Hello everybody! My name is Markplier and welcome to Fishy. Now a lot of you guys out there have asked me very personally to play Feed and Grow, which is a game where you play as a fish or a shark or any other sort of ocean creature and then you eat EVERY other THING in the ocean and you imbibe them in your body and you absorb their nutrients and somehow you grow bigger from that? But in order for me to play that game I have to go back and play Fishy, which is a game that I have talked about when I play, uh,, uh, Tasty Planet. I’ve talked about this game UHahOHho My ears! What the Fuck?! Shut up! Oh my God that just exploded my ear drums. Okay. So this is Fishy and Fishy is basically the same game as thus I just described. You are a tiny little fishy! You’re kind of the smallest fish in the entire pond, but your objective is to eat and DEVOUR AND ABSORB (creepy voice) The other fishes in the ocean… and hopefully don’t touch any fish that’s bigger than you because everything is trying to eat everything. Now- What the (spit flying) FUCK Oh come back! I LOVE YOU! Ohh Shhiit Now the thing about this game is-(Burps) UHuhOkay Now the thing about this game is I played this. This came out in 2003. I was just at the cusp of hitting Puberty for the first time. My voice cracks quite a bit now so I’m not sure I ever got through it… I played this so long ago that I can’t exactly remember where I was the first time that I played it, but it’s a really cool game in that the simplicity of it kinda lends to making it a more interesting experience. And- *Markiplier Noises* Okay Aah! Okay, never mind, rebounding off the top. Ooh, this is getting a bit deadly. So basically, it’s a game of patience. You have to wait… for the right fish, to come across your path and then make the mistake of ever saying hi to you. Because you’re a horrible fish that just reaps… destruction everywhere you go. In the beginning it’s very slow because obviously you have to wait for your prey to approach you and you have to make sure that tHEY’RE OF THE RIGHT SIZE Ooh, that guy wanted to come across. I apologize my voice is a little raw, uh, for no other reason than I was screaming a lot yesterday–I wasn’t recording or anything, I, I just like to stand on my rooftop and tell my neighbors how awesome I am. In case they didn’t notice from all the other times that I’ve, I’ve screamed in videos and left the window open. Um, but basically what I was doing yesterday is, I was playing a game and, I won’t say what game it is because I’m still going to play it again but I spent an HOUR recording it, like, SUPER high energy it was a fun, engaging game, … (screaming) AND THEN THE RECORDING BLEW UP FOR NOOO FUCKING REASON other than the universe wanted to say “Fuck you, Markiplier,” “You’re an asshole.” Anyway… But…that’s what I was doing yesterday. So it was a lot of fun and just utter disappointment And then I ate my feelings in potato chips and french onion dip You can tell this is a true story because of the specificity of how I covered up my shame (laughing) with potato chips… I hadn’t even.. I hadn’t even, like I’ve been trying to eat healthy for a long time but I was so pissed off that I actually went to the store exclusively to buy junk food for me to eat which, I’m sure it’s something that you guys have NEVER EVER DONE before when you have something go wrong in your life but for you, it’s probably something important, for me, it’s just.. (giggling) my recording went bad and I wasted a lot of energy and my voice hurts (stuttering) Also the day jus- Th- The day just before um… I- I- I put out a vlog yesterday that was basically telling you guys that there was this um Warcraft thing that we were doing.. Uh, I- It’s in promotion of the movie “Warcraft” that’s coming out because I’m a big fan of World of Warcraft I’ve been playing it.. on and off since it first came out, but I- I love the game a lot and they got, like 30 Youtubers together in one place Youtubers and Viners, and a whole bunch of other people. A lot of people that I met for the first time there which was REALLY cool Um… in one place, for us to play a full-length game of Capture the Flag in real life. So we had these, like, powdered balls – – You’ll see the video when it first comes out They actually didn’t give me an authentic release date for when that was gonna happen But they told me it was gonna be relatively soon So expect that video- I’ll let you know when it’s coming out I don’t know if it’s gonna be on my channel, it might be on a different channel, so.. But it’s gonna be AWESOME because the game, uh, was super fun it was VERY very like, like ah physically demanding I mean I’ve been getting in shape, I’ve been doing a lot of exercise recently, but this was just taxing to a completely different degree because we ah.. wh- what happened was we played – – well I don’t even know if I should talk about that – – but we played a whole bunch. We played for a long time because they were obviously filming it and they wanted to make sure they got all the right shots and whatnot so, uh, w- we were playing- OoH God Ohh jeezums that was close – We were playing it for a long time uh, but it wasn’t fake or staged: any of the playing so we legitimately had to play over and over again Which was fine, it was totally fine, I don’t mind that at all but we had to play for like an hour and a half straight of just non-stop pro-dodging and basically being a BADASS that I am (sure, Mark…) in the face of adversity and the Horde. I was team captain for the Alliance which was really weird considering my red hair, but IT’S FINE, DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT IT’S COOL So the finished product will be available, ah, soon-ish probably some time before the movie comes out I’m not 100% on when that’ll be, but I will let you guys know.. This is getting a bit dicier for some reason, I don’t know why. I think it’s because I’m bigger so basically the margin of error for me to.. miss other creatures that are bigger than me has shrunk down tremendously and I ca- I need to concentrate now because I could actually get screwed over at any moment and.. shit See I don’t know what kinda freakish creature exists I really hope it doesn’t actually exist – Ooh that’s- I think I coulda eaten that guy but I’m not gonna risk it, I’m playing it safe here because It takes a LOONG time to be able to climb back onto the top of the- woah This was a bad move, that was a BAD move that was a very- oh God, this.. WOAH If like a FAST fish had come across just at that moment