Four FAST GROWING Aquarium Plants and Pink Gravel

Four FAST GROWING Aquarium Plants and Pink Gravel

some fish tank people Dustin’s fishtanks spraying it to you on a Tuesday how’s everybody doing I hope you’re doing well so I want to show you guys for fast growing plants but first I want to show you guys the bitter sweetness that is doing a spoof on the ShamWow guy I hate pink gravel and I’m incorporating it into a video and I had Josh dump out some stuff and you got pink gravel all over the ground out here I’ve got up but you want to talk about to kill Dustin’s Fung Shui quickly pretty easily you have to have pink gravel all Oh everywhere so yeah it’s no good I hate pink gravel and then I have pink gravel like stuck in the cracks of mine whatever he picked most of it up a pink gravel sucks and I can’t stand it again it’s funny because I’m doing a spoof and then I have the spoof and then the spoof bites me in the rear because I got pink gravel in the mix so but whatever though what’s going on everybody you guys doing all right everybody have a good Tuesday I ate too close to this and I’m a little little little full what’s going on anybody going to reproduce it this weekend New York New Jersey and metal and all right cool so the pig gravels going on I got four I got four species of plants to show you guys today these are four of what I believe to be the fast some of the fastest growing plants that I’ve got now I’m growing these plants a lot of them in full Sun so there are a lot of variables like they may not grow quite as fast in your tanks but for me they’re doing quite a bit I’m going to show you guys these four plants two of them are related one of them is not one of them is in my most bulletproof plants video and then yeah I don’t know these are really really fun and I’m excited one of them somebody’s already mentioned one of them that I did not put on to do me a favor folks to make sure you get these notifications hit the notification button and I will you’ll get notified of these I’ll try to hold the camera up this way so you can’t see my incorrect nostrils but got the tripod over there so hit the notification and you’ll see these more often and yeah I guess it’s time to show you guys for fast growing plant you want to show these real quick though I’ve got these in here I didn’t know this till I saw rachel lierz I didn’t watch the video by guess these keep mosquitoes away which is awesome picture plant so I’m just going to dip this bad boy in there and get that going so there’s going that I got a Venus flytrap as well so here quick for fast for fast growing plants on a Tuesday which you all so I got a little set up here all right cool I might even put my butt up here nice okay good we see my crack no we’re good all right so for fast-growing plants let’s do this I’m sitting in full Sun don’t know how long this will last but I’m going to show this one first because this is one of my most favorite plants that I never sell a lot up for some reason but it’s a pond Jetton believe Bovie anus and I’ve talked about it before panja times in general are pretty fast growing and I really enjoyed this one it’s from Africa one of the few plants from Africa I don’t import that I really wish like oh but I wish you guys can I hope you guys can see the leaves texture on this really really solid leaps like the leaves are just really a crazy texture hope you guys can check that out Oh nisi in the house what’s up girl thank you for being on here so yeah got the pond Jetton like I said from Africa another problem with these plants they have a dormant period and that that will happen what I’ve been told I’ve never done to take them out of the dormant period is you want to have them in a in a setup that’s like you take a bulb out and you let them kind of recharge so they kind of like burn themselves out if you will so that’s kind of unfortunate I’ve seen them grown in plain gravel I’ve seen them grow under highlight low-light and really just a fun plant the bulb on the end here you guys can check that out I like to plant it about halfway down the ball and then these things will send up a nice little like runner type thing up to the top and you’ll have a lot of flowers or whatever on the top so this is a Ponte Tom for Venus totally loving this good good plant here and what’s the ball plant name this is a ponch on blue being it’s like a low beingness like I said and yeah it’s a fun one and I really enjoy it so the crinkly leaves – and what I like about the fast growth – is it’ll send off new growth pretty quickly I’ve got these in that upper tank and it’s already setting off some new growth so that’s one to check out for sure punt on both buh-bye anus or whatever and then I’ve got another one in here I want to show it’s cousin and I didn’t know about this my buddy Steve introduced talked to me about it before nine ever had it this is a pond of time right here this is ovations and these come in little bulbs but they quickly quickly go they call them magic bulbs and audacious is a very similar plant to the upon Nagant upon a beaten vulva heinous but new growth in the center they’re really like that a lot and it sends up these leaves acts this might actually grow faster than the bull by anus generally speaking some of the plants with like real thinner leaves might have those leaves grow faster and quicker then not like a thicker leafed one like an anubius wouldn’t grow as fast as like a Pont of town or whatever but these are fun right here definitely a good one so you can see that there are related obviously check those two out yes this one has and this this this one will go faster it has like curl it up leaves like it just kind of like they kind of like rotate up so the pretty cool grows like mad putting more you the original put more what’s up man but when I got tangled for help oh we’re good okay filling up the tank Josh dump my ShamWow goldfish out which was a bummer what’s up dude good to see you man I got the members area fixed up dude you get the invite on that check that out get that all juiced up good to see you Quinn alright so there’s another one here we got I dropped with the formas aka water mysterion now I love this plant because when I buy it in hello from Nova Scotia thank you hello you’re near Joey um this is super duper fast how much is four i twelve thirteen bucks on my site something like that got him on there I say you saw the livestream to hook you up the bonus so here’s a wisteria that high drop low deform is super fast-growing starting to get hot because I’m in the full Sun and I’m not growing in the full Sun but having a good way to go pompano you saw that guy that guy in pompano I got to get back to that question there he may be out of be be out of business but um yeah so this is a fun one here huh grapple the forum is fast growing like this plant doubles in size when you get it like in a lot of hot Sun our hot Sun full full bright Sun does well I can see it growing as a water change all that the air is refreshing so SuperDuper nice one