Fly Fishing Pink Trout At Secret Glacier Lake Day 7 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

100 thoughts on “Fly Fishing Pink Trout At Secret Glacier Lake Day 7 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

  1. GIVE AWAY to enter all you have to do is comment "Im watching every episode" or something to that effect in the comments of all the 30 Day Survival Challenge video! #1 PRIZE, A brand new set of all my gear i take on adventures or $1000 cash. As well as a 100 other prizes for 100 runner ups.

  2. I'm watching the entire season, the mountains look incredible, and that water color is amazing, GOD'S creations truly are beautiful.

  3. I would have continued on to the second secret, hidden, lake if I was with you.

    Might as well spend another night out in the back country since you were already there.

  4. I'm watching every episode, and that hike was like a shopping trip with my wife…….."not too much longer" she says…."we're almost there" she says. There is no better feeling knowing you accomplished such a trip….whether it's looking forward to your hammock or getting the pretzel bites from Aunt Haddies at the mall…it's all the same thing brother.

  5. Man, seems like there are far worse places to be in the world that sitting at that lake in the morning! Beautiful! I'm watching them all.

  6. Laugh it up Fluffy! – rotfl – I’m binge watching every episode because you were in my neck of the woods – on to day 8!

  7. I'd highly recommend a jar of Pautzke's egg bait for those high mountain lakes and creeks. Doesn't take much space and works well on an egg hook. Good luck.

  8. Lmao I've bench watched all the way up to this point on my xbox go to watch a video at lunch the next day on my phone and realize theres a giveaway so I go back and comment in all the vids…I'm watching man with the orange beanie.

  9. nothing boring about the hike. amazing views & treacherous travels. enjoyed "watching every episode" so far. keep 'em comin'

  10. Thank you for another great episode. We are enjoying learning from you and we are watching every episode! Cheers!

  11. Great stuff to watch from the hospital bed, and I will for sure watch each episode, but I won't be posting it under each video. Just want to say thanks for keeping me company from a distance 😉

  12. I’m watching every episode and loving them, watched the last series and skipped Season 2 of alone to watch season 3 with you and Greg in. Entertaining and educational!

  13. I have to say, I'm a bit surprised neither of you use any type of a staff or walking stick. Maybe it would make it worse…but seems it would help? I'm loving your videos, and Greg's as well. Thank you for your channels!

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