FINALLY! I set up the saltwater aquarium!!

FINALLY! I set up the saltwater aquarium!!

Today we finally set up my saltwater aquarium but before we do so i have some really exciting news I need to tell you about Reefstock, the official reef builders marine aquarium conference is held in Denver, Colorado on the 25th and 26th of this month. Just three weeks away from now But why am I telling you this – well that’s where it gets exciting. You see, Jake Adams wants to have a do-it-yourself element to this event and asked if I would come out and do a presentation. Absolutely, of course I would Now I hope to see many of you guys there and in light of that I’m going to leave a link to the conference in the description below so you can get all the details and plan to come filled now this is a bill that’s been you know kind of put off for about a year now it’s just a few weeks ago that i finally pulled the trigger and set this thing up now for those that are new to this channel you need to be brought up to speed about a year ago artfully acrylic sent me one of their reef crest 35 drop-off aquarium you’re not familiar with it go ahead and watch that video i didn’t unboxing we talked about it showed all the details about it but very next thing i did was i built an aquarium stand for it and i went with a pedestal style stamps now the next thing I need to do is buy some rocks as well as sand and start scraping this tank i went with Marco rocks this and I used was Kara Sea dragonite sugar sighs sand and you know that’s about as far as I got was aquarium for quite a while you see a problem arose my wife wanted to make a lot of changes to our living area where this aquarium wasn’t told me it can’t be here well I do so we move the tank downstairs and moved on to other aquariums and waited until I was ready to be able to set up a saltwater tank few months later she said I want that tank back upstairs you said about back here of course I jumped on that opportunity and brought the tank back upstairs and started moving forward with this bill but I ran into a problem I no longer like the rock it was basically to plane and not enough character to it i knew i was going to run into algae and phosphate issues with this rock and what really changed my mind is that when I was in Chicago I ran into a the carob seed booth and I noticed they had this new rock or relatively new called kara sea life rock it’s exactly the same rock as the mind brought from Florida however they take it to make it look are realistic and already coded in an algae gotta keep this porosity with this type of paint so it looks really natural and like live rock however what really interests me is that they coated in a dormant bacteria which essentially comes to life once it gets wet in your aquarium and help cycle the aquarium found that really interesting so i bought 30 pounds of this for a hundred and twenty dollars which is a really good price but things are going to bury all over the world you might find it at a better price or you might find it a little bit more before dollars a pound isn’t bad at all the outside is just like the white rocks that i had purchased previously is that I ordered them online and got 30 pounds in a box that what I didn’t hand select them so i had no real influence on what my overall escape was going to be I didn’t even know what I wanted to do until i got the rocks and unfortunately we gotta vote for five really nice sized rocks and I did my best with them the plan here was to have some of the rocks up top on the top ledge and make it look like there was falling over the ledge like a real recraft kind of would I focused on making sure the rocks were really well-balanced there were some caves and tunnels none of the rocks actually touch the acrylic so the fish could swim in and throat wherever they wanted within the rocks while making sure that if I ever want to add coral to this aquarium I got to make sure there’s some shelves on top of the rock and lots of places to place them the end result i guess was pretty good and in fact the longer i had in the tank the more and more I liked it and at this point i love it but I got to admit I probably lucked out with a few really good rock it’s unfortunate sometimes if you don’t hand select your rock you’re kind of going into this blind and if you don’t have much talent like I don’t have you might be out of luck when kind of trying to escape this then i added in the sand afterwards and actually added the whole 30-pound bag which gave me about an interest and throughout the entire aquarium which is ideal for what I’m looking to do some moving into this build a new one thing I just wanted to fish only aquarium I didn’t want any coral at first or anything of the like I just wanted some fish maybe some invertebrates and some other small creatures to put in the tank mainly for the family to enjoy because this is only into my living area so we’re not wanting coral at first i decided i’m just going to see what’s available for cheap flights and then go from there whether or not i’m going to build my own or just buy something cheap so i jumped on amazon and I found these hundred and sixty-five white LED reef aquarium lights for 99 bucks now these are clearly chinese-made but the build quality is actually really good it has dual dimming features a couple of fans all the LEDs have lenses and it’s actually pretty well constructed the one thing I did notice is that it goes by a number of different names the ones i got are called roulade row but another name is called Gallic hydro and they’re the exact same identical like the reviews are actually really good as well and began to give them a bit of a test I picked up some Rastas Zola’s and have been moving them around the tank to see how they will react to this light and actually opening up and doing quite well now the thing that actually kind of bothered me about these life is originally I thought I was going to find them to use them as part because right now to build the identical light and have the same casing and dimming features and fans and power it’s cheaper to buy it buy a lot and the build-it-yourself the downside is it doesn’t come with anything to hang it with of course it does have some wires and clips to hang it to something but that’s something i don’t know what it’s going to be so i decided i would take a couple of spare pieces of wood and some brackets sent some clamps and basically whole lot of just spare parts for the head of my garage and build a bit of a holder for it just two pieces of wood with a corner bracket to strengthen it in the center of it a loop on the end of it to clip that light onto it when I’m ready and then painted the whole thing black it actually doesn’t look that bad now i have a couple of the options i could have attached directly to the back of the stand but i decided i find a stud wall and drill it into that instead it end up looking pretty good and it functions exactly how it should after this there’s not a whole lot left for me to do I’ve got escaping done in the rock i got the light now I just need to kind of set the filter up and explain how this filter works in the past video where we did an unboxing but to remind you it’s an all-in-one filter built into the back of the aquarium water overflows in through the top goes up through some a couple of bubble traps and then to the return pump finally returned to the main aquarium to keep things simple I added some biological media and then a sponge for mechanical filtration every few days I’ll rinse off the sponge and that’s basically all i have to do for maintenance for Biological media i used one-half inch marine pure by a wall I’ve heard a lot about these and I wanted to give them a shot myself finally added a heater and you might be asking yourself what about protein skimmers reactors other types of equipment that you might put on the aquarium don’t worry those are coming now the salt i used for this aquarium is the red sea coral pro salt i heard a lot of good stuff about this and sometimes some people calls the best uh aquarium salt there is but decided to give it a try now it’s typically designed to be used in the coral reef aquarium i’m not using corals in this aquarium but i might down the road so i thought why not start off with the best in case i want to upgrade and turn this into a recent damn rope to measure salinity I went red sea again and got their refractometer i also use ro/di water and i’m going to do a video with the future showing you all the maintenance and how I mix the salt and everything else in the near video but for now let’s just get the basics out of the way so i got the tank up and running in no time and with the rock releasing that bacteria and slowly cycling the aquarium i thought i’m going to add some more bacteria to the tank to speed up the cycle because I really want to get these fish in here so i use a couple of different types one was called the ATM colony for saltwater aquariums another one is dr. Tims one and only I’ve heard equally good things about both of these however i have experience with neither one of these one so excited how does Adam both now given that the stocking for this aquarium is going to be very small at first I knew that the way I’m setting this up is going to be totally fine and you’ll see why in next week’s video when you see the stocking that i got for it now this tank is actually been running for several weeks at this point and there’s some things i like about it and some things I don’t like about it the things I don’t like about it i think that i’m going to modify or simply add to it one of the things is the lid this is a small aquarium and it has a meshless so I deal with a lot of evaporation with this aquarium and evaporation has everything to do with the environmental factors as opposed to the aquarium itself but in my home if you have an open-top aquarium evaporation happens fast and I lose about two liters a day with this aquarium so I constantly have to top water off to address this issue i’m first going to build a list for this aquarium that will keep it well covered if that doesn’t work that well i’m going to build an auto top off for which will automatically replenish but evaporated water with fresh water you might be asking why freshwater well when salt water evaporates technically just the water that’s evaporating and the salt remains and that can be pretty dangerous because it’s a lot of water is evaporating and all that salt remaining left behind your salinity rises so we want to replenish the evaporated water clearly with freshwater this couple of other things i want to do I want to raise the stocking in this tank in fact i want to add quite a few more fish but in order to cope with a lot of the extra stocking and the fact that this aquarium doesn’t have a sump I want to build a nano skimmer for them but a big thing that I have to address really soon is I’m going to modify the aquarium filter itself and to do this we’ll have to drain part of the aquarium during the entire purpose filtration compartment do the modifications that I want to do and of course fill it back up with the modifications i believe will allow me to add in more equipment and make the filtration Department a little more efficient but those things that will look for in the future so this video series is only going to be two parts and today we set the entire aquarium up the next week we’re going to stock it and you guys going to see exactly what I got anyways hope you guys enjoyed today’s video i also like to thank you for watching and if you join me next week i’ll show you what i got for stocking on this aquarium

