Fluoroquinolone toxicity and recovery. ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin. Been Floxed?

– Alright people, we have
another awesome success story. Which kinda gives me goosebumps just um but what you’re about ready to hear from Ruthe
– Ruthe. – Yes.
– Yes, Ruthe. She’s been doing functional
medicine for how long here? – With you?
– Yeah. Maybe
– 3 months. – It was last summer right, 3 months. – Think it was August that I started. – August, yeah okay so way back 12 years – About 3 months. – 3 months ago so this, you’re health really
started to deteriorate 12 years ago, right? – Yes. – And what happened 12 years ago? – 12 years ago I had pneumonia that was lingering for a
few, for about 3 months. And my doctor decided
that I was gonna get some, she was gonna give me some Levaquin. – Levaquin. – Yes. Which turned to fluoroquinolone and I did not know at the time but it’s very damageable to your body. – And that’s an antibiotic. – It’s an antibiotic. – Okay, so basically they gave you like a super high part antibiotic. – Yes like an atomic bomb. – Atomic bomb antibiotics.
– To kill a mosquito. – Right, and they give
this to a lot of people. – Yeah, they give it for UTI’s, they give it for pneumonia. – Antibiotic poisoning,
basically antibiotic poisoning. – Yes, it is. What happens with this
antibiotic is it changes your DNA and it kills your mitochondria. – Yeah, bad stuff. So you’ve been suffering for 12 years. – Yes. – A decade, more than a decade. – Yes. – That’s a long time. – It is a very long time. – So then you came to
here three months ago. – Yes. – And before you were
just telling me a story about last year on how you
were going to Five Guys and Five Guys is a hamburger place. – Yes. – So tell the audience out there what, what you were experiencing
at that particular time. – What happened is that
I was sitting in my car in front of the restaurant and I was going to get
burgers for my husband and I and fries and I all of a sudden
didn’t know how to order, what to order, how the
whole process of ordering stuff at a restaurant worked. How I was going to pay, even
though I had the money on me. I didn’t know how the whole
process was going to work. And I just broke down. Had anxiety attack, panic
attack because I felt helpless. – Yeah. – And I called all my family members and finally one of my sons called me back. And he calmed me down and I was able to after half hour of being stuck in the car in panic, I finally was able
to go in and order the burgers. This is every day life skills. – Yes, so I mean you have
to realize people out there if you’re watching this, like her brain was gone, she couldn’t function. You had brain degeneration,
your brain was degenerating and you just could not function at all and just like going in,
basic functions were starting to like be gone. – Yeah, thought process, logic process, everything was going away. Memory it was not there anymore. Retention, not there,
I couldn’t read anymore because I couldn’t remember
after reading three sentences I couldn’t remember
what the first one was. – Yeah, that’s one of the
first things of dementia is actually when you read something, you can’t retain information. I mean you were going downhill. And then you had chronic pain right? – Yes, pain all over. Horrible pain. Not just chronic but extreme chronic pain. – On a worst day, what did it feel like. – Like 12 out of 10. – 12 out of 10 so you could barely move? – Oh yeah, I couldn’t when I found out that I had
this toxicity two years ago, I was taking 12 pills of ibuprofen a day. – 12 pills.
– Yes. – A day.
– A day. Sometimes I forgot that I took 12 so I took four more before
bed so that made 16. It’s a miracle that I
didn’t die with all this. – Yeah, right, for sure. And when I stopped all that,
I went into for three days that I couldn’t get outta bed, I couldn’t sleep because
the pain was so bad. My husband had to feed me with a spoon and it had to be all liquids because even the suction of a
straw I couldn’t do it because it created pain all over. Yeah, I had pain from my, my
hair hurt, my toenails hurt. – Yeah, it’s crazy. – It was horrible pain. – And then you were also experiencing like tremors and stuff like that, right? – Oh yeah, there was. – Like early Parkinson’s symptoms where people start to just tremor. – Yeah, there was one point where
I was shaking like this. The whole time, like 24
hours a day shaking like this so it was like all sorts and now it’s like steady as
– yeah look at that. She’s really, okay I’m six two, how tall are you Ruthe? – I’m five feet tall. – Five feet so I got 12
inches on ya here at least. Or we can do the camera like this.
Everything Okay? – Completely steady. No. – Completely Steady, okay. So yeah, I mean. – No nothing, no tremors. And then, I… I had shocks all over my body. – Just electric shocks. – Electric shocks as if I
was plugged into an outlet. – Yeah that’s bad stuff. And then I’ve been in practice 20 years so I’ve seen a lot. But I’ve never seen someone
take so many supplements. I have a picture of that, maybe
I should drop that in here. It was mounds and mounds
and mounds and mounds of supplements that you were taking and that just tells me how, like when people come in and have mounds and mounds
and mounds and mounds of supplements and they
still have problems, that they’re really searching to get help. You were looking for help, right? – Oh yeah.
– You were willing to take anything, right. So the first thing I said to Ruthe I’m like let’s cut these
supplements in half. Right, just like cut these supplements in half and let’s start being very specific with the functional medicine, with all the labs that we’ve
done and everything that we like we were evaluating. Right. So in three months tell the audience, one, two, three, so that’s 30, 60, 90 30, 60, 90 days, tell the audience, people out there, – Somewhere between the 90 and 100 days – 100 days, right?
