Fish Oil Linked to Prostate Cancer?

Fish Oil Linked to Prostate Cancer?

(Image source: I Love Blue Sea) BY BRIANA ALTERGOTT Men might need to toss those fish oil supplements
from their medicine cabinets, according to a newly-confirmed study. And no more fatty fish for dinner either — the
2011 study reported men who ate a lot of fish or took fish oil supplements had a 71% higher
risk for high-grade prostate cancer than those who didn’t. (Via WALB) Researchers analyzed levels of omega-3 fatty
acids — which is found in fish and fish oil pills — in the blood of 834 men who
had prostate cancer. They then compared the results with blood from 1,393 cancer-free
men. (Via Journal of the National Cancer Institute) Men who had the highest level of omega-3s
had a 43% increase in risk for prostate cancer and a 71% increase for the most dangerous
type of prostate cancer that is the most likely to be fatal. (Via KOAA) Scientists aren’t sure why omega-3 fatty acids
appear to be linked to prostate cancer, but they think they are somehow involved in the
formation of tumors. Some people are skeptical about the study’s
findings. The Council for Responsible Nutrition called the study quote, “overblown” because
it only shows an association between omega-3 levels and cancer — not a concrete cause
and effect. (Via Fox News) Still, researchers are standing by the results,
noting it’s unclear what the true benefits are for most of the supplements that people

26 thoughts on “Fish Oil Linked to Prostate Cancer?

  1. So i guess Japan who is the world's largest consumer of fish also has a booming population of people with prostate cancer-illnesses as well. that makes sense.

  2. Newsyspeculation, come'on guys, stop with the "just throw anything out there"! Video count is 649, you should have WAY more followers by now. I wonder why. *shrug

  3. Okay let me get this straight, not eating fish oil, increases chance of heart disease and stroke, eating it increases the chance of cancer ,,,,,,,, I give up

  4. I don't buy it. The body needs Omega 3 to function properly, I think not taking it would be a much bigger risk in general.

  5. I call… bullshit

    Fish is an important part of the caveman diet.. What's good for caveman is good for us all.

  6. Are there any studies that show a concrete cause and effect? If there are, I think that part of science was done a long time ago.

  7. Fish oil contaminated with Atlantic oil or Pacific radiation maybe…which is to say almost all of it since the oil hit the gulf stream and the radiation plume from Japan reached California.

  8. Everything is linked to cancer, wtf now… They even said before that onions is linked to cancer. Even straberries.. WTF IS THIS WORLD!!

  9. This is a corelation study, not cause and effect. Just another attempt by the drug companies to scare people away from supplements. All fatty fish is bad my ass! There are civilizations all over the meditertanean and asia who have eaten a diet of nothing but fatty fish for centuries and they are long-lived and have low to zero incidents of cancer. Sorry "experts", but I am continuing the use of my fish/krill oil capsules. My ldl's are low,arthritis pain gone and my skin has never looked better!

  10. Let's say you're getting your omega-3 from a none polluted source…Is it still a problem ? It just seems far fetched the omega 3 is potentially cancerous…(at least , according to this study)

  11. Something else bugs me…How come people from iceland or japan don't have a much higher rate of prostate cancer then ?

  12. The problem is, they didn't actually study men who eat a lot of fish and/or take fish oil capsules. They just saw a higher amount of omega 3s in the blood of those with prostate cancer and assumed they ate a lot of fish or took fish oil.

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