Fiske og åpen koie – Nordfjella #3

Fiske og åpen koie – Nordfjella #3

Tough, old women in the wild! This time in Nordfjella (western part of Norway,) searching for a new open cabin. And we are rowing. OPEN CABIN AND FISHING A mountain vacation, where it is possible to drive all the way up to 1500 meter above sea level. Here we have the possibility to reach huge wild areas. We love it! Yes, we do! Today…. we will try to find an open cabin. And we will go fishing too. Swimming vacation in September, up in the mountain near Lærdal. 4. September 1500 meter above sea level! But today it’s cold! Not warm at all. I enjoyed it! No, Tove don’t want to try. It was amazing. Kiro inspired me. Yes. And the turquoise water! Now we have found the perfect island, if we want to camp nearby, and have problems with walking further. If, when Kaja get new knees. Yes, if Kaja get new knees, but but tough, old women in the wild… will never give up! We will keep up going 😉 We just talk about a period with training I hope! Yes, I hope so! A bit more than 3 kilometer rowing, or you can use a outboard motor, and use one of the Mountain Guard’s boats. Then you will come close to the open cabin south in Kvevatn (the lake). Today it’s a sunny, quiet, great day! No movement on the water. The fish is jumping. We are nearby … I can see the cabin! Take a look! A nice small cabin! Flågrunns-cabin.. I think that’s the name. Yes. And the sound from the waterfall behind. Good fishingspot where the water come into the lake! Just above the white stone. I look forward to take a look at the cabin! Yes! Nobody here;) We’re alone. This cabin is not locked! It’s strange… not fare away from here.. a bit south, we have a lake named Holmevatnet. Yes. Southwest! That’s maybe right. We have been there, in a boathouse. Oh yes! In a way… Nordfjella up from Aurland, and Nordfjella at this side… appears as one mountain area. This is a new experience for us. That’s good. At this time Tove has rowed 3-4 kilometers. She loves rowing! Pleace tell us why you love this activity 😉 You see – I have a lot of good memories from my childhood. Yes. I had an old wood rowboat in Hellefjorden. Hellefjorden in Kragerø? Yes. During the summer we had not the possibility to go away on vacation, then…. I brought with me bread, juice and biscuits, and went out rowing in my boat. Yes. The whole day! Rowing around wherever I wanted. Rowed and rowed all the day trough In a way you row yourselves back to your childhood 😉 I love it! It’s freedom! Yes, it’s a good memory! We have to take care of good memories. And we collect memories. Here we have the cabin! Look forward to have a look! We love open cabins. Now I will get them ashore. o-hoi…. ha – ha, I’m too heavy 😉 The dogs want to go to the cabin, you have to come now! I’m coming! This is a nice place! Yes, amazing! Kaja on her move to the Flågrunns-cabin. Yeh, here I come. A small entrance hall… But, if anyone come here in emergency… they will find some food, have the possibility to make fire. It’s wood here, and a sleepingbag. It’s possible to survive until…. the rescuers find you 😉 That’s good! That’s one of the reason with such cabins. And look at the awsome view! oi – oi – oi Imagine how windy it can be at this place! The wire is fasten to this big stone. And then up in the roof. No possibility for the roof to blow away. And at this place without… a big rock, you can see how they have solved it. The wire is fastened into a net with rocks. Isn’t it cool? And then we have the reindeer horn, after the previous reindeer strain. They had to shoot down all the reindeer, because of chronic wasting disease. Nice outdoor area! With the feet on the table. This is a nice place to stay, wish we could be a week! Oh, yes! This table is made of one stone. We can hear the waterfall. Oh – THIS is the right place! Some of the view Kaja enjoys from the cabin. Life can’t be better than this!! So true! Life can’t be better! Soon I want to walk up to the next lake. Yes. Remember the fishing rods! Look forward to fish, and take a look at the waterfall. Yes. After that, I will enjoy dinner by this stone table. It will be good. Clean running water. Mountain champagne! Maybe you can see the cabin in the background. I love this place! My goodness! Yeh! Amazing! Tove has a fish! I think it was on her first try! It’s backlight…. but it’s more important that Tove has a fish!! It’s very well hooked. Yes! Behind a stone, where is Tove… Look at that!! I think it’s a big one! It’s nice. I HAVE got a fish! One more time! Oh – oh – oh Nice fish! oi – oi – oi I just had to throw it on land, because of the dogs. And you are talking about lack of food 😉 We have food enough! And we have water, then we can stay as long as we want! Kaja has one more! Calm down! Take it easy! Ok. Here it is! Throw it in! Awesome!! A – a – a Beautiful fish! It’s FISH at this place, Kaja! Yes it is! And everything in ha hurry! Really nice! This is a special event! We’ve got 3 fish in 5 minutes! 5 throws in fact! Is this how it’s to go fishing 😉 Yes, this is how it is. I did not know. Sometimes I think it has been a bit boring…. with 150 throws and no fish. (singing) This is the right place! Oi… This was strange to catch! I felt the same with my last one! The fish swam towards me. Yes, the reason is that it swim towards us. This one is shiny. No time for brake! That’s true. Kaja has one more! Today she has the lead. This is your fourth! Yes, it’s my fourth! And I have only got two. Soon I have passed you if we think of the whole vacation. Yes. Now we have enough soon! We have to stop, because we use to end the fishing when we have enough to eat. Look at this! I have blood on my hands. You are like a savage 😉 Yessss! He – he – he Kaja has bloody hands. I have got blood on my hands. Now I want to have MORE ! And you lost the hook? I lost the hook. My number 5. Kaja’s number 5. Now I’ll measure it. It’s longer than the other one. This was fantastic, good to have had a real fishing event! This was the EVENT! Yes. This is the day with both open cabin and fish! Yes! And perfect weather! All the day trough! In this area it’s supposed to give a fishing report to the Mountain Guard. Yes, then you have to remember our catch. 8 fish on 300 gram. They are about 300 gram. Yes. Leaving the fishingspot, down to the cabin. We have to pass this small “river”. Kiro choose to walk in the water. Then we will go down this way, where it’s possible to find running water. Everything is perfect, with a good catch to carry home. Amazing! Towards the cabin and the boat. Oh yeh, They have put wire on the little house too. Sure they have. Outhouse with a nice view, is something I like. Here is the view. Impeccable. The next time, we will carry more gear, and stay for a longer period. Thank you! Tove sits in the sunshine together with me, and makes dinner. Now it’s time for dinner, and writing in the guestbook. The guestbook. It’s fun. Fun to read what is written in it! It’s soon evening. The time is close to six. We will enjoy the meal, and then we are going to have a nice rowing “home”, trolling with a wobbler behind the boat. And maybe a rest on an island. By the way, now we know the way to go to come to the boathouse at Holmevatn. Yes, we found it on the map. From this cabin. Yes! That’s the way it should be on a real trip Tove has got new dreams! And I want to follow. I am a follower Follower…. he – he
(the same word as outboard motor in Norwegian) If you are a follower, I don’t need to row 😉 Nearby the last landfalls. The dogs are ready! This is the boat we have used for days now. And now we winch the boat! Yes! Yes. Here we have a little lever, Ops… I turn it down. Are you coming? I’m coming! Full speed 😉 With ovations 😉 here I come. O yeh! Are you the “King of the Jungle”? “I am the King of the Jungle!!” (a Norwegian child-song) “I am the king of the sea – oh – oh…” Yeh! You’ve done a good job! Yes, let’s try to close “Heavens gates” 🙂 Hi – hi – hi – they’re closing 😉 You have to place the crossbar first. Yes, the crossbar are ready. It’s here. Yes. Kaja is a real worker, and she enjoys it! Yes, it’s fun to get things done. This you didn’t know about Kaja. Strong as the “King of the Jungle” – oh – oh 😉 Here we are. Is it placed in the right position too? Yes, I have already planned that, you see. You planned that before…. Yes, I don’t want to work too much 😉 Here we are. Then we close the “Heavens Gates”. Yes, but we will be back. Yes, we will! Look at that! She is really working 😉 Finished! Yeh! O – ha… “All use of the boats of the Mountain Guard is on your own risk……
(fun nonsens talk….) Yes. Goodnight! Well done! Goodbye! Here it ends….. 5 days…. Thanks for this vacation! Let’s see what Tove is cooking. Delicious! Thank you for watching! Welcome back! Follow, new adventure will come, despite bad knees and worse. We will never give up. Never ever! New adventures from “tough, old women” will come. Keep on following! We are going all the way down here. It’s a construction road we use. Really steep indeed! This is fun.

