Flaxseed vs Fish Oil

Flaxseed vs Fish Oil

Flax seed versus fish oill I’m gonna
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when we talk about flax and fish oil we’re really talking about omega-3 oils
and there’s two major sources one is of course flax which is the vegetable
source it gives us ala which is alpha-linolenic acid and the animal
source of fish source gives us EPA or DHA so here’s what’s actually happening
in the body you eat the vegetable source the ala known as alpha linolenic acid
and it gets converted into a couple of intermediaries that we don’t concern
ourselves with but eventually it becomes epa or eicosa-penta-noic acid which is
an anti-inflammatory that’s why it’s so beneficial for most degenerative
condition especially heart disease and this EPA eventually gets converted into
DHA or docosahexaenoic acid which is an even
longer 6-fold unsaturated fatty acid and this is especially useful for cell
membranes and we have tons of those in the cortex of the brain and in the eye
the cortex is as much as 15 to 20 percent DHA and the retina is as much as
30 to 60 percent DHA by weight so you would think then that if I just get
enough of the flax oil then the body can make all of the stuff that it needs well
unfortunately it’s not quite that simple because there’s something called a rate
limiting step this step here this conversion only happens if we have
enough of an enzyme called Delta six desaturates so
the conversion happens somewhere between 1% and 10% of the time so if you eat
flaxseed as little as 1% could get converted into the stuff that you really
need so eating flax isn’t enough ideally you could convert as much as 10% if
you’re super super healthy so what are some of the factors
well this enzyme is inhibited by stress and by sugar and by grains so all of the
things that are abundant in our modern life has the tendency to turn off this
conversion so if you’re super super healthy then you could probably get away
with eating flax oil and converting as much as you need into epa and DHA for
most of the population they’re probably closer to the 1% conversion and they’re
going to be severely deficient in epa and DHA and the best source is fish oil
so my best recommendation would be to eat the flaxseed because it’s super
cheap it is a fantastic whole food it gives us protein it gives us healthy fat
even if we can’t convert it all the way to EPA and DHA it’s still a healthy fat
and it gives us a tremendous amount of fiber to keep the bowel moving and then
you take the fish oil as a supplement to give you the EPA and the DHA that your
body is desperately deficient in so you eat flaxseed for the food purpose and
you take the fish oil as a supplement I hope you enjoyed this video we’ll have
more videos coming so if you let us know what you’d like to know more about we’ll
be more than happy to try to answer those questions either in the comment
section or in the form of another video thank you so much

61 thoughts on “Flaxseed vs Fish Oil

  1. Some vegan and vegetarians ask if flax seed oil is enough. That is why I made this video to clear up the confusion.

  2. Hello sir I watched this video. I am doing regular exercise, powerlifting. Here I cannot get sufficient of vitamins and minerals, can you plz suggest which type of supplement I can take for better health benefits and regularly

  3. I take 1 fish oil and 1 flax oil gel first thing in the morning with 8oz water. Good for speeding up keto

  4. #IAmACreator!
    Full view and like #19 from me!
    A very polished presentation here, Dr. Sten Ekberg — so full of information!
    As someone who suffers from some form of IBS, or UC, or something like those things, I'm guessing that the anti-inflammatory properties of the Eicosapentaenoic Acid found in the flaxseed oil would be of some benefit to that condition?
    Excellent placement of the subscribe button at 3:56… near the end of the video, but just after the last of the information has been given. 😉
    Olympic Decathlete? I'm guessing that "decathlete" refers to 10 specific events/tests of strength?
    Anyway, thank you for sharing; this was a very well made video! I wish you a fantastic Friday!

  5. Ty my question is about taking potassium iodide magnesium , they have magnesium gluconate and citrate witch one is to take I’m all confused ty

  6. @Leonard Stratton Thank you for your comment, but I am not sure what you are saying. I am not suggesting anyone take contaminated vitamins. I suggest people take whole food organic vitamins. (You might have deleted your comment before I was able to reply – original comment was "So ur saying take contaminated vitamins in which NASA says using against us? Nice this is j"…)

  7. If you buy flax make sure it is the whole flaxseed and grind it yourself. Video on how to grind flaxseeds https://youtu.be/mGzKjR5bdbI & Learn about chia seeds and flax seeds https://youtu.be/uctxtYl3Kpw

  8. PLEASE ADVISE Flaxseed is high in estrogen and fish oil is contaminated because of farming of fish or the toxicity of wild caught fish…What alternatives do you suggest to provide healthy levels of Omega 3???

