Fish Recipes : Making a Trout Menuire Cooked Fish Recipe Part 1

Fish Recipes : Making a Trout Menuire Cooked Fish Recipe Part 1

Hi! My name is Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert
Village, and we’re going to show you today a preparation today called Trout-Menuire.
Trout-Menuire is a very simple preparation; it’s much different than the trout that
we’ve shown you in previous videos. I’ve got some flour here, and it’s just an all
purpose. The object of this recipe is that we’re just going to lightly dust the trout
fillets on both sides. I’ve got some clarified butter behind me in a non-stick Teflon pan.
We’re just going to brown each side of the fillet. Now, trout, as a whole, is usually
going to be thinner fillet, so the cooking time is going to be real short. This is a
pretty simple, kind of quick dinner idea for you. Traditionally is served with lemons on
the top. There’ll be some parsley as well as a garnish that we’ll finish this off
with. The idea being that we’re going to actually make a beurre noisette set on the
top of these fish to garnish it with, and we’ll show you that on a separate video
as well. Beurre noisette simply means a brown butter, and we’ll show you that. To get
started, we’re just going to do a little bit of fresh ground sea salt and some fresh
ground black pepper directly on these fillets I like to season the protein directly because
seasoning the four doesn’t do a whole lot of good because a lot of the times the seasonings
just fade away into the flour itself. Black pepper’s fine. If you feel better about
presentation and want to use like a white pepper, that’s fine as well. I’m just
going to go ahead and dust these fellas. Again, this is just straight all purpose flour. There’s
no hidden ingredient of anything. Once they’re dipped, I just usually hang it with one hand
and dust off with the other, so you just get a nice even coating of flour. Just lightly
dusted like that. Same salt on this second verse on this guy. Again, just hang is with
one hand and kind of dust off the excess with the others. Whatever you find to be the most
useful. I like using these latex gloves when I fry foods of bread food of anything like
that, because all the breading tends to fall away from your fingers when you have the gloves
on versus when you do it with your bare hands it tends to stick, and it creates a problem
sometimes after the third or fourth fillet Alright, so there’s our lightly dusted Trout-Menuire
fillets We’ve already got the salt and pepper on them of course, and we’re going to come
back here in a little bit in a separate video and show you how to prepare these and how
to garnish them afterwards.

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