Flavours of Maharashtra – Rajmanya – Authentic Maharashtrian Seafood Restaurant – S2Ep16 – MKCR

Flavours of Maharashtra – Rajmanya – Authentic Maharashtrian Seafood Restaurant – S2Ep16 – MKCR

Masalas of Tuljapur, Pune, Kolhapur, Nagpur,
Agri, Konkani, Tuljapuri. Welcome to another episode of
Mumbai ke chuppe rustam. I have come out on streets wearing
this butter chicken recipe. While roaming I have come across this place
here, where there is such an unique concept. Based on Maharashtra. Different types of
cuisines from Maharashtra. Kolhapuri, Malwani, Tuljapuri, Agri, Puneri. You can get everything under one roof. And watch today’s episode very carefully. Because at the end of this episode
a surprise awaits for you. So let’s go and eat and discover
what all we get here. Let’s begin. This place opened in October mid. Where we tried to bring along the whole
authentic Maharashtrian food. Which is basically Puneri, Tuljapuri, Saoji,
Konkani, Agri, and even rest of Maharashtra. So the spices which we have added in
them are the authentic spices. And our chefs are also basically
from Nagpur, one from Kolhapur. And one is basically for other food items. So basically all the spices we have
from Saoji, Tuljapuri, Konkani, Agri. All of those spices we specaially order
it from that particular place. Because Chefs from that region or place
make it right there and bring it here to us. So our food always gives
you an authentic taste. If you really know how Nagpuri
food is or what the dish is. You will know when ever we
sit to eat Nagpuri food. We always take a towel along with us. So for real you get to experience something
that with food which will make you sweat. So there is alot of difference in taste
which you can actually try over here. And you can quickly notice. So now it’s time to relish and
to experience Rajmanya. Finally we are going to eat and
my table is a little filled up. Alot of things are there. Today I have cusines from different
cities of Maharashtra. Obviously first let’s begin with the soup. It is properly creamy and
has little flavours of spices. You get the flavour of a proper paya soup. Next is kombdi vade. I have ate alot of kombdi vade before. But this kombdi vade is the first time
I am eating something like this. The vade is also very smooth and tasty, and
the chicken curry is out of the world. Let’s move on to agri chicken
curry and bhakri. Little onion and lemon over the curry. The authentic taste we get at home, this
is the same thing, absolute agri taste. There is a place called
Tuljapur in Maharashtra. And it’s speciality is mutton made in
black curry. Let’s taste it. It is super spicy gravy. It is not normal
spicy or it does not taste ordinary. I can taste a lot of different
spices altogether. Just too good. Now let’s move on to Saoji chicken. We have seen Saoji mutton,
now we will eat Saoji chicken. You are supposed to eat it with ghavne. You can call ghavne as dosas distant cousin. Soft ghavne and super spicy Saoji chicken. Now I had 3 types of gravy, two
chicken and one mutton. All of their taste differs from one another. Very spicy. Very tasty. And the spices are also of
diffrent variety too. Now let’s move on to Konkani pomfret fry. Mildly spicy. It has been marinated so well
with all the spices. And it has been properly fried. The fish just goes into your mouth and
it melts into your mouth. You don’t even have to bite
it, it just melts. Lovely. Next I have masala prawns. Prawns and me, still a better love
story than Twilight. The prawns are so fresh, so well
marinated, so well cooked. I feel like I’m in a dream world. So now we have tasted everything. And we were very hungry and after looking
at food the hunger has grew more. So it’s time to eat everything. So today’s question is on my table how
many dishes were there to eat? Watch the episode again, count and
tell us in comments section. Top 3 winners stand a chance to win such
amazing t-shirts from The Souled Store. So why wait. Go watch the episode again,
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chuppe rustam season 2.

26 thoughts on “Flavours of Maharashtra – Rajmanya – Authentic Maharashtrian Seafood Restaurant – S2Ep16 – MKCR

  1. Total 12 dishes
    Kombdi vade
    Agri chicken curry
    Sahoji chicken
    Kala rasaa mutton
    Kokni Pomplet fry
    Masala pronzh
    Green pudina cuteny
    Paya Soup

  2. 1 पाया सुप
    2 कोबङी वङे
    3 आगरी चिकन करी
    4 काळा रस्सा मटण
    5 सावजी चिकन
    6 घावने
    7 कोकणी पांमरेट फाय
    8 मसाला फाॅर्नस
    9 भाकरी
    10 कांदा लिंबु

  3. Total 10 se jyada dishes thi par mujhe tshirt k sath apse milne ka mauka mil sakte he kya😋😋😋jus joking but i like you

    Paaya soup
    Kombdi vade
    Agri chicken n bhakri
    Kala rasta mutton
    Souji chicken with ghawne
    Konkani pomfret fry
    Prawns masala
    Lemon onion

  4. Paya Soup

    Kombdi Vade + Chicken Curry
    Agari Chicken Curry
    Tuljapur Black Mutton Curry
    Saoji Chicken
    Konkani Pomfret Fry
    Masala Prawns
    Green Pudina Chutney

    Total 13 food items where place on the table

  5. There are 12 dishes
    Kombdi vade
    Saoji chicken
    Kala rassa mutton
    Konkani Pomplet fry
    Masala pronzh
    Green pudina cuteny
    Paya Soup
    Agri chicken curry
    Kanda, Nimbu, Bhakri

    12 in total

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