15 thoughts on “Fiske og åpen koie – Nordfjella #3

  1. I mean this with the greatest respect but Kaja has quite the hot body on her. Tove is a rowing machine. I love your adventures.

  2. Dere er råe begge to! 🙂 fantastisk video som vanlig og god underholdning. Lykke til og god bedring til Kaja med nytt kne 🙂

  3. A nice video with two lucky women. A beautiful place, an open hut and the most important thing – fish! 😂
    Today is the 5th of December. I hope Kaja is already back home and gets something good tomorrow from Santa Claus. I wish you a good recovery.
    Funny to see the "in-board motor" as a young girl with with long hair. Hilsen fra Sveits – Heini

  4. What an amazing spot and the fishing was really outstanding. Hope the knee replacement went well. Make sure you do all your exercises. They really help. Take care,Al

  5. Lykke til med rehabilitering Kaja! Bytter de det andre først etter at du har trent opp det første beinet?

    Moro med sånt fiskebett da 🙂 Merkelig hvordan bettet varierer uten at vi mennesker klarer å knekke koden skikkelig. Heldigvis får man vel si …
    Artig med Toves ro-mimring. Det utløste mange gode minner hos meg også. Jeg fikk lov til å låne familiens 17“ trebåt fra jeg var 11. Den hadde motor, men den fikk jeg ikke bruke aleine før jeg var 14. En halvtime på sykkel gjennom skog full av fuglekvitter, så gjennom jordbrukslandskap og et gårdstun med ei ilter bikkje, til havna i Viksfjord. Lukta i fjæra, og treverk, benarolje og gammelt bunnvann. Opdagelsesferder og mye fiske. Lyden! Jeg fikk et skikkelig fint flashback her nå. Takk 🙂

  6. Herlig video fra dere som vanlig. Koselig underholdning var det denne gangen også. Må dere ha en riktig god jul og videre lykke til med kneet Kaja.😀👍. Julehilsner fra Friluftsamatørene

  7. That is my dream place. Are there lots of mosquitos? We have midges in Scotland, making west coast camping/sea kayaking a bit of a torture.

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