Fish Recipes : Frying & Cooking Fish Recipes Part 2

Hi! I’m Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert Village
and I’m back to show you some fried cat fish. I got my counter top fryer to set a little
below 375 fish is a protein it really doesn’t take that long to cook and its actually nice
because we don’t want to have all this fish floating around in the oil any longer then
it needs to be. So I got my ready light on here I’m going to go ahead and pop this guy
open and also as a side note we breaded these fish differently so I could show you the difference
between the finish product. The first piece that I’m going to cook I put some seasonings
directly on to the fish fillet itself which was garlic salt, salt and some ground pepper
and I put them start into a store bought cornmeal base fish breading mixture that I just poured
straight out of the bag. So it was actually a one part breading process on these so we
are going to go ahead and fry those guys first and let you see what those look like in the
finish product and then we move on to the other pieces which I finished in bread crumbs
and the others which I finish in the cornmeal procedure. So we will come right back and
show you what these look like.

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