Fish & Tank Care : Fish Tank Set Up

Fish & Tank Care : Fish Tank Set Up

CHRISTIE OWNES: Hi. My name is Christie and
I’m with Expert Village and I’m teaching you proper care of fish today and a little bit
about the different types of fish. Today I’m going to show you a setup on fish tanks, the
proper way to set them up. The first thing you’re going to need is a fish tank which
we have here. You’re also going to need a top on the fish tank as well because if we
don’t have a top, then the fish like to jump out. The top also helps hold the moisture
in the tank so you don’t have a lot of water evaporation. The next thing you’re going to
need is a filter which is going to help keep the tank clean and help keep oxygen in the
water which is what we have installed on the back of the tank right here. You’re also going
to need a heater as well that goes down inside the tank, which I have right here on the tank,
because a lot of the fish need a water temperature ranging anywhere between 75 to 78 degrees.
On the inside of the tank, you’re going to need to put a substrate on the bottom which
in this tank I have sand in the bottom. You can use sand or gravel, but in a freshwater
tank, do not use sand for a saltwater tank because it raises the ph too high. They do
have sand geared towards freshwater tanks. Not only do you need a substrate on the bottom
of the tank but the fish like to have plants which you can use live plants or fake plants.
In this tank I have live plants because it’s more natural for the fish and they’re more
happier. You can also put pieces of driftwood which is what this big piece is here. It’s
more natural for the fish. It helps soften the water and lower the ph in the water so
the fish is a little happier. I’ve also got some rocks in here as well; one being here
and one being on the other side to help offer for hiding places for the fish, as well as
we have shells on the bottom right here and a few other places across the tank for the
ones that like to live inside the shells. That’s for the kind of–their little home
away from home. And it gives them a little chance to get away from other fish that so
they’re not getting picked at.

56 thoughts on “Fish & Tank Care : Fish Tank Set Up

  1. you dont always need a heater i have a 20 gallon gold fish tank with no heater and dont start saying oh well what dose he know he only has goldfish because that is not true i have 2 saltwater tanks and 2 fresh water tanks the salt water is 75 gallons and the other one is 34 gallons and i have a 180 gallon chiclid tank and the gold fish but im not saying that you are wrong im saying it all depaends on the type of fish and it is not right to mislead someone what if some one saw this vid and failed

  2. yeah but you have to take into account the fact that people live in different areas of the country with different climates. not to mention people keep their homes at different temperatures than you.

  3. The video was 1:58 seconds long how much do you think she could cover. lol…… Nice tank, obviously knows what she's doing.

  4. i recently bought 7 glowlights and 2 harlequins for my starter fish and ive lost a few is this nnormal during the nitrogen cycle

  5. she does not know how to not be patronizing, its annoying, even for someone who doesn't know anything about tanks will still think she is putting it too simply
    and it is 'more happy' not 'more happier'

  6. actually i tend to believe its best to use no plants. it looks best with no plants but rocks and coral. fake coral works fine too.

  7. You must be an idiot. Fake corals Does not belong in a freshwater tank. Plants, roots and small rocks(not sharp ones) would look a 100 times better, you ignorant.

  8. i want to get one aquarium, my question is, do i need to change the water inside tank every month or something like that, or do i never have to change water?

  9. Shells also increase the pH of your tank water as they are made from lime and if the inhabitat of the shell is dead then the shell will slowly dissolve

  10. please can anyone help me i am new to keeping tropical fish and since i have set up the tank 8 neon tetras have died all within a day of each other, and one harliquin tetra has also died. any suggestions please. i am really worried and could do with advise as i am only 14. is it my other kinds of fish as i have 2 black sailed mollys and 1 siameise fighting fish, 3 haliquin tetras left. please help.

  11. i think its funny how you all ridicule her when you can't put the entire information for every fish for every type of tank in one video….

  12. expert village sucks , everythign i leraned from them wehn getting fish was 99% wrong and what they told me on the videos killed my fish , dont listen to them you would be better asking a 3 year old

  13. "I'm gunna teach you how to set up a fish tank. The first thing you're gunna need is a fish tank."
    Well NO SHIT!

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