Fishing the Guadalupe River for My First Texas Brown Trout 2019, 4K

Fishing the Guadalupe River for My First Texas Brown Trout 2019, 4K

No back out here on the Guadalupe again
with some higher flow rates it’s about 734 cubic feet per second
today never fished it this high before so it’s gonna be a learning process
oh there is a trout right there my goal today don’t drown pretty simple
hopefully I’d thought I would try a new spot I knew he was there he just went after it he got some fight right here oh that is a good rainbow ah that is a big rainbow
ah hopefully we can get that pig on the last one crazy there he is right there ooo right there dang it here piggy piggy piggy so I saw a bunch of trout and they
wouldn’t take my fly rod so decided to break the spin rod out
I bought this for this river and never used it so here we go nice fish and he kicked the hook too good thing the line was on still I’ve seen a
bunch of action now sun’s starting to set stuff is starting to hit the surface hopefully we catch them decided to switch to the old Mach Crush right here to see if it can catch some trout it can’t handle saltwater so let’s see if we can handle freshwater I’ve got these quarter out spinners on I can chunk them half the river got another loser ooo it is a brown trout
brownie come on nice one funny we’re out here using 97 cents
spinners catching fish I was throwing the good flies and nothing was happening
but as soon as I put these on going crazy I also think it helps ooo there we go
it covers a lot more ground what the heck trout brown brown ooo good brown gotcha beautiful fish its funny I lost my real catch I was catching too many fish so I have to prove this one catches fish now I have the blair wiggins reel dang it just tapping it
there we go yep operator error oh it is a monster I need the net for this guy state stocker got one? hold on oh I had one I don’t like the way they don’t bite hard oh I missed him right there another brown
trout it came out of the water after it I wonder if you can see it on camera the fish Seriously? Oh brown trout I think it is a brown it is fighting good gotcha ooo it is a good one my biggest one yet let’s try this again it was a pretty
good day fishing the Guadalupe I caught my first Texas brown trout caught more than
a couple caught some rainbows lost a giant rainbow I hope that shows up on
camera but I can’t complain at all I got a little wet at the end when I fell
over but I stood back up high flows were a lot of a challenge couldn’t get my lure
down deep enough but as soon as I did I finally caught me some well until next time

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  1. Love this video. I just got back from my second trip to the guad this year and got skunked again. How did you get to this spot?/Where are you?

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