Fish Tank Room of a Legend Robert Steinbach

Fish Tank Room of a Legend Robert Steinbach

what’s up fish tank people dustin’s fishtanks bring it to you on Sunday baby how’s everybody
doing I hope you’re doing well this is a video I’ve had in a can for a little bit
usually like to get them out but this one’s been sitting for awhile because
I’ve had a lot going on had the aquatic experience a couple of weeks back and
last week I was in Costa Mesa repo Palooza throwing down a lot of
aquascaping contests for the second time out in Cali love you Cali great meeting
a bunch of people out there I had an absolute awesome time we’re going to do
that at least once a year that was a lot of fun getting out to the west coast so
a real good time with that but this is something special as some of you guys
haven’t subscribed for a while now any of you new subscribers the opportunities
come my way every now and then check out some amazing aquariums amazing shops and
amazing fish rooms I call them fish rooms of a legend if you will I get to
be around some amazing you know fish tank people some some old guys have been
doing it for a while at the end of this video I’ve got videos linked up from
legendary mr. Mike barber who I’ve been to Peru with who runs go wild Peru with
Ian fuller he’s got a really sweet fish we check out at the end I’ve also got
Chuck Cramer the guy actually got some of these fish actually these this exact
species of fish in there from was good to reconnect with him at the aquatic
experience got a bunch of great live bears he’s actually got two videos up of
his awesome fish room and of course my man rosemary don’t carry wrangled a
legendary rainbow fish keeper in st. Louis who’s been to New Guinea and all
over collected him wild and has a couple of them named after himself
this video is no exception folks this is mr. Robert Steinbach I have known of him
as an AGA member for many years but I had the opportunity to come and check
this out this was Sunday morning the last day of a trade show no aquatic
experience up at four in the morning Thursday drove all the way Chicago all
day Thursday all day Friday running hard all day Saturday running hard Sunday
last day of the show I got up drove about 45 minutes from AE to check it out
this is only the inside I actually rolled up outside see some of the
footage here of me walking around outside I wish I were to turn the camera
on in the morning when the steam was coming
up out of his ponds or whatever and has many many greenhouses outside but this
is just the inside of Robert Stein box house this guy was a biology teacher for
over 50 years I swear to you right now I will visit his home again and if I’m 76
and I’m rolling like he is I’m doing pretty well so without further ado check
out mr. Robert Stein box just the inside of this house
enjoy folks what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing
it to you from outside of Illinois this is a hard video to make to get all
four I’m in the last day at the aquatic experience my voice is almost gone I’ve
been doing some crazy things and having a great time a great show but when a
gentleman of older age comes and says I want you to come to my house I got a
rule for the old guy it’s been in aquariums for a long time invites you to
come to his house get your stuff together and you go check it out this is
Robert Steinbach I feel like an infant talking to him
check out this guy visit life goals right like if I’m c76 if I’m 76 and I’m
living like this I’m doing just fine Robert say hello Cheers
whoever signs off write nursery oh no Noi ha ha ha he’s so look at this folks
I mean I walked in this is doesn’t do it tell us what it is Robert what it would
it ok for years I had fish tanks my fine fish tanks boring today boring yes
I hate clean glass so this does not require plain glass at all look in the
water and there they are and all their glory plants beautiful plants and middle
of fish there was no filtration there is no carbon dioxide added notice the fish
the feeder constantly breathing getting off carbon dioxide it makes the plants
grow that way Orion is right in soil no gravel soil only how many years did you
teach biology 49 49 years 29 years in Elgin and about 56 years old together
okay putting a little context on the individual yes let me get a little
different angle for this rubber than beside pasture yeah wow man
and this is 18 inches tall 12 feet by 5 that’s right
that’s taking notes and just over here there’s another one but we’ll get to
that one so these Akana doors give me a little you know your species bit crazy
do a quick tour of this piece most of kind of our señor wences there’s one of
the most beautiful all the Commodores notice long narrow leaves nice touch to
look to the veins and the middle here is st. Elmo’s fire
this thing has Ariel leaves in the summer and here the first new aquatic
leaves four hundred winter months the eventually would be all red all red the
area leader turned to slush Robert can you lead us to the basement sure I’m not
allowed to have this many tanks in my basement and this set up – alright we go
down here I was I was looking on my phone or something I looked off when I
saw this Robert hold still real quick staying right there come up a little bit
there we go he’s in there I wanted to people get get the shot of you in the in
the in the lair here alright so can we start with your fish Robert because you
additional raising plants I also raise fish the main fish I rate are colorful
colorful colorful fish because there are because the bottom is black bottom the
Bulls are black given the pools outside are all black rubber and the normal fish
does not truck well the swordtails here are all very carefully slides over about
five years for redness they’re not like you’d buy in the store love the vowel scenario short beautiful Val I also raise Guppies Guppies we come at
an angle shit these guys the government of carefully selected for first of all
their blond Guppies every last fish has a red tail and I’m still improving this
rain I replace plastic in-game scoop some real quick wait we’re sorting out can I have some of these thank you
those are awesome up what do you got go ahead usual baby up heat up baby got
bees over here about two years ago the Sun gave me three little plants I gave
me these three little plants of this one was called car controller Chevelle
inertia as well you didn’t have it prior what Alan said you would have to have it
I don’t know why did you ask but not yeah I gave yeah well and this is my sad
rags edge back here right I do need it no no what is that that’s sanitary right
I would say it’s a non-monetary circulator Oh Hank please show everyone
the glosso yes raise Gauss’s statement is for fun and fun it’s also a profit
sure I still his hero things called was a stigma woke up like that they go in
early you put them in soil like that hold on there’s a tray of soil here’s my
fantasies so raising aquatic plants man-made here’s a riddle
sangbong original he has a sifter outside that’s amazing just press this
down the mud and soil rather than put her under water and that happens in a
month well in a month and a month that’s all one month of growth Wow
the most interesting plants were at Bonneville cover the bottle 50 that’s
awesome I want to do a rotation around hook this
is Wilson area flowers they’re a large group leader to live in
here I don’t there jump out that’s why the boards are let’s go back what the heck are these things these are
all delightful obviously as I saw the red thread on flap heel flap yeah my own
strain of fly beyond your own strain you will succumb to users when I love this
boy I don’t have any choirs goldfish here that’s all
tilapia we’re keeping the album under control and also Friday’s these red
snails are crazy as they are I was a resident for his red snails
obviously yeah those are awesome very carefully selected so no one no more
black ones it those the old-fashioned water sprite is
almost never sold anymore because very broad leaves I’m a flirt on
top of water the Sundays holders gummy grass
ah that’s copy yes a guppy grass that’s what it one thing more things I forgot
the guys okay no I have to show over here he’s got so am i this is cool he
didn’t thought I might climb underneath the conveyor belt to show this that look
it is one of my favorite plants these guys just chilling one little legal
system on its own coming back out over here here’s a tramp we’re getting the
plan I didn’t even figure out what the hell is the war boys in from outside
ah man let’s really go out just holy come in Wow okay as opposed to care
helping us ah brilliant he’s wondering why I had this yeah listen I’m an LED
light and as a night when a tropical lily does red leaves a beautiful red
flower the summer leaves are going by by both
aquatic leaves the winter leaves are developing very nicely we want a corn
plant there it is Robert I have to wrap this video up because I’m losing a
battery on this right now and my own battery but we’re going to go
do the other camera outside so wow man user one second there will be more
videos from here somehow someway tank on everybody