I would’ve been sooo screwed- woah That guy picked up speed right towards the end… Waahhhhh -ok Wuh it’s the FAST ONES THAT SNEAK UP ON YOU THEY JUST WANNA GET MY STEEEEZ (?) I’m gonna get them eventually They’re gonna knooow what true pain iiis *More Markiplier Noises* ok. Yes, aw man, that could’ve been a sweeping strike I wasted my opportunity I’M NOT GOOD ENOOOUUUGHHH oh God eh… I think I’m playing it too safe actually Nah, I’m probably playing it just safe- JUST SAFE ENOUGH Just exactly the level of safe that I desire Yeah, I knew I could eat those guuuys I knew I COULD GET IN MY MOUTH- NOM *mouth noises* No one use that out of context, please. (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) Wooh shit Wooh- good move, good- UGHH WOOH-OK good move good- WOOAHHH good move, good move, good move. Good move I like how I’m patting myself on the back No one else here is gonna celebrate my victories, so I gotta be the one that.. Really really make sure that I circle-jerk myself (what a lovely graphic image, Mark) nice.. oh God.. Don’t get trapped Wooh shit Oh Shit. OH shit. OH Shit. AHH shit. WOAH that was dangerous goin’ up on the edge of the screen like that, that was almost death Ohh man I am shocked that I made it outta that one alive Oooh God ooOOOHH GOD DON’T LOSE IT OOH GOD IT’S OK Ohh, everything’s fine (x3) Everything’s fiiiiiine! I’m almost to the point where I can easily claim victory because once you reach a certain size, you just start eating aaabsolutely everything! And that’s good Okay, good good good good good oooOOOH I think I coulda eaten that guy That would’ve been a close call though, so I’m not gonna I’m not gonna risk it just yet Not just yet, not just yet You… Yes… You… I think you… No, I’m not gonna- WAOUH AWW FUCK YOU MAN! FUCK OFF! Ohh, come on! Oh, fuck that! DAMMIT!! CURSE YOU FISHY!!! (I hope his window isn’t open) Alright, I’m back in Good job, me! Well done, me! You did a great job, me! Oh thanks, me! *chuckle* I really appreciate it! And by the way, can I say that me looks pretty good today? Well, I’m glad me said that me looks good today I was wondering if anyone was gonna say that me looks good, me Thanks, me No problem, me! See you later, me! If you know what I- If you- If me know what me mean, me! If me- If- Anyway. *weird voice* Things are getting dangerous in here it’s really bad for… fUCK ME- ohh shit *laughing* god dammit you bastard. Fuck these fish- AH! DON’T FUCK ME FISH- ohhohooo Don’t fuck these fish… Bad advice… (No, Mark. Continue promoting beastiality. It’s great.) If I was being really finicy about this and wanted to go for the highscore, you got to get the things that are very close to your size … but not too big So you gotta like, judge it because you get scores based on, uh how big the fish is that you eat. But you only grow bigger based on the number of fish you’ve eaten, so- oh god. Oh, oh no. Oh no, ooohhh that was dangerous… … So was that but *voice getting gradually louder* I LIKE TO LIVE DANGEROUSLYYYY Very dangerously… I think I could have eaten that one… I can eat these… Yeah… Not that one… Maybe that one… That one? Yeah! I can eat that one. *weird laugh thing*, the fuck. I was- Even how I was going into that one… I was not 100% sure about that. Oooh… Yeah, so it’s just- it’s just quantity based for the size… But! If you want to secure ultumite vic-tor-y, you gOT TO GET THE BIGGENS! But I’m not- I’m not doing that… I’m just saying, for you guys, if you ever want to get the highscore on this. Ooh, I can eat that guy OH SHIT I’M GETTING BIG NOW (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) It’s getting serious… Um… This guy, definitely. Yeah, that guy, pro- Okay, I’m almost there. Yeah. Yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah. Uh, oh. Oh shit. Uhh… That guy, actually! HUOOOOOOHH THAT WAS CLOSE. This guy? Yeah! This guy! Okay! Now we’re getting there! Now we’re getting it! Ooh… Still, I don’t think big blues, I don’t think big blues just yet hABADA HABADA… Okay… HABADA HABADA Woah, habada. Woah, habada. Not the biggest of the blues, yet. But, I can get that guy. Yeah! Yes, I can! *shouting* YES I CAN! YES I CAN!! Oh, oh, I think we’ve… I think we’ve crossed a threshold. I think we’ve crossed the ultimate threshold! THE THRESHOLD OF AWESOME! YES! LITTLE FISHY IS NOT SO LITTLE ANYMOOORE Little fishy has come to DESTROY LITTLE FISHY IS GOING TO CONQUER THE OCEAN. LITTLE FISHY IS HERE TO DISRUPT THE ECOSYSTEM. LITTLE FISHY IS WIL- LITERALLY CAUSING THE END OF THE FISHY WORLD. CAUSE I’M KIND OF A GREEDY BASTARD THAT’S JUST GOING TO EAT EVERYBODY AT THIS POINT *sing-song voice* Oooh nobody bother fishyyy… Little fishyyy’s swimming in the seaaa… Okay, yeah this is getting rid- this is pretty much to the point of ridiculousness, now, But this is what happens when you play in fishy, I’m sorry my voice is going Um, but this is what happens when you play Fishy. You eventually- As something analogist, political bullshit or something I don’t know economic… I don’t know. But, you eat a lot. You get bigger. You get so big that you just start eating everything. Aaand nothing else can Suuuurvive! Isn’t that lovely? What a great way to end the entirety of the ocean. God, little fishy got big! Holy Shit. Wow. That’s uh Quite a fish. I’ll just- I’ll just sit here now. I don’t want to expend anymore energy. I’ll just let them sail directly into my mouth. I can’t expect to be worked for my meat! What? I can’t expect to work for my meat so I’m just going to wait for my meat to… *mistakes have been made* Anyway.. It’s just like- It’s just like my body just undulates and grabs fish in and pulls them into my skin directly Just- *blub* *blubbery fish noises* *louder blubbery fish noises* Oh, I just have to sweep up and down. *speaking to fishes* Sorry, everybody! Sorry! I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry in the least. …Not even remotely sorry. Welp, *Reads* You ate everything and completely destroyed the pond eco-system. Well, then I get to move to the ocean and then everything gets to die out there! But anyway, I finally played the game that I’ve always talked about, this is Fishy. I’ve sai- I don’t know how many times that I’ve ever said this game, but it’s a cool game. It’s one of the- earliest that I’ve ever played on new grounds and it’s just fun! So, thank you everybody so much for watching! You can try to beat my high score by clicking the link in the description below. So thanks again and as always I will see YOU in the next video. Buh bye! [cool outro music]