– 100 days, yeah. – Give or take, right? How’s your health now? – Oh my goodness, it’s
a miracle, a miracle. I can function, I just drove, I had three appointments today, this is my third appointment. I was able to go from one to the next. I was in heavy traffic, was able to just go through it and not, I almost -three people almost
caused accidents in front of me. – And no problem, no anxiety problem. – No anxiety, no panic, no nothing. When a year and a half ago
about I couldn’t order a burger. – Yeah, it’s pretty crazy right? – And I can read now. Not only can I read, I’m
retaining what I’m reading. – And your pain is like barely… – My pain is barely nothing. It’s barely all gone, barely
there, almost all gone. It’s just like if I have high stress or the cold triggered the pain, a few weeks, like a week or two ago, so I just increased a little bit more of the supplementation we’re doing and it all went back to normal. So it’s completely a turnaround on a 180 degree, within a very short. – 3 months, I mean this
is pretty incredible. I mean it’s like, you know, And then, when you came in
here, I’m like, you know, I knew you were gonna be a tough case. Right I’m just like, You know, when people
come in with a boat load of supplements, you’re like wow these people
have been trying a lot. And in three months it
was pretty miraculous in Exactly what actually
transpired in three months. And it just comes down to your dedication and following a program,
doing the right testing. Like the testing that we did, you never had any of this testing done. – Never. – The extensive blood
work, the food sensitivity, the hormone pain, you
never had any of that. You went to some functional
medicine people didn’t you? – I did. – Some alternatives kinda people. – Oh yeah, I took very
good care of myself. This antibiotic toxicity
was really an accident because I’ve always been anti medicine. And through the years the
doctors have been wanting to give me painkillers and
depression things and stuff and I always said no. And I think that’s one of
the keys that helped me out. I shouldn’t be alive. I’ve had two function,
including this guy here, that told me that its a miracle that, I’m not supposed to be living. Because Somebody else, another doctor told me, actually there’s three functional doctors that have told me that I’m
not supposed to be alive. and that’s because…
– And you went to three. – I’ve seen three. – And then you came here and
we turned your case around. It just comes down to
the extensive bloodwork and just the clinical knowledge
too his really critical. The depth of the clinical knowledge. What would you say Ruthe, there’s a lot of people out there that have had just antibiotic poisoning
and continue to suffer, brain problems, whatever, chronic pain. What would you say, cause this video is going to impact some other human being out
there, just so you realize that. Somebody’s gonna be watching this. What would you say to them that’s watching this video right now? – I say that if you have brain problems. If you have severe pain. If you have been diagnosed
with fibromyalgia, lupus, whatever autoimmune
disease that is out there. So for those of you that have taken this, these antibiotics, they’re the family of Fluoroquinolone’s, it’s
Cipro, Levaquin and Avelox, they’re the most common that they have. – And there’s millions of people out there that are on this. There’s Facebook groups on
this and all sorts of stuff. There’s actually lawsuits on
these medications actually. – They are now known
to cause mental issues, anxiety, depression, suicide thoughts. I had all those. I’ve had the whole spectrum. – And those are gone since you’ve done the functional medicine.
– Yeah, they’re gone. They’re gone, a year ago in January. January this year, not even a year ago, I was driving and I was finding where in the highway I could crash my car. – Yeah, suicide, yeah I mean, that just gave me goosebumps. – And there’s no reason whatsoever. In my environment, I have
a healthy, strong marriage. I have a beautiful family
– yeah, you do, yeah. – Absolutely no reason why I
would want to commit suicide except for the effects
of these antibiotics. – And it was just never handled. Yeah. So what would you say to people
that are suffering out there that are looking for
an alternative approach like functional medicine
and seeing this video. What would you say to them? – Well, you gotta take care of yourselves because if you don’t, nobody else will. And the medical community out there, they’re not gonna help you out, they’re gonna just feed you medication. And they’re gonna just
give you all these things that is not only not gonna heal you, it’s gonna increase the damage.
-Yeah, for sure. It’s going to give more problems. So just come and see Dr. Unicorn. – Come see me, she’s
went to many different functional medicine guys
and we figured it out here. – I’ve referred him to people in Texas, I’ve referred to people in California, and there’s somebody else
that messaged me from our from our Fluoroquinolone Toxicity
group and I’ve talked about him in the group and I said just call him, you know, Go see him if you’re near by. Or call him, get in touch with him. He can do something even far away. So just go see somebody
because you need the help. – And you don’t have to be local. I’m working with people in Texas. – Exactly, yeah exactly. I referred somebody in Texas. – Yeah, you don’t need to be local to do functional medicine. At the end of the day,
you don’t need to suffer ladies and gentlemen out there. You just have to look for truth and the only thing that
we’re really doing is Ruthe’s body has a better
ability to heal itself with what we’ve done. Like, you know, there’s a power
within your body that heals your body so why isn’t your body healing. It’s not due to a lack of medication. So what functional medicine
is is actually figuring out where those deficiencies are and giving God given nutrients,
mother nature nutrients and turning the case around and getting your body functioning and healing much better. Now she can enjoy life,
she can enjoy her husband, she can enjoy her grandkids, she can enjoy basic things that we all
deserve on planet Earth. – Yeah and I’m not in bed in pain. – Any last thoughts you might
wanna say to all these people that you’re gonna make an
impact on their life, Ruthe? – Go for it. Go for it and don’t let anybody, don’t rely on them, I cannot stress this enough, do not rely on western or “traditional” medicine. They do now know, they will deny that these antibiotics cause damage. They will deny everything. I just saw my doctor two months
ago, a month and a half ago, just for a physical, and I told
her about these antibiotics and she was in complete denial. And not only that, she
was refusing to do testing that I needed to be done. So don’t trust traditional medicine. – Just pull the trigger and come in, stop suffering and just
come in and get help. – I have spent thousands of
dollars trying to figure out. – Probably tens of thousands
of dollars I would imagine. – In supplements, just to try to function and within just three months
with Dr. Hugh turned the corner. – I’m happy for you Ruthe. – Thank you. – Alright, take care. – You made a difference. – Alright, thank you.

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