100 thoughts on “Fish Tank Room of a Legend Robert Steinbach

  1. Please, please, please don't speak sports again Dustin. Oh, he didn't. Yippie! I might finally subscribe then. Hahaha. Roberts place looks fantastic. I guess he likes red.

  2. Ya boy D hooked it up just got amazing plants from his website for a sick deal I mean sick deal the amount of plants I got for 40 bucks is amazing, and some red clay. Thanks Dustin for inspiring my tank and helping me get some amazing plants.

  3. What's up Dustin? Hope your Turkey Day was nice.
    Yeah, I stuffed my face all weekend long too.
    Robert must be single, widowed, … or be married to a SAINT! Amazing AMAZING set-ups!
    The man needs to have tours of his place.

  4. wow! I've got so many questions!!!! I could pick Robert's brain for days on end just from that sneak peak of what he's got going on!(well I better give Mr. Steinbach the respect he deserves and not assume we're on a first name basis lol)

  5. Always feels good to listen to one of the few that understand how the interior of an aquarium should look like. And I’ve had the same effect on the behavior and color intensity of my fish. My columbian tetras put butterfly cichlids to shame!! All has to do with providing the right home.

  6. I don't think anyone cares how you get there. But you better get there again with some good material. This is a real legend and what a great nice man I mean look how into his stuff he is. Go back for his sake it makes him happy clearly.

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  8. I wish i had many guppies i only have the commons like only males with grey greenish bodies with beautiful tails and i dont have any female guppies so endlers it is my endlers are big and they are breeding

  9. Can i get some help on the question i asked 4 or 5 days ago…PLEASE….WHATS THE PLANT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT AT MINUTE 8:30

  10. Woaly Moly. never seen that kind of set up. I know he's a biology teacher, but I want to attend his economics lecture….bc how the f#^*# manage the financial side of that?

  11. Ladies and gentlemen, this is us, the fishkeepers when we get old!
    full of enthusiasm and drive with loads of experience and no fucking limits on our fish tanks!
    Take a bow Mr. Steinbach!

  12. Hi, I've been watching this. Channel for a while now and just out of curiosity, how come all of the people in this hobby ( that are shown on YouTube) are white men?

  13. sincerely appreciate that you respect and value these experienced aquarium people, and then share with us – what a rich way to learn so much, and get new ideas

  14. Robert Steinbach should shoot a vide himself Dustin, then you could publish it on youtube. save you going back!!! Has this guy got a website or channel?

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  16. Omg I want to talk to him so bad. He's living the life and his indoor ponds I want to know how he has the set up, build everything so maybe I can do it. So cool.

  17. Hey, do you have any followups on this? I looks like you had a 2nd visit or something. It would be very interesting to see.

  18. I had to come and watch this video again after hearing that you would be making a return visit. Drooling over his indoor ponds…

  19. Dustin Hope you go back soon !!! we need to document his great work 20 years ago I built a pond a rarity at that time in the Midwest and I went to him for some day and night blooming lilies he would build your order while you were there teaching the entire time watching your video I felt like I stepped back in time 20 years


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    I really think a series of “ The Legends” tapes/ interviews would be priceless.
    These guys all seem to have a good rapport with you , so I think you are the guy to do this! Go capture all they have on tape before it’s gone forever!
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