Feeding Sharks. Beqa Lagoon, Fiji. Underwater 360 video in 12K

Feeding Sharks. Beqa Lagoon, Fiji. Underwater 360 video in 12K

The islands of Fiji that have found themselves
in the south-western part of the Pacific Ocean are considered one of the best diver’s destinations
in the world. The famous oceanographic explorer Jean-Michel
Cousteau has named them the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”, as this kind of corals grows
here in abundance. This thing, in its turn, attracts over 300
species of fish, a lot of turtles and many other marine inhabitants. One of the most popular places for divers
and underwater photographers is Beqa Island. It is the oasis of pristine nature with marvellous
beaches, waterfalls and coral reefs of the most peculiar forms. Beqa Lagoon was created by a huge barrier
reef and probably once was a volcano’s crater. Several species of sharks, such as tiger sharks,
bull sharks, silvertip sharks, grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks and nurse sharks have
settled here making it the place with probably the richest diversity and quantity of sharks
in the world.

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  2. This can’t be real! What a beautiful time to be alive in His world — great to learn about fiji and the whole world

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