FLY TV – Chasing Sea Trout

FLY TV – Chasing Sea Trout

Hi, I am Niklaus Bauer.
– And I am Daniel Bergman. You are watching FLY TV
and today we are doing this: Hi and welcome back to FLY TV.
I am Niklaus Bauer from Fly-Dressing. This is my good friend Daniel. Today we are going to fish sea trout
in the archipelago of Stockholm. It is quite late in the season.
– It is like four days before Christmas. Did you bring any Christmas presents? We will see if we
can find some silvery ones. We are going to run these shallow parts
and try to hit schools of sea trout. And also the little bit bigger fish
that run in pairs. They are quite close to the shore now,
when the water is cold. They also have a lot of bait fish there,
shrimps and stuff, to eat. They are where the food is.
Like us. The water temperature is 39 °F,
so I believe there will be action. If we catch any, they will be jumping like
crazy. We hope to catch some big ones. Today we are sea trout fishing. Mr Baby! This a real baby. But it is the first of the morning. So ten casts or twenty casts.
That is enough. Come on now. It is a small guy,
but he took the Magic Head. The white Magic Head. We will let him go back now
and get a lot bigger. Bye bye! Okay, we are on!
Number one. Awesome!
We are started. We found the small ones today. Hey, stay in the water! But they are getting bigger Daniel.
– That is good! It was not that small.
A beauty! The Magic Head worked again.
Second cast. Now we are on.
– Cool. Good start. White Magic Head.
With a few strands of mirage flash. It is just a simple fly with a loop knot.
Very important, it wiggles perfectly. It is a bit rocky.
I need to keep my balance. Unless you want to go for a December swim. A Christmas swim! The annual Christmas bath.
The only one. I think it is perfect temperature, 39 °F.
– Yeah, for polar bears. Let’s go around this point here
and fish the other one. Sometimes these points are the thing
and sometimes they are not. It is really about how the fish
has been acting for the last few days. When the water is colder, they are
closer to these coves with calmer water. That was a crazy experience. I was supposed to lift the fly
and make a new cast. Then this guy comes
flying right out of there. Like at shoulder height. So, that was the craziest take ever.
We just saw a fish land beside us. We both were like: What??
– He took the fly and came straight up. The fish has been spawning
in these small creeks. I have not changed the fly so far,
it is still the white Magic Head fly. It is an excellent fly
and easy to tie. As you can see,
the water is crystal-clear. We are fishing long fluorocarbon
leaders that are invisible for the fish. Much more invisible than
the normal nylon ones at least. Finally, I hooked a little sea trout.
I am all happy! Happy, happy! Let’s see if we can land
this little fellow. Good job, man! It is a wild one.
See the fin? Look at the tail fin. Then we need to put him back immediately. Swim home. Make more wild ones. Finally! First one.
Knuckles! Good job!
– Good job! Now we are on it. It was fun because I persisted
on using this bigger pink thingy. It finally worked. What is that? Like 5 inches?
– Yeah, probably. It was hungry. It was not that thick,
but he thought it would be thicker. After eating that fly,
he would have been. All the flies we have been using today,
or most of them, have a Magic Head. These small silicone cones make the fly
really move like a small lure. It pushes a lot of water. And with this
soft marabou in the back it swings great. Like magic. A magic fly. They are very easy to tie. You can put on an olive back
and some eyes. Or you can just have them in white
or various beige and pink colours. Pink ones are classic. Then we have the basic one,
kind of like a Magic Minnow. It is a baitfish pattern. Also with some long saddle hackles
or you can use ostrich. Just some wing and flash.
And then an epoxy head. You get like a jigging effect with those.
– With the epoxy? It makes them drop a little bit. Green and white are good. This is also a nice colour,
like a UV white, purple. I caught fish with one of those pink ones.
– This is one of my favourite colours. Typical Stockholm colour.
– Yeah, yeah. Kind of pink. I did not say that. You do not need a fly box
when you have a beard. It looks pretty nice actually. We need to decorate the Christmas tree.
– That was the flies we use. Fluorocarbon leaders. Or fluorocarbon. We always use these fluorocarbon leaders
and tippets because they are a bit tougher. They also sink a bit faster and
they become invisible in the water. Dimensions. We use like 0 and 1X,
maybe 2X for smaller flies. It is important to always use the loop knot
when attaching your flies to the tippet. Definitely when you fish streamers
and shrimps. It makes the fly move better. If you tie a tight knot to the head of
the fly, it will follow the leader. It you tie a loop knot,
like on a fly like this,- -it will make the fly get a much
better movement. You can really get the fly
to move sideways or up and down. I think that it is very important to know
when you are fishing streamers. If you want to know how to do these,
just google a loop knot. If you know how to use a trilene knot
or a bait knot in general- -just make a loop in front of it. It is always important to put some
moisture on the knot when you tighten it. Let’s catch a big one.
– Let’s do this. This is what we call a typical
sea trout habitat. You have this big open water here.
Deep water and rocks like these. On the other side, you have all the rocks.
Then there is a small cove. Look here at the GPS
and see that it is really deep here. Then it comes in to this shallow cove. It is about 10 feet deep here. There is
a fish here, so we caught one here before. Let’s catch one. What line crafts are you using, Niklaus?
– At the moment, I am fishing an 8 weight. It have been tough winds.
– It has been really windy today. I prefer an 8 weight. Otherwise I fish all the way down to
a 6 weight depending on the conditions. Actually, I usually have
a 6 and an 8 in the boat. If it is calm I fish a 6 weight
and if it is windy I fish an 8 weight. If you want something allround?
– Probably a 7 or an 8 weight. And intermediate lines?
– I fish intermediate lines, up to 100 %. 200 %?
– No, up to 100 %. I like these slow intermediate ones. I like the Kust line.
It has it’s olive colour to the head. It really mixes up nicely to
the environment too. It has this coating that makes it sink
really slow. I think it is a good line. In general, I prefer intermediate lines
that have a very slow sinking rate. Just to get it down below
all the commotion on the surface. I think intermediate lines in general are
the best lines there are. Because they cast really well. If you fish streamers…
Did you have one? I think I had pull.
– Okay, pull back next time. I have a pull at least.
– I see. Cool, dude. That is how you do when you pull back. That is a small one. I am still fishing
these white Magic Head flies. I fished them on a short shank hook. A little bit heavier hook,
it makes a nice keel to the fly. As you can see, they work.
It is a baby, but… Let her or him back. It can grow a little bit bigger.
Or a lot bigger. It is damn cold. Good job.
Let’s get a big one now. You had a pull just before, Daniel?
– Yes, but in a completely different way. I like this cove with these big rocks
and it becomes a bit deeper inside. There is a bit of weed on the side. And a dead tree of course.
Always a dead tree. Magical. That went quick.
– Like one cast. We just moved across the ocean highway. The wind is really pushing it
into this little cove here. Still fishing this white Magic Head fly
and just dropped it into a cove. One pull, it was just a hard take.
A really hard take. It is running.
– Yeah, it is a decent fish. Somebody chewed on that guy. Good netting.
It was tough. It was this little white Magic Head again. Some nice silver. A decent fish.
You can see the teeth mark here. It is probably from a seal. Poor guy.
– Still, he survived it. Subtitles: Daniella Falkman Twedmark

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  9. This looks like excellent fishing. It really tells you a lot more about the fish if you know what to look for. I'm sure it'll help out the summer run since the current dictates how warm certain spots are, especially during springtime.That's a really interesting way of weeding them out. 😉 I could really see the difference in how 'glossy' these are and the yellow color balance. Great science! Makes me feel good about the future. Thank you, guys!

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