Fish Oil Facts | Omega-3 Fish Oil | Andrew Weil, M.D.

Fish Oil Facts | Omega-3 Fish Oil | Andrew Weil, M.D.

With fish oil also, there are two omega-3
fatty acids that we need called EPA and DHA. You want both of those and there is argument
about what the best ratio is and we really don’t know but you probably want to take three
or four times EPA to DHA so look at the label of a product you are using and make sure it
is giving you both EPA and DHA in more EPA than DHA and 2-3 grams per day. Some people
complain that taking fish oil they burp up a fishy taste – you can put the capsules in
the freezer and if you take them directly out of the freezer they are less likely to
do that or if you take them on a full stomach they are less likely to do that. There is
a product called krill oil that is made from the little shrimp-like creatures that marine
mammals eat, it’s bright red and smells very fishy, but it is digested lower down and you
don’t burp up any taste with that. There are some concerns about the sustainability of
krill and the environmental impact of that so I do not know. For kids, you can get liquid
fish oils that are flavored – Nordic Naturals makes a lemon flavored one and a strawberry
flavored one – believe it or not they are quite palatable and they can be mixed with
juices. I think this is very important to get this in the diets of kids as early as
possible and infants and fetuses. The influence of omega-3 intake on brain development in
the infant and the fetus is profound. The cell membranes of nerves in the brain are
mostly composed of DHA and if DHA is not present enough in the mothers diet, the nursing mothers
diet, there is reason to think the architecture of the brain is weak. I think this is a factor
in conditions like childhood autism, in ADHD, and a tendency to bipolar disorder and unipolar
depression. The data here are very impressive on the effects of omega-3 supplementation
on brain development in kids. We have seen in our clinic very spectacular results in
autistic kids with fish oil supplementation and also kids with ADHD. There is a psychiatrist
at the National Institute of Mental Health, Joseph Hibbeln, who studies this area and
he has spectacular data from around the world showing correlations of tissue levels of omega-3s
with homicide, suicide and violence. Direct correlation of murder rates in different societies
with omega-3 levels. I think the influence of these fats on our general health, both
psychological health and physical health, is profound. I think most people in our culture
are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids and supplementation with them is key to healthy aging and to general
health. It is both increasing omega-3s and decreasing excess consumption of omega-6s.

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  1. i just started taking a good quality fish oil and the first thing i noticed was how my mood improved. Amazing stuff and works instantly

  2. Glad I ate my King Oscar sardines today at lunch…tomorrow will be canned salmon…Love Ya, Doc!!! EAT THE OMEGA 3'S people!!! I get them from ground flax and walnuts too!

  3. Anyone else find it confusing :26 we really don't know about the epa dha ratio but we should take 3 or 4 times more epa than dha. Is there any reason for this? we know cell membranes and nervous system and brain need dha but the recommendation is for more epa? I'm appreciative of this and any information but this doesn't quite compute.

  4. One fascinating fact is that DHA is the "bricks and mortar" of the brain, yet EPA most strongly correlates to improvements in mental health disorders.

  5. Not only that. I just saw another video that said omega 6 is more important than 3. The research continues.

  6. Evidently, the point was lost on you that the body makes EPA and DHA AS NEEDED. The amounts of EPA and DHA physiologically NECESSARY for the human body are MINISCULE. When you take fish oil you are being given a pharmacalogical OVERDOSE of the derivative The parent (ALA) should be taken instead. YOU look up Professor Brian Peskin, fool.

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  8. Fish oil was nothing but the industry trying to find a way to sell their waste to you.
    Everyone got suckered. All research is done against meat and not veggies.
    Fish does increase health only because you are eating less meat and fish is 60 to 90% water depending on species.
    But the industry cleverly attributed the health gains to fish oil

  9. Thanks for the info. My family takes Alaskan wild salmon oil. My kids take about a teaspoon for brain development; my husband takes around 3g for heart health; I take 1g to 3 grams every other day and my skin has seen some benefits as it is much smoother, less dry and flaky now. We buy the oil and other natural products from which offer a wide range of organic, raw, non-gmo health food. iherb also gives $10 discount off purchase over $40 to new customers when you use discount code EJE156.

  10. yes we have very little in common with tuna and salmon as far as efa"s oils if we swam in ice water all day we would need fish oil. these fish oil are very reactive and oxidative !!! stop taking fish oil .

  11. Stop killing fish for the benefits of your health! Stop the Holocaust of Animals, you egotistic murderers! Better to risk the ephemeral Body than the everlasting Soul!

  12. Is it the fish oil that's acting as an anti inflammatory agent, or is it the effect of balancing the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio? We do eat a lot of omega 6 fats, mostly from cheap oils like canola, of which Dr. Weil himself was a big fan in his book, "Eating Well for Optimum Health." Whether organic or not, I don't believe canola oil is "healthy". It was maybe thought to be in contrast to saturated fats from meat, but even that theory is being challenged today.

  13. i had one of these today and i feel FUCKED…. i passed out for like 3 hours and still feel fucked wtf is this bullshit i feel retarded

  14. research this kind most omega is fake

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