Fiddler Crabs Introduced to Archerfish Aquarium

Fiddler Crabs Introduced to Archerfish Aquarium

Hey Archer fish tank.
I got some fiddler crabs and introduced them into the tank a couple weeks ago. I want to show you a
little bit about their first meeting with the archer fish, their first meeting
with the Frog, everybody’s getting along and they’re a great addition to Archer
fish tank. Let me show it to you I released the crab on to the big rock
hoping that he’d posed for the camera but he’s got a mind of his own and jumped
straight into the water. Crab number two was much more
accommodating. When I released him, he stayed up on the rock took his time
and tasted the water. It’s easy to recognize the fiddler crab because of that great big claw. Look how big the big claw is compared to the small one Only males have that big claw,
a female has two small ones. Fiddler crabs are semi-terrestrial crabs which means that they can live both on the land and underwater. They have gills that allow them to breathe air and breathe water and so they can spend days at a time above the water and they can spend days at a
time underwater, and in fact they need to switch back and forth, in between. They don’t want to spend all of their time under the water and they don’t want to
spend all of their time on the land. This Archer fish tank is very well suited
for these crabs because the aquascaping and rock formations allow them to spend
as much time underwater and as much time on dry ground as they’d like. The crabs are very curious, they peek into and prod every little hole and nook and cranny in
the tank. Passing inside and under the caves, they search out every hole looking for food and detritus. They eat anything that the fish leave behind. Little crabs like this are part of the
cleanup crew in the aquarium. They go into all the nooks and crannies and clean up the messes that otherwise you couldn’t get. For example this little crab had only been in the tank for a few minutes when he went into this cave and
when he came back out he was dragging a little white ball of fluff Hey fish. Get out of the way! That white ball of fluff is actually Mouse hair. It was left in there from snake droppings. Thanks to the crab I was able to reach in there and pull that out with my tweezers Semi-terrestrial crabs like fiddler crabs
have gills in a chamber inside their bodies at the base of their legs while
they’re underwater they keep the chamber open but they conceal the chamber to
keep water inside while they’re on the land as long as their gills are kept
moist they can stay out of the water for as long as they want. The fountain
coming up out of the big rock and spilling water over it it makes a nice
environment for these crabs and the archer fish are very interested in those
crabs walking around on the rocks here’s Tim practicing his shots and he needs
the practice the fiddler crabs do the same thing
outside the water that you saw them doing inside the water earlier -they
shove themselves into every crack and hole searching for spare bits of food
that might be crammed in there something interesting about crabs and
it’s true with these fiddler crabs is that they can regrow lost legs or claws. Crabs molt, which means they shed their outside shell as they grow. So if a crab loses a leg he just has to walk around with a missing leg until his next molt because when he molts that old shell, the
leg will reappear and it’s the same with those claws too. Even if the fiddler crab loses his big claw he can grow that back here you can see how the fiddler crab
got its name; during feeding, the small claw moves so that it looks like the
crab is playing its large claw like a fiddle. Fiddler crabs like to make a
burrow in the gravel or in the sand. They stay in there to be protected after
molting just after they’ve molted their shell is soft and until it hardens they
need a place where they can be protected also a female will stay in the male’s
burrow to incubate her eggs Several of the tank inhabitants had
early encounters with the fiddler crabs and had to learn that the crabs are not
food this platy just needed the crab to waive its claw around a little bit and
it was smart enough to stay away The aquatic frog that I have in my tank
had a different experience with the crab now these crabs are mostly peaceful and
just want to be left alone this was the first time the Frog had
ever seen the crab and it was a little bit aggressive with it. The crab does
waive his claw around trying to warn the Frog away but the Frog keeps coming back
until the crab kind of gives him a little pinch. This definitely looks painful
enough to teach the Frog to stay away from that crab from now on but he does
let him go immediately. Again, the crab just wants to be left alone and
it looks to me like the frog learned it’s lesson. It has been several weeks and
the frog is still alive. He’s just fine. He doesn’t go near the crabs anymore though so they are compatible and doing okay One more first encounter was with the
archerfish. Now the archerfish eat shrimp. You can see a piece of shrimp right above the crab hanging on the rock and you’ll notice that it’s claw
actually looks a lot like that piece of shrimp so it’s not too surprising that
the archerfish would get a little confused. If we slow that down a little it is amazing
how powerful those archerfish are He just ripped that crab right
off the rock. Now there’s nothing to worry about. The crab is just fine. He has to spend the next little while defending himself and teaching the fish to stay
away from him and that he’s not their food and they learned that. Everybody
comes out of this encounter just fine the fish will pick at him a few times
testing to see if he’s something for them and he will climb up that leaf and
wave his claw at them and pretty soon here he’ll stick his leg out like a
spear and keep defending himself away from all the
fish that are circling and circling in like sharks. I like how he sticks that
leg out like a spear. He uses his claw to point it’s like ninja crap up there on
the tip of that leaf the crab is very well armored and much much stronger than
an insect that these fish are used to either and he can handle this with no
problem crabs can actually swim so as soon as he
gets a little break from the attacks and the fish are gone he swims away well
that was a very exciting exchange between the archer fish and the crabs
that was several weeks ago here is the fiddler crab today it still hangs out on
the edge of the rock and the archer fish have learned that it’s not food and they
don’t bother it anymore they live in peace and harmony and joy and happiness
in the fish tank in fact in one frame we can see one of the crabs, the frog, and
the fish all doing great And why not let that be our inspirational
message today… Maybe there’s someone in our lives who we’re having difficulty getting along with. Maybe we’ve even had a little contention with them or maybe a lot of contention in any case we can take a lesson from creatures that live in Archerfish Tank, maybe see if we could reach outside our
world and learn to live in peace. Thanks so much for watching today. Hey. Remember to click buttons click the like button, click the subscribe button and leave happy
positive comments. Thanks guys. I’m Jared Wood,
this is Archerfish Tank. Reach outside your world.

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  1. Maybe consider on getting a FEMALE crab and you might possibly have breeding in the future… Just a suggestion… Happy Father's Day…

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