  9. Hi I buy Flaxseed milk and they say there is a ton of omega in there – it says so on the box. So basically that won't really benefit me? It doesn't get coverted?

  10. what do you recommend as a fish oil. We already know supplements are a bad option. So if I buy an over the counter fish oil supplement aren't I making a bad decision? Alternatively, please advise

  11. Sir I love you
    Sir I am coming to kiddnap u
    U r really amazing ….
    Sine 3 years I was confused about it.
    U helped me now

  12. I won’t touch anything out of the ocean, even deep water. The heavy metals (mercury, like in immunizations) and toxins degrade our myelin sheath and cause neuro disorders (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, adhd, tremors, Parkinson’s, autism, etc.)

  13. What this doctor fails to point out is you can get DHA and EPA from algae oil which is where fish get it from. So you can go straight to the source and avoid depleting our oceans of fish.

  14. So how much Omega 3 or DHA should we be getting every day or week?
    And if we only assimilate 1-10% from flax oil what % do we assimilate from the fish oil?

  15. Sir my skin is dry I have dandruff itchiness hair fall and receding hairline what should I take fish oil or flaxseeds oil?

  16. Thanks for sharing Dr. Sten.
    I take DHA & EPA and eat fish several times a week [sardines, salmon, tuna].
    thanks for flax seed tips.

  17. Thats the thing with secondary food sources it has been converted already. Even if the body converts some wouldn't it be of a higher quality than our secondary food source?

  18. Doctor, I am making flax seed powder in home after sun drying it for 2 Hours and add little amount of pepper and fennel powder. Then i take one medium spoon of this powder by mixing with vegetable once in a day. I am a diabetic and hypothyroid patient. Is it ok for me to take the flax powder? if so the amount , please comment also about the amount i am taking. May i also take cod lever oil and shark lever oil tablets along with flax seed powder? Doctor pl guide me!!!

  19. Doctor , what is connection between omega3 and beta cell? is there any video of your? if so, pl give me the link.

  20. Tremendous explanation. I have been taking flaxseed oil for a while in large quantities but it caused diarrhoea and I had to give up. I’ll eat flaxseed and take a fish oil supplement from now on.

  21. Awesome video! So, if stress, sugar, And grain (it is sugar anyway) turn off the delta-6 desaturase, what if I eliminate the sugar and grains by my diet(ketogenic diet)?

  22. Hi dr Ekberg
    I was wondering if taking algae based omega 3 supplements would be effective since fish oil these days probably contains mercury.

  23. i don't know if i actually got it.. so healthy person can convert maximum 10% of ALA into DHA? then how much of omega 3 i get if i eat 15 grams of flax?

  24. hi dr. sten ekberg thanks for sharing thess great information with us. i'm very actif person and i do practice sport 4 times a week weight lifting and once a week running and i work hard so i always need to eat well and consume protein and fiber and cars……ext to gain muscles. about omega 3 sources i eat walnut salamon is very rare and expesive in our country flaxsees i hesitate to eat because i don't know much about it, do you recommend me to eat it as source of omega 3 and would it benefit me and please tell me how to consume .

  25. Hi Sten
    AS a type 2 diabetic I take bulletproof coffee instead of breakfast to manage my insulin resistance. In this part of Europe we do not have butter from grass-fed cows so I use regular butter. Would there be any advantage in using cold pressed flaxseed oil in my coffee instead of the butter? Not for the essential fatty acids but to keep my fat intake up. I have heard horror stories about seed oils in general!

  26. Should we take fish oil after breakfast or dinner? Im planning to take 1000 mg DHA+ EPA daily. Please let me know. Also does fish oil has fibre in it ? Thanks

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