Fish Recipes : Cooking Salmon En Papillote Recipe Step 1

Hi! I’m Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert
Village, and today we’re going to show you a cooking procedure called En-Papillote. The
main proteins that you usually use for this cooking procedure are seafoods. What we’re
going to do is we’re going to create a little pouch or bag and we’re going to use some
parchment paper and we’re going to put the fish, in this case I’ve got a piece of ___Atlantic
salmon here, and this will work for pretty much any species. What’s going to happen
is we’re going to lay the fish inside and we’re going to use some fresh herbs and
some things that I have here, as well as some dry seasoning and even some vegetables. We’re
going to incase this and seal the paper so that when it’s baked in the oven the moisture
that comes from the fish, as well as some of the seafood stock that I’m going to use
and some of the wine is going to stay inside of the bag and allow all this food to steam
and turn out real nice and moist and tender. Once the bag is open, all of the herbs and
the fresh vegetables and everything will kind of explode. It’s a real nice dish, real
nice and light and healthy as well. First and for most, we’ve got some parchment paper
here and I’ve cut a piece. What we need to do is just fold this in half. What we’re
going to do is we’re going to heart shape out of this paper. The bases of the heart
actually, will be here so that when we fold it over we’ll have two equal halves. The
base of the heart will be here and we’ll circle it down this direction with the scissors.
This way it will hold the fish and all the ingredients that are in. You want to make
sure and cut more paper than you think you’re going to need. There we go. Then we have are
wonderful heart. We’re finished with that part of the procedure. We will come back here
in just a little bit in the second part of the video, and we’ll show you how to start
seasoning this fish and prepare the bag for the en-papillote baking procedure.

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