fishmarket face

fishmarket face

It had been a strangely long string of weekends. Really good weekends, at that point. We had hardly been noticing the weekdays in between them. And nobody had stopped to think about it until At one point we had a bad weekend. We ran out of food and we had to go Y’know. It was time to go to the fishmarket again. To re up. uh We were on a strictly fish only diet at that point, and for some reason they sent me even though I was only twelve at the time, by myself, to the fish market. In those days the fish market had pretty much only fish heads for sale. It was just how things were. and people uh It was just another thing that people didn’t think twice about. Thankfully, I knew a lot of people at the fish market, and I knew how to get some of the best, most succulent fish heads. uhm Most meat, least amount of skull, and I came back, only people were lookin’ at me different when I got back home. Apparently I had somehow gotten one of these fish heads lodged on my face. uhh And I thought things were looking different. In fact I had swam almost all the way back home without thinking about it, and my mom wrapped a towel around me, uuhmm made a remark about how cold and wet I looked, and I had to agree with her. I did. Little Carlisle was over in the corner, we had a 45 gallon fish tank there. He was playing with the little dolphins. Uh We had We had about five or six of ’em. All pygmy miniatures and he had some sort of little crush, an infatuation. Puppy love, as it were. Some little girl at his school about 45 times his age. uh He was trying to please her. Trying to get her to pay attention to him. I think he was gonna take some of the dolphins to school, and put ’em in his coat pockets or something. He was distracting mom with questions about the dolphins. I don’t know, but Somehow Mom got the- the dolphin- I mean the fish face off my face, but it left permanent marks on my face and to thees- To this day I still have marks on my cheek, and across my forehead where that fish face was stuck onto mine, and when I blow my nose a little bit of seawater still comes out of those holes. It’s strangely satisfying. Mmm. These days, some twenty years later, I still go back to the fish market just for old times’ sake. and You wouldn’t believe it, but now they sell fish heads. They still do. but They’re more of a delicacy. It’s hard to think, that years ago we ate them out of necessity, and now people eat them after dinner. Just for fun, with pinkies out, looking at each other all fancy like. huhn.

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  1. hey, im querky too. could you do a steampunk doodle ship? it can be anyway you want it, just along your own guidelines. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Valerie Singleton and Peter Purves are from the fifth Blue Peter annual circa 1968.

    Ophthalmosaurus is from the late Jurassic period.

    Matilda is a Great Dane but not actually from Denmark.

    Peter Draws is from an unspecified point in space/time; his genus is uncertain; he is, however, in his natural state, entirely monochrome, a bit sketchy, and loves to get stuck into a good book

  3. This is what I do, i cut out photo from magazines or books (that i own) and stick them together to make a sort of picture.
    I don't know why i do it.

  4. You should publish a book of bizzare stories with illustrations like this, with very little text, like a picture book.

  5. Peter sat on a paintbrush when he was a baby and it penetrated him. Rumor has it that the paintbrush is still in his ass to this day.

  6. @PeterDraws I was wondering (because I'm learning to create mandalas) how you manage to keep your compass from ripping a hole in your paper from the sharp center point. Any help would be awesome!

  7. Subscribed today because I found the 0.2 pink mechanical pencil video. Truth: I'm getting so inspired by your work. I love how random you are with your creations and how much diversity I see in your videos. Thanks!

  8. It appears that you are finding many new ways to express you artistic talents. Well done Peter.

  9. I love this style! I haven't been active lately on my drawing, but this is kind of motivating. I need to try this idea.

  10. Peter youre so goofy and I love it. I seriously think we would be great friends. Wish to meet you one day. Would love to grab coffee with you, especially if you find a nice little coffee shop like you want. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. what do you think while drawing ? it's relaxing right and you just enjoy it it's a bit like reading …

  12. The bane of the spawn of an elementary school teacher: Causing or witnessing book defacement leads to panic attacks and muscle ticks. I could barely focus on what was being said because every time he cut into those pages, I'd think of my Mom and her yardstick. Lol For those who don't know, a wooden yardstick is a popular spanking implement in the south.

  13. I thought you actually drew those people…
    Is that weird, doodly "nothingness" the only thing you can actually draw.?
    How disappointing.

  14. Did you write (or even improvised) the story yourself? It's amazing. It sounds like a short story by an author I don't yet know.

  15. If you think think the drawing is great = Like
    If you think the drawing is weird af = Comment

    Let's see your opinion…

  16. I don't quite know which word I would use to describe you, but it would most certainly be a positive one.

    I'm buying your books come payday.

  17. omfgracious i love this kinda `art`style`- collage and your stories behind them. your fantasy seams limitless:0 and your voice is uniquely soothing <3<333

  18. So reminds me of monty python… Awesome stuff, and as for your story you made me really smile as I reminisced about my trips to the fish market as a young dolphin.

  19. this called art idk why i feel accomplished watching this video and being so early…I'm not even getting an award

  20. Love the story that goes along with these two drawings and love these two drawing/collages to bits! I was wondering if anything inspired/prompted you to do these?

  21. If the image is any indication Peter, you were not dining upon mere heads of piscine water breathers, you were feasting down upon the prehistoric relict population of air breathing reptiles, they are delicacy as other endangered beasts simply because of their rarity

  22. this was cool! i always struggle integrating my drawing into my collage – interesting to see you do it. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I do a lot of collage work myself and really loved this. I hope you do more collage-esque work in the future. Might I suggest something I do myself. I call it "sketchbook reclaiming." I have a lot of Avery full-size, uncut sticker paper. It's a little expensive. I use full sheets or cut into pieces and stick it into text books and children's books to interact with what is already there. I find it really liberating and different and I have not seen other people really do this to completion where they do an entire book. Message me if you want more detail because there's some important steps I didn't cover in my brief explanation. Anyway, I still have to send you this big two-page thing I made for your as soon as I get to the post office. Thanks again for so many inspirational videos.

  24. ahhh alittle scratch booking work i see… ive wanted to get into it but idk where to start or how to for that matter someone help!

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