Fish & Tank Care : Refilling a Fish Tank With a Python Hose

Fish & Tank Care : Refilling a Fish Tank With a Python Hose

CHRISTIE OWNES: Hi, my name is Christie and
I’m with Expert Village and I’m teaching you proper care of fish today and a little bit
about the different types of fish. Now I’m going to teach you how to fill the fish tank
up. I’ve got the python on my hand with a hose pinch so that the water cannot go out.
But the water is slowly dripping out of this so you’re going from the kitchen to the living
room. Be sure you can and be able to fast walking in doing this. When you’re going to
fill the tank up, put the head of the python onto the sink and let go of the hose very
slowly so that you don’t wash the fish out of the tank. If you let it go too fast, you
can actually hurt your fish and bruise them. This process will kill them. There’s also
a step of a chlorine remover which this one is an aqua safe that I got. It removes chlorine
out of the water and what I’m going to do is take the cap off, spurt a bunch in the
tank. Usually, it’s one cap full for every ten gallons of water but being a pro like
I am, I know how much water that I take out of the tank which is about twenty gallons
of water. So now, in this bottle, I had enough for twenty gallons that I just put in to it.
But as I’m filling the tank, I installed the python here into the tank and I put the chlorine
remover in there. And the chlorine remover works instantly so you don’t have to let the
tank sit. If you’re not comfortable with putting the python head into the tank with the chlorine
remover as I did, please feel free to make sure you have five gallon buckets that are
clean that have not been used for chemicals, washing cars or soap in them. Fill the buckets
up with water, add the chlorine remover to the buckets of water and then you can pour
them into the tank. But if you’re comfortable with doing your water changes as I have shown
you here, then, you can also do this way as well. This is you’re kinda have more of the
professional people do water changes on our fish tank. But sometimes even doing this and
the water companies decide to put a lot of chlorine remover in the tank and you can smell
it a little bit when you’re going to adjust your water temperature or when you drink the
water, you may add just a little bit more chlorine remover to the tank to remove that
out. To fill the tank up, it’ll approximately take three to five minutes. It’s not as long
as draining water out of the tank which you can see the water temperature–well, the water
level to the tank is rising very fastly. Our time again at approximately 5 minutes to explain
more, I had to turn the tank back on what the filter is going to do and finish with
the closing process on how to take care of your fish tank.

14 thoughts on “Fish & Tank Care : Refilling a Fish Tank With a Python Hose

  1. Tap water? NO NO NO!
    RO-DI water is the way to go for the health and well being of your fish. Too much bad stuff in your tap water, heck I don't even drink what comes out of the tap much less have to swim (= live)in it like your fish do.

  2. "…the water level to the tank is rising very fastly."
    I think you meant "quickly" because "fastly" doesn't mean what you think it does.

  3. "But being a pro like i am", wow. Your not a pro. If you were a pro you'd probably add the chlorine remover before you added it to the water.

  4. thats what i do too…i keep water in empty milk jugs in my closet and add water conditioner and let it sit till i need it.

  5. @fuzzman25 she's using a Python syphon, it both removes water, then using the same hose and your faucet replaces water into the tank.

    Looks like "the pro" is doing a 75% water change, hmmmm……..

  6. She is showing us ONE of her tanks. One that she successfully keeps in what would usually be an over stocked condition, the same one that she is successfully breeding fish in. Perhaps you could learn something, including the "PROPER" use of the Python system. You know, the one that is supposed to decrease your work load, not provide a way to do exactly what you can with a normal gravity siphon. Durr.

  7. I may be a "few" years late to this lady's videos, but holy mother of all, please do NOT listen to this "pro's" advice. Stick to the 2-3"/gallon rule when stocking, Do NOT do liberal 75% water changes. Do NOT shove your python/suction down into the sand (or you will destroy your garbage disposal if using the sink).

    Her videos should be labeled: "How to purposely mentally stress out your fish!"

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