FINALLY! I set up the saltwater aquarium!!

100 thoughts on “FINALLY! I set up the saltwater aquarium!!

  1. i dont know why but i had to resubcribe to your channel for some reason

    keep the videos coming as i allways enjoy watching

    love from New Zealand 🙂

  2. id use a different salt and you can swing salinity if your not ruining corals from about 1.20- 1.26 i have an open tank and top off once a week and clean the glass as needed dont overwork yourself for something so simple. also mandarin and dory are hard fish to keep keep that in mind..

  3. I'm currently making a baby Chinese water dragon tank out of a 55 gallon. I want to section a third off of the tank to be water, with the rest eco earth. To do this I need a piece of glass to separate the two, but it doesn't have to be glass. Does anyone know how I would do that? The stuff aqueon used to glue the glass together prevents me from just laying the glass down so I wanna know how to go about that

  4. Hi, please reply to this I have brought some bonsai driftwood what's the best moss to use for it, I got the super fish home 60 and will be using drops to boast co2

  5. Why would you use shelf bacteria. With all my friends I just clean one of there filters in a bucket and add that dirty water to my tank.

  6. The king of DIY – I am planing to buy a pair of oscar fish and can i raise them in a drum or a large bucket (approx: 13-15 gallon) is that safe for those fish. Can I get a reply from u so that it wil be helpful for me

  7. Quite like your DIY projects on building various bits for the aquarium, clean finish. I found a lot of useful information on this channel. I will definitely be looking at your older videos for any of my DIY projects. Thanks for sharing. I subscribed to your channel.

  8. hey man I an planning out a build for a canister filter a lot like your vertical build and came up with a question for you. Is it better to have the flow of water in the canister go in at the top flowing down and out at the bottom or the other way around, where the flow would move up the canister and out the top? thanks and GREAT WORK!

  9. @The king of DIY I came across your channel a few months ago and have been watching through your videos almost every day since then. I just wanted to say thanks a million for your videos on homemade foods and weaning fish off of live shrimp. I have a 7 year old Indo Tiger that I have been struggling to get off of live feeders for years and I finally FINALLY got him to eat prepared food using the methods you showed in your videos. I can't thank you enough for sharing this valuable info. I want the absolute best for all my fish and it's been killing me for the longest time knowing that he wasn't getting a correct diet. You can definitely expect some support from me in the near future. At the very least I'll be picking up your book. I'm looking forward to building my first tank and will be using your guides to make sure I get it right.

  10. Just get an ATO now and save your self the hassle of manually adding water. If you want corals down the road your gonna want an ATO to keep that salinity in top notch consistently anyways.

  11. It's amazing how anxious I always get with these multi-part series. I just always want to know what fish he ends up getting.

  12. hi, i just started a fish only tank..a month ago..i would like maybe some tips or reference of getting tank..
    right now i have 2 clown fish 2 green chromis..2 coral damsels..1 coral beauty..what else i can get?..a little help..thanks

  13. I´v got the exact same light, however i find them noisy, have 3 off them. I changed the fans with some cheap once from arctic cooling it lower the noise with 10db. Running them with new fans for 2 weeks, they actually cool even better than the originals. Next if will replace them with the super silent from Arctic coolig, they have less air volume but I think it will be okay

  14. I recommend you get a watchman goby and pistol shrimp. I loved them so much when i had my tank. Watching them build their house was so entertaining

  15. The king of DIY – please make a video on "Nitrogen cycle " complete information for the beginner to set up a new tank

  16. u can grow corals with those lights 🙂 i have some sps in my 75 gallon tank and two 165 watt galaxy hydro and all my coral grow great! good luck! you are gonna fall in love with saltwater!

  17. Hola! Just wondering, I am starting my own saltwater as a new person. How do you feed your cleaners? Just add more food and they will eventually get it from the sand, rocks, etc.? Or do you use specialized food for the bottomfeeders?

  18. I've learned so much from you for freshwater fish. I have always wanted to get into salt water tanks and am extremely excited that you are doing videos on it now.

  19. I'm pretty sure I subscribed to this channel in 2015 how come YouTube unsubcribed me from every channel I subscribe . I'm resubscribing

  20. Hey Joey…
    First of all, thank you for your videos. I'm planing my saltwater aquarium and I'm really liking your videos.
    You are very creative and the best to learn.

    Now, I was trying tu built my own light, but I'm have a lot of problems. So, do you mind sending me the link where you purchase it?

    You rock man!

  21. Hey there, I have to say I've been watching alot of your videos over the past several months and I am impressed with your designs. You are an inventive individual.

    Anyways if you ever need information or help with your saltwater aquarium I am more then happy to pass some wisdom on. I myself have a 230 reef that has been set up for 4 years and a 80 reef set up for a year, aswell as a 40 gallon for my kidako moray eel. Watching one of your recent videos gave me and idea to find a matching 7 foot 180 and combine the two into a massive reef( already convinced the wife lol).

    Anyways I would like to hear from you and exchange some ideas regarding aquariums and the livestock.

    Thank you for your great videos.

    Michael Nardi

  22. hey Joey buddy if you could by special request could you please buy an albino Oscar all white that would look so awesome in a new tank build .

  23. I had simalr lights and they grew coral great was very happy but mine came with hanging kit and a stand they where called sb reef lights

  24. FINALLY is right! I cant wait to see you do this saltwater tank! You make me want to get back into the hobby.

  25. i like how you Decorate aquariums! i want to be Like you! i want to keep fish! and care them ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  26. I was at your workshop at reef stock. I'm very active on planted tanks and somewhat active on high tech planted tanks. (Facebook) nice to see you last month.

  27. For us living in a metric world. Are you using US liquid gallon or Imperial gallon when mentioning the size of your tanks?

  28. can you tell me what episode i can find out why saltwater fish are more colorful than fresh water fish?

  29. I felt the same way. Having set up a 36 gallon bowfront and then upgraded to a 90 gallon (and transferring rock, coral and fish) I can say I hope to not have to go through that again for a very long time.

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