usually the males will grow a little bit quicker. I Love these fish. I can never get them to look on camera as they look in person though. Absolutely stunning Hey who’s next? Yeah, you know who likes this stuff? The badass you’re next The bass the Vice sure Is right there. He’s out in the boat This guy’s getting big man. He’ll he’s way bigger than this camera this I always use a wide-angle lens forever So everything looks much smaller than it is. This is a 120 gallon aquarium though. It’s 4 feet long and 2 feet wide 2 feet tall Baths are so aggressive. Usually I love it So fast He’s gonna break it up let them have some bigger chunks Might seem like that’s too much food but these guys will eat it same with that giant Romney look at the massive chunks He’s eating you see that you just killing it loves it again The bass will tend to be surface feeders eating from the top. Let’s double down once it starts to sink, so cute not for long Difficult to be folk to focus when I feed this type of food as well I was trying to focus on all the stuff floating in it What did you have enough there gutsy? Tired my man Captain Hook, I’m gonna give you the same just because there’s lots left but being an Oscar. You’re an absolute Messy eater so you’re gonna have to try gonna have to feed them tiny little chunks, so he’ll eat it without You know ripping it apart in his gills. Oh You know who might want this instead? Oh, I have a better idea the Angels like this – Sup, guys who wants ooh? These guys have such tiny mouths and that’s something you have to consider when I don’t fight over it when feeding Certain fish is you got to consider their mouth size. Can they actually get it in their mouth? That’s enough probably way more than they need but we’re not gonna eat for a couple days. So get it in deal what you can See those baby bass love this – that’s the beef heart recipe. I’ve shown you guys had to make for years now I’m gonna try and take a knife here and cut it up and if that don’t work Snap it in pieces as it defrost slowly it It’s easier to break up but I like to feed a frozen especially to the EXO dog. Okay? Okay, give it you’re hungry Please want that Get it It’s difficult to know where the food even is don’t they get going? Tank is now empty because a ball of fish are over here All right, you can eat now, you know some beat No, wait, wait your head. No Nothing like Frank Frank wouldn’t never do that. You can have the same. Okay, so Captain Hook I’m gonna cut this into it’s already been out of the freezer for like three minutes. Not even it’s already very malleable So I’m gonna cut him little chunks like so You’ll eat that right up the sunshine pleco which is in the back he’s more nocturnal He’d like a lot of the scraps at night. So He’s good company with the Oscar Yeah, bro. Let’s go eat anything Savage It’s frozen you probably got brain freeze do you think fish get brain freeze? After thinking with that cuz I feel like frozen food so no we’re gonna get brain freeze. Hey, that’s enough Looking good in your tank though, bro. Okay. Frank’s up Since I already have it out might as well get Frankie and Francine this as well Even though I don’t think I’ve ever fed it to them. See if they’ll eat it. Can’t see why not. I Didn’t even put anything in the tank you two stop it. They’re Good Frank get it Frank. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah working on them Chin’s Shout-out to Frank even how has an Instagram. I’ve got about twelve thousand fans in a day. I’ve Had upset me a little bit it takes me forever to do that but Frank one day I’m gonna get the discus to be fired to that’s typically what they always get So with these guys I give them sticks or blocks of the be fair. Usually at least two So that the dominant ones get some and then some of the less dominant ones Get theirs as well and I am just showing signs of dominant discus in here and others not getting as much food as the other So we’ll have the dwindle stalking in here eventually. Like I mentioned we’d have to do same with the Angels Maybe we keep it to six angels six discus and then stock up on Tetris. What do you think? Now a lot of this will break up the tetris will get it as well if you see some of them already nipping at it They’ll eat it they’re very very very slow eaters, I think that’s it But this away. Oh, no, we got to feed the Peacocks We got to feed the mm and I want to see if the bats will eat yet. Although it’s only been a few days I don’t expect them to eat right now. I do want to try them on prepared foods as opposed to jumping right to live I could have got worms etc. But we’ll see what happens today and you guys would be the first to know I’m just gonna give the Box a handful of pellets. That’s typically what they like anyways He’s ready No, I think this with one hand here we go, these are just floating cichlid pellets easiest thing to give them really I Guess feeding frozen foods is far more difficult cuz it stinks to get your hands dirty, but it’s the most fun I love you, like literally. Love you deal with me Alright blasting through these feedings now As everybody ate that’s everybody yeah, I think so I usually When I don’t have to focus on filming it’s much easier to feed these guys remember who got what all right the big tank You guys ready to eat? Yeah there look they go right near the thing here these guys need a water change again They stick right around the opening because they know food is gonna drop through their Ray’s don’t know anything They don’t know any better, but these guys do watch These guys are getting whole shrimp. Oh Jeez you guys I know you’re hungry with stuff. Can the Rays have some This is the best take the feed I say that I vote every tank that I like Best ever the Rays taste it you can see they get more active. They taste it in the water. Let’s drop some more in Handfuls here definitely want to spread the love goes over there The everyone I can’t get everything Once they feel it they pounce on it much. This one’s gonna fall on his disk. Oh You got it Oh figure out it. They’re all getting sound I like it when it follows on their disks and they can’t get it and they gotta like Flip it up with flip it up the shitter. It’s just ridiculous. So there’s tons of food down there for them You always got to feed these little buggers first. Oh Yeah, licky licky just stole it You see how he ate that he acted like he stole it look come on gonna use more polite. The other guy was like mine SiC tank though little bit To the other side good better view. Alright different field mess working on stuff quiet. Don’t talk about it So we got five freshwater stingrays three, Asian Arowana 2000 gallon aquarium Okay, next one is the bass at the 1200 gallon aquarium I cut these in half right down the spine So they become a little bit more flimsy and floppy in the water looks a little bit more realistic type of deal Otherwise, they’re a little stiff. They might not eat them And I think a lot of times when it comes to fish it’s all about The consistency and the mouth would have taste like what it feels like that’s why I always feel feed raw shrimp I never feed cooked. Even though cooked is cheaper for some reason My fish won’t eat cooked Because the consistency is a lot different it gets all rubbery. I Know I shouldn’t be cutting anything on here. I could damage the paint or whatever, but Sneak peek or sneak idea or a heads up that’s getting covered soon with a crazy idea. I just had today I think I might have mentioned it a long time ago But now I want to do it to this tank and I want to do this thing and I’m thinking I might even do it To the wall more on that in the future video, but for now We’re gonna try to feed the bass in the 1200 gallon tank I’ve only had them for a short while out there are wild-caught they might not eat right away, especially prepared foods With that said the tank has been covered the entire time. I have not bothered them. I don’t even look at them I just leave them alone and let them acclimate to the tank. I don’t know their condition I don’t know if one died or one didn’t I think the best thing I could do is just leave them alone In fact, the lights typically are off until I’m filming it on I Know the catfish are eating milkis big a huge. Yeah, so they’ve gone to the back of the tank. Of course Throwing a few more pieces The eating it I can leave it in there though because the red-tailed catfish will come out neat and eventually Okay, I think they are interested Last time we attempted to feed them they did show some interest. I’m sure they still are to an extent But clearly we got to get them eating. We have a couple of weeks before I’m you know, actually worried about it No big deal. Anyways, folks. I have to pack and Get to bed Wait till you see the video I’m making for you guys

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