Fishing Tips : How to Catch a Fish

Okay, today I’m going to explain how to catch
a fish. This is after you’ve already hooked the fish and basically how to fight that fish.
Okay, the first thing you want to do when you feel that tug on your line, what you’re
going to do is you’re going to set your hook. You have to set that hook on the fish to get
that hook into his mouth. So, what you’ve got to do is you’re going to give it a jerk.
You’re going to give it a jerk and that will-that will set the hook, and then you’re going to
feel tension on the line. You want your pole to be bent like this with the; in order to
keep the fish on the line, it keeps the tension on the fish at all times. You don’t want to
let that line hold down because what happens is if you-if you have the fish on, and you
let the pole go down, it loosens up that line and that hook will come out of the fishes
mouth. Also, if that fish is out a long distance, what you want to do, and that fish is running
and pulling drag; if the fish starts pulling and you hear a buzzing sound from your drag,
let that fish go, don’t reel. You want to let him take that line out. That drag is there
is to give resistance to that fish, but if he’s far out, what you want to do; you want
to raise your pole up high, way up high to keep resistance off that line, and you want
to keep an arch in your pole. You always want to have that arch on your pole, but you want
to keep that-that pole up high if the fish is way out there, and that keeps the resistance
on the fish with the hook. It-rather than taking, fighting the water and the fish at
the same time. You’re fighting just the fish. So, you want to keep that pole up high, and
you’re going to help him in slowly. Each time bring it down. Reel down with your pole. Pull
it in. Reel down again. Pull it in until the fish comes in, but if the fish wants to run,
and he starts taking up drag again, you’re going to let him take in; but then just keep
reeling it in. Pump it in. Reel it in. Pump it in. As you’re going down, you want to keep
tension on the fish. You don’t want to drop the pole fast. Just reel it in and then pull
it in, and that’s how you catch a fish.

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