Fish oil supplements: Anti-aging benefits (3.31)?

Fish oil supplements: Anti-aging benefits (3.31)?

Today, I want to talk to you about a recent
discovery that could be the key to stopping the aging process. We’re talking about how to effect change
at the cellular level. How? By targeting the part of your DNA responsible
for the aging process. And you can do it all without expensive medical
procedures, gene therapy, or fancy creams. In fact, what if I told you that the secret
to staying young could cost you a mere 40 dollars? First, some background on the aging process: Within the nucleus of every cell, our genes
are encoded along chromosomes. At the end of your chromosomes are telomeres
(tee-loh-meers), which act like caps that protect our genetic code from unraveling. Now, think of your chromosomes like shoelaces,
and telomeres as the plastic caps on the ends of your laces. If the caps become weathered and begin to
fall apart, then the shoelace unravels. During cell division, our DNA isn’t actually
copied all the way to the end where the telomeres are. So, every time the cell divides, the telomeres
get progressively shorter. Over time, the telomeres get too short and
our DNA becomes at risk for damage. When this happens, the cells give up their
ability to divide and will eventually die. Luckily, it takes approximately 60 to 70 cell
divisions for telomeres to get dangerously short, but some factors can accelerate this
process, including: chronic inflammation, stress, free radicals, excessive sun exposure,
and a generally unhealthy lifestyle. While some of this is part of the natural
aging process, there is absolutely no need to speed up the process. Early, accelerated shortening of telomeres
is associated with premature aging, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, early death and cardiovascular
disease. So, what can you do to slow the aging process
without going under a knife or going bankrupt? Aside from living a healthy and active lifestyle,
omega-3 fatty acids are among the few nutrients that have actually been shown to prevent telomere
shortening. A study found that patients with the lowest
levels of fatty acids had the fastest rate of telomere shortening and that omega-3 fatty
acids EPA and DHA reduced telomere shortening by 33%. In another study, omega-3 fats slowed down
the shortening of the leukocyte telomeres, and decreased inflammation by 12%. Omega-3 fats, along with a healthy lifestyle,
were found to reduce telomere shortening. Surprisingly, the change in telomere length
was most significantly related to DHA levels. Omega-3 fatty acids have numerous health benefits. Just why do they work so well? First of all, omega-3’s are powerful anti-inflammatory
nutrients. Secondly, it appears that omega-3’s also
protect cells from free radical damage by directly stimulating antioxidants. Another surprising way that omega-3’s work
by is increasing telomerase activity, an enzyme responsible for extending or lengthening the
telomeres. Lastly, omega-3 fats protect telomeres by
reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is known to affect the activity of telomerase. The best way to get omega-3 fats is to eat
fatty fish. If this is not an option, consider taking
fish oil supplements. But before purchasing one, there are important
things you may want to know. One: Most fish oils in the market are in ethyl
ester form, which is harder to metabolize and FAILS to get into your cells quickly enough,
so you don’t get all the age-fighting power you need. Two: Only 20% of the fish oil in ethyl ester
form is absorbed, which is completely a waste of your hard-earned money. Three: Most fish oils don’t contain the
actual amount of omega-3’s indicated on the label. Four: Many fish oil products tend to contain
more EPA than DHA, despite sound evidence that DHA is more important in maintaining
heart, brain, joint and telomere health. This is where Nutrusta DHA Omega-3 Ultra comes
in. Now, you’re probably wondering what makes
this product different from every other Omega-3 supplement on the market. Nutrusta Omega-3 contains 100% triglyceride
in its natural form for easy metabolism and maximum absorption. With the use of VESIsorb, a clinically-proven
and patented delivery system that closely mimics the natural metabolism of dietary fats,
Nutrusta Omega-3 offers a 567% increase in absorption, 487% more body-ready essential
fatty acids and 15x more age-fighting nutrients. What’s more: Nutrusta Omega-3 Ultra packs
up to 50x more DHA than regular fish oil, giving you more telomere-boosting power than
regular fish oil. Are you ready to take control of the aging
process? Here’s how you can get your hands on this
anti-aging gold: click the link below or visit our website at

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