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    keep the videos coming as i allways enjoy watching

    love from New Zealand 🙂

  2. id use a different salt and you can swing salinity if your not ruining corals from about 1.20- 1.26 i have an open tank and top off once a week and clean the glass as needed dont overwork yourself for something so simple. also mandarin and dory are hard fish to keep keep that in mind..

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  10. Just get an ATO now and save your self the hassle of manually adding water. If you want corals down the road your gonna want an ATO to keep that salinity in top notch consistently anyways.

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  13. I´v got the exact same light, however i find them noisy, have 3 off them. I changed the fans with some cheap once from arctic cooling it lower the noise with 10db. Running them with new fans for 2 weeks, they actually cool even better than the originals. Next if will replace them with the super silent from Arctic coolig, they have less air volume but I think it will be okay

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  16. u can grow corals with those lights 🙂 i have some sps in my 75 gallon tank and two 165 watt galaxy hydro and all my coral grow great! good luck! you are gonna fall in love with saltwater!

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  20. Hey Joey…
    First of all, thank you for your videos. I'm planing my saltwater aquarium and I'm really liking your videos.
    You are very creative and the best to learn.

    Now, I was trying tu built my own light, but I'm have a lot of problems. So, do you mind sending me the link where you purchase it?

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  21. Hey there, I have to say I've been watching alot of your videos over the past several months and I am impressed with your designs. You are an inventive individual.

    Anyways if you ever need information or help with your saltwater aquarium I am more then happy to pass some wisdom on. I myself have a 230 reef that has been set up for 4 years and a 80 reef set up for a year, aswell as a 40 gallon for my kidako moray eel. Watching one of your recent videos gave me and idea to find a matching 7 foot 180 and combine the two into a massive reef( already convinced the wife lol).

    Anyways I would like to hear from you and exchange some ideas regarding aquariums and the livestock.

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    Michael Nardi

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