FishTank Official Trailer

FishTank Official Trailer

[ Narrator ]
Arisce, wow. Now she’s a mouthful. ( chuckles )
She’s got a mouth full. You have a man at home. You just went on a date,
and you’re chasing– Another one. I don’t get it.
How is it that I’m having such a hard time
to even meet someone. Fuck him! And you’re going on a million dates
and throwing them away. You need to get
on the LuvBug app. It’s free, and you can disclose that you’re trans,
so you don’t have to worry about it. Cute. You know I love
girls like you. Why, what? ( Kiss ) I’m a huge fan. I feel like I’ve seen you before
You, you have, you have a YouTube channel. I have a brand new
delicious product and I can’t wait to
share it with you. I follow you on Instagram,
Twitter, Facebook, Youtube. You be doing that makeup. Hello! You’ve got like
two million subscribers. You let those people
run your life. Fuck those followers.
They don’t love you. I can’t believe my fans would
make this horrible ‘jif’ of me. I think it’s pronounced ‘gif’. Bitch I just want to go
on one date. Can I just go on a date
where we just eat and I don’t have to talk
about trans stuff? Not if you want to end up
in bed later and actually date them, duh! I love the ‘L B G T
Q I A B C D E F G’ community.
Mmhm, yeah. Aren’t they? Aren’t they some
really cute men? Whoa, Trina. Do you do lashes?

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  1. Is this going to be the YouTube page that this Premier own just asking and I hope you guys promote this more bc this look like it's going to be great💞🔥🔥

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