So the 2000 gallon aquarium is now filled up with water and ready for fish. Filtration is back up and running and the water Needs to clear up a bit, but I have to admit right off the bat that this tank looks absolutely stunning So as I previously mentioned We’re going to move the little pearl stingray first going to be the first fish back in to the 2000 gallon aquarium And we’re just going to use this little net here Oh, she’s a feisty one Did you go little one first little gray. They’re so tight in there all the way to the bottom You go Whose beautiful, this is glide right now Rest in no particular order just whoever I can get Big email pearl Lucky Great that goes to the next You got to turn around now. You don’t want to dump these guys out jerk them around or anything like that You want them to come out of the tanks more naturally Now the pearl the baby pearl has already founded area underneath the route somewhere, that’s pretty awesome And the lady you go I got to admit I scooped raise up in bare bottom tanks as well as tanks the substrate is so much easier in tanks to the substrate They just simply swim, right out whoa no little one Or you can just simply scoop them right out if you try to get a ray on a bare bottom tank. They’re like suction cups It’s so difficult to get out for help I’m going to live in the net They’re already exploring below alright get another one back here in the corner Now you would think that the Rays would be more difficult to net These guys very easy compared to what we’re about to do Now they have much less room to work in on in here. It’s gonna be difficult attach these arowana what I’d like to do a or another Okay good in the water now so no nope nope nope there you go Beauty Anywhere Okay notes up Wow you go Okay right so bad Guys over remember buddy moving him was a nightmare he’s such a big and powerful fetch These guys like to flop around a little bit that they were nothing compared to him he would break the bags He’d smashed through things of course no fish wants to be netted but Seems like these guys just give up Just take me Now for the bichir The fire is not going back in the 2000 gone aquarium. I’ve decided Frank could use the little buddy or a little friend in the hundred gallon when I put him in there If I put the bikes right here, we’re never gonna see him again But oh man, this is absolutely amazing That’s a video for another time I still need to drain the hunter gallon tank move over all of the wood that was in it move the rainbow fish There’s a lot of work left in the gallery, but lets me put the focus back on this tank Absolutely stunning Arowana already acting naturally the lights are starting to dim out a little bit, but I love the shadowing effect everywhere Absolutely amazing rays are a little bit stressed out of course just from being moved But as you can see we’ll just take a look at the other side here They’re already exploring in and underneath the roots Having a good time a lot of people were concerned that the Rays weren’t gonna have enough room in here. There’s plenty of room The big pearl right there More room than it looks that’s for sure Other people worried about how many gallons of water this actually took up? Adding it in and the backgrounds hollow so in terms of gallons nothing. I mean 510 gallons if you’ve melted this down It’s not displacing a lot of water as for space in the tank The the previous escape I already kind of went over that in terms of square footage and whatnot took up far more space than this This is just dramatically different because we used to have a white wall and white always makes a room look bigger and now we have brown and grays and You know all greens all different types of colors from the era Juana’s looking stunning. Oh even ones already kind of exploring they love those types of roots But yeah, the reeds are doing fantastic there Gordon goes right under there Go ahead and explore a little one there you go. I’d love to be able to find a little baby pearl. She’s in there She’s the first one in Absolutely amazing jobs completely beautiful stunning natural I couldn’t imagine Looks good The equipment we’ve got a couple of Ecotec wave makers back there creating tons of flow within the aquarium and circulation Then I put this big log here I still need to add another air pump behind it some people thought not silicone in them in place was a bad idea Hey time to agree however a couple zip ties here and there never hurt nobody They’re not gonna be able to do any damage or at all but There’s some of the Rays for them there and that little pearl she can get back further than the others But she’s also prefers to hide more than the other so his tanks new to her she needs to get used to it, and then she’ll be out just like the others so we’re now a Couple days into the aquarium all the fish are settling in Beautifully Ray’s are doing fine. There’s that little pearl. I told you guys we’re in here She’s out with the other ones. Everybody’s doing fantastic all the Arowana are happy Swimming around and joined the aquarium exploring it and of course I haven’t fed the Rays since they’ve been added, but within the next couple of days I’ll most likely be doing a feeding maybe even today of course I’ll probably post that on Instagram if you guys like those types of feeding videos I’ll leave a link in the description if you’re not following me there, but everybody is doing absolutely amazing Completely satisfied, and you know just blown away by the background in this new scape And I hope that you guys can see now that the Rays have plenty of room of course They’ve already been going up on over the roots underneath of them the video doesn’t show Perspective of you know exactly what this is going to look like but I hope you guys get a general idea at least huh But yeah absolutely loving this tank. Oh and Frank’s got his little buddy back Frank and the buy sure they’ve been hanging out a lot swimming around together I’m gonna be working on that tank here shortly as well getting them set back up But Frank wanted to make an appearance of course also got the 375 set up again more on that in a future video Anyways guys. I hope he’s enjoyed today’s video I got a few more pretty awesome videos coming up so if you’re not subscribed to this channel yet and Of course you want to see those or simply get some updates on this tank in the near future open will certainly be posting those So make sure you subscribe if you’re not subscribed already, so you don’t miss any of them

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