recording I think it was hey what’s up all you fishy freaks out there it’s Ryan here from Benson’s fish room and I have another video for you the Russian came to town and hey all you fishy freaks out there it’s Ryan here from Benson’s fish room the Russian came to town so I got an unboxing to show you he also got an order from Nigeria in so we got a couple oddball fish and at the end of the video I think we got a lot of alien bait as to show you stay tuned [Music] all right so let’s see what we got here let’s see what did we get we got some glass cats bags got some nice bamboo shrimp some Biggie’s some big uns people love the bamboo shrimp I don’t remember seeing this guy come through the red crayfish of blue into some he’ll stream loaches we like putting these down in the bottom row of our tank so the employees have to get on their belly to get them I’m only kidding what else these are some pearl gouramis nice I think they’re all males that’s what he said oh here’s one of the here’s one a big guy Polly uterus what kind of Polly is he a regular polly send in gallus huh he’s good size he’s got to be at least a pretty close to a foot long oh there’s face anybody don’t say some demonsaw me cichlids africans mean little buggers one of these ones electric blues all easier no yeah Lolly’s where’s the blue crayfish not very plant safe these guys are more small fish safe lots of requests we aim to please nice little bag of platies nice little vinyl quarries I’d say oh we picked up a bunch of gold nuggets little guys what are these guys sell for 30 40 bucks yeah nice oh just a bag of female gups some paleo dhis Cory’s next door which ones of these red tops yep my top zebras here’s a few of the African the Nigerian we got a elephant nose a couple of those guys like to eat a lot of worms luckily we stock live black worms and all the frozen stuff all the time we got here I’m kind of kind of cats are these Odonis plecos then they stay long no wispy it is some bloom belly Rams kind of a weird deformity but people like them they some platinum angels kind of like a marble angel would ya just black and white and up though he was calling him no he did let us know though that he has got some red angels coming which will be real exciting kind of the first where they say it was from Thailand or coming out of a Thailand breeder or something Tunisian are not Indonesia nice Guppies and Jesse stuck in a discus or two even though I told her not to he’s got a discus fetish I’m pretty yeah the other one yeah where’s the other one you know very pretty but the size of about what two and a half inches or so it’s um these guys coy Chloe Pilates coy swords well he’s a Koi toy swords little and some of your basic black mollies some clown loaches got a call today from a guy who is gonna be bringing me in a pair of 6-inch clown loaches that’ll be pretty cool one of these guys creamsicle mollies dreamsicles some festivals there’s festivals nice size relatively peaceful cichlid like an angel yeah some striped Raphael’s there’s one in here it’s got a wicked tail on them where is he oh there he is right there I’m sorry no wicked tail kind of like a long thing some crazy bumblebee cats guys will gobble up any make think and fit in their mouth also if you put a cave in there they will all climb into one cave whether they can fit or not and see some more clowns bag of clown loaches no another elephant we got three of the elephants where we get four we got four here’s the good size black neons tomorrow’s nice fat bellies on them some more Guppies balloon belly mollies I’m gonna try some dwarf gouramis again we haven’t we haven’t done much with them they haven’t been doing well we’ll try them again nice eyes nice collar some horny horny snails all right they’re not horny they’re Orange snails some dwarf Mexican crayfish haven’t had these guys a little while they don’t eat plants some spotted Rafael’s some African butterflies one of our most frequently thought of as a dead fish in our tank fish out there everybody consider oh you got a dead fish floating in your tank now dude they’re not let me go get a cricket I’ll show you what they do then we end up selling them one because they love it let’s see switch hands some more Guppies uh some kind of a pistol what ones are these rocket whitey when we get these in do they come male-female are they always males or no there’s a female in there I’m sure there’s a certain ratio he just doesn’t tell us and what else we got we got one last oddball this guy is huge what is he now the marbled African knife he’s at least 14 inches I’m gonna pull him with that poly I think cool the Russian also does a lot of plants he’s starting to get heavy into the plants that’s some nice nice moss balls thrown I don’t know if his price is that good on them though he might be alright there’d be some size that’s cool what else we got some I grop a lot to not the FATA I think that’s what you call it and it all starts out as tissue cultures I believe doesn’t it well that what he said I think that’s what he’s done what else do we get Madagascar lace I got a butt on it see the bud let’s see some more my Gruffalo some more positon oh these are Oh basis [Music] we don’t get much plants from him but we do once in awhile let’s see what do we get for shrimp is today that’s some these blacks black galaxies these are the Reds yeah pure not black that’s right that’s wrong yes what are these ones the black just red Cardini or Neos like a Bloody Mary cherry or whatever you want to call them pintos oh these are the black crystals and these are the waltz blue lilies really orange really think lawns release and last but not least for shrimpers new Velvets cool it’s over here did we already do this yeah so let’s go out onto the floor I think the alien betas are all out there we got a bunch of them in the beep I’m gonna save that I’m not I’m gonna keep that on there all right let’s go out on the floor and check out the alien videos and a couple other plants that he brought us that we already put in tanks we’ll be right back you do that I’ll try it let’s see well I can smell my food in the microwave I’m hungry it’s lunchtime go Matt doing what he does best keeping his hands wet and salt tanks so one of the cool plants that he brought us in there you put in here did this Moss this Moss bonsai tree it’s kind of neat what else did we get no we put out here yep Towers all groan submerged more over here oh yeah he’s been doing a little bit of anubias on driftwoods he bought some of those too yep so let’s check out these betas where are they Jess I’m not getting on my knees okay sit on the couch all right let’s sit on the couch let’s see what do we got alien blue play cut we got males and females and there’s what three different types different types yeah oh there’s a Gillian green is that what your daddy brought up the green no that’s a green that’s a male green also yeah these things are so quick they like freak out cool what’s this one there’s a female steel blue what’s that one green mail yeah he’s cool No there’s another female blue female blue you got he’s more like a yellow yeah if he’s called a green yeah I know it’s like they go nuts for a second then they just mellow out yeah pull it oh you can’t see them he’s doing laps another blue well we got a ton of them maybe I’ll do a follow-up to this I know I always say that but it is color space cool all right hey so if you like these videos hello you like these videos make sure you like subscribe hit that notification bell make sure you turn on all notifications so you know when we put out another video and as always when in doubt you water change steep issues my friends in exact peace [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Nice I’ll take one of every thing 😂. Did stop and got some of your medicated food food for a friend to try on her fish,she’s very excited to try it have to let you know how it goes.

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