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  1. I've never gotten to play WoW but I'm saving up for a gaming computer and when I get one I'ma save up and get all the WoW games

  2. I have played a game like this! But the fish were a lot more detailed and realistic. It's quite easy to eat because the fish are like, all over the place.

  3. Fuck god is dead like if u think god is DEAD boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I am a memey boiiiiiii

  4. Markiplier: I am having the best time recording this!!

    recording blows up for no reason


    starts to drown sorrows in potato chips

    That escalated quickly…..

  5. I remember a game like this but you could play as different types of fish and go around the ocean and I don’t remember what it’s called

  6. Don't talk about this like it's the original. It's just a copy of one of my favorite games, Shark! Shark!, by Intellivision that came out in '82.

  7. Sure, maybe it cost the entire fish population, but at least one fisherman is going to have one heck of a catch.

  8. There is another game like this called feed and grow fish
    Its similar to it but its 3d, it has a lot of fishes and its better

  9. I searched "fishy" and never realized you played this game, much nostalgia. Its nice seeing other people living out my dreams of winning a game

  10. I love this game.
    It may be purely based on nostalgia from playing it as a child.
    Nostalgia can upgrade anything in the mind of the average person.
    Nostalgia is desperation, nostalgia is purely based on the desperation to re-live through the life we once lived, the careless life that wasn't filled with taxes, the life that didn't slowly deafen our ability to be happy.
    We are all lost, only to find ourselves later on.
    Some don't find themselves.
    Many choose to shorten their already short time here.
    Maybe this got a little too deep… 😅

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