Fish and Chips Recipe – The Crab Boat

Hey! it’s me Mickey and today i’m gonna teach you how to cook Fish and Chips ok let’s get started what do you need is lemon, 100 ml of milk,
vegetable oil, any kind of potatoes, mayonnaise,
old bay seasoning (this one is optional), egg, white pepper, salt, thyme, bread crumbs,
all-purpose flour and off course…… Fish. In this tutorial i’m gonna use dory fillet. Let’s start with the chips. Peel of your potato skin until clean. And wash it afterwards. Congratulation !! now you have 3 shiny potatoes. Then cut into stick shaped, or any shape you like And when you’re done, you will have something like this. Turn on your stove into medium heat and cook for about 7-10 mins depends on your potato’s thickness. and add some salt. (don’t forget) Don’t cook it too long because we’re making chips, not mashed potato. and after that put your potato aside. While we’re waiting for the potato, now we can start with the fish. Remove the excess water on your fish using a paper towel and press them gently. after finish with the one side, flip it and continue to the other side. add 1 teaspoon of salt on half cup of all purpose flour and mix it and dust your fish using this mixture. and continue with the other side. since we’re gonna use our bare hands, so make sure you washed your hands. now we making our batter crack your egg into a large bowl, and mix it with the remaining mixture we make before. add 100 ml of milk some white pepper and old bay seasoning.
(you may add more than i show you on the video) you can put aromatic seasoning you’d like at this point and mix it into the batter. add more flour until the batter have this thickness. spread your bread crumbs into a large container. dip your fish into the batter and make sure it’s fully coated and drip off the excess batter. put your fish into a large container and cover it with bread crumbs both sides. drip off the excess bread crumbs. after you done you can fry your fish or…. put it on the fridge and save it for later. put your oil into a pan this time i’m tilting my pan so i can use less oil. preheat your oil on medium heat. make sure you oil is hot enough before you fry your fish. to test your oil you can use wooden spoon or bamboo chopsticks by dipping it into the oil and if it’s not bubbly , its not ready. here we go its start bubbling. it’s time to fry our fish. Fry about 3-4 mins each side until it’s golden brown Do not use high heat because the bread crumbs gonna burnt fast on high heat. wow it’s beautiful, it’s crispy and golden brown ~ remove the excess oil using a strainer and paper towel after that. now we’re back with our potato. fry our cooked potato until it looks like this. it’s gonna take a few more minutes. if u like it dry, you can cook it a little longer. now for the dipping sauce for the base we use mayonaise. and add a little lemon juice and thyme and mix it together. you can also add oregano, cream or milk if you like it. And we’re done!! Crispy dellicious fish and chips if you have any question or comments just post it bellow. (or even recipe request) so see you next time, thanks for watching and enjoy !

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