can grow in highlight low-light almost no light I want you to look closely at the center of that dough see the center that that’s going mandeecees even linking it up look at you girl awesome busy work Cole good sequin so yes and fun all right and then so there is plant number three and I’ve got one more to show you and this one is super fun because it’s got the this is probably my favorite like workhorse plant if you will we’re talking today about for Mort and I talked about this in the bulletproof Vance plants video but this one is awesome I use this multiple ways so if I have a tank that’s real dirty or whatever and I want to have it cleared up and like this is the biggest sponge it’s like a chamois it’s like a sponge it’s called hornwort baby grows fast invasive like it’s a problem in some states I don’t recall which ones but grows like crazy no roots it is bulletproof they say it’s found in Siberia I’ll link up the video for the bulletproof plants but definitely a really fun one here and what I like about this one is you like throw it you can breed really great plant for like breeding fish because little fish live in it and can hang on to little fish can like live in it and then hide in it be protecting it but then also these fish can eat the stuff off of it so that’s the – it’s a two-way street there because they can eat off of this plant and this plant is like a like legit sponge so I haven’t tested the water I should but like I know like I have currently just just using this plant like if this makes sense just using the shrimp you’re using the plants using this plant I have this plant in with a 20 gallon full of shrimp I have it in with a bunch of comments that I’m using for the ShamWow video parody that’s coming out at some point the more the more weight the better that video gets by the way and then I am bringing tons of plants to reboot for Louisa Josh and I just had that conversation I’ve got it in with cherry shrimp I’ve got it in with a mono shrimp like I am a lover fan so this is my number one fastest growing plant but you know I did you guys liking it thanks to a and Krishi ate Dwayne I love your comments on the video about Herbert Axelrod – I got one more I do want to show though I got java moss i’m going v baby i’m going one more hang on shame job loss one second all right this is actually a dissident moss right here but this stuff I have grown in full Sun in the new setup and this is what I’m on the site as well this stuff is wicked anybody that’s keeping it bonus plants five feet that’s right baby visit ins moss this stuff is growing I actually pour potassium on this right here and I totally love the way that it just kind of comes around and just in full Sun the only problem here thanks neesee linking it up yeah I put you on commission if you guys are liking this can I get a light can I get a you know subscribe to share whatever but um so this plant the only issue I had with it which is funny I had it with full sunlight and I got too hot and I kind of burn it up a little bit now I quickly recovered when I got the temps under control but that was one of the things that happened when I was building that new rack I I had a problem with the water flow I didn’t have enough water flow in it so whatever that but this is rollin so I’m do I am loving this and yeah that’s the wonderful Java for it’s actually Pistons Moss a little bit different live video on how you draw your tanks you know I thought about doing that I’ve actually I got a couple tanks to drill so Steve Bogle do you guys some of this Moss right brother I think we hooked you up I think we waited to give you some Moss I should do a video on drilling tanks it’s actually a good idea I got I got a couple things like a drill one so yeah that’s what I’m doing having a good time anybody like this and by learning thing I teach you all some in the middle afternoon I’m getting hot I got a fly hope you guys did it trim your moss folks join in lake which you can rewind out you can rewind cool you guys enjoying it hey cool cool couple weeks melted off nothing guy you missed the beginning of this my friend cool you guys are all on now now everybody’s on sweet so we put these plants back I’ll do a little bit of Q&A hang on hot you got hot I do want to show this actually let me show you the guys the couple of potted plants it we’ve hit this Moscow back so the issue that I had I was talking about I had too much shot not enough water flow going in that system I’ve now got that corrected so I’ll show you guys this I’ve now got that corrected you’ll be able to rewind later so I’ve got that corrected in here but I have this water flow and I want to use the larger pipes here and then I had a no Josh I’m doing good Josh’s Josh got done to the johnson’s driving to atlanta to pick up some plants so yeah I got these in here the problem was I didn’t have enough water flow temperatures rose so now I’ve got the big outputs here which is nice these are too small what’s keeping anubias in there but here’s guys you can see how I grow the Apollo’s in full Sun here so a lot of fun there full Sun upon a time and then what’s nice is I can segment out stuff like I’ve got the Apollo’s they grow in here just falling down there Apollo’s in there I got the swords and the baby swords in here and then I’ve got this is the heck here we go I drop with the formas right there droning full fun so yeah we’re having a good time we had oh that’s full they she’s in the wrong spot here hang on so yeah we get that over there this goes over here in this tank and then I do want to show this the wonderful degree Gia growing in full sunlight only need an inch of dirt so you got the notification cool yeah at the notifications button you’ll get the notifications then I got that I got this back here too oh wow look at that I didn’t know that was looking that good this is the this is the talent or excuse me Wow look at that check out the color or not how sweet is that you guys see that I can’t see them the full Sun so hope you guys can see that at the top of that right there samanya doing well loving it in the full sunlight I haven’t seen it with that little bear gay variegated on it though you guys liking that that’s sick you guys see that cool then I got one more thing to show you over here the crypts Perales grow out tank which I just planted a bunch of Sh will Crips Morales in here because you came in all bad and now it’s just busting out everywhere so I wonder that’s a fast or two I’m going to do a separate video in the comparison to something as well so anyway that’s what’s up got co2 rolling over here pogo stream on Solano’s right there you guys see that that’s a co2 plant right there Wallace nope I don’t know who that is thank you I guess so those are pretty sick though huh all right folks OD is got to roll I am too sweaty it’s too hot to keep going I’m going to bail on this I’m going to walk myself and I’m going to get some Jimmy John’s drink and yeah anybody come and reflow their grip Palooza folks yep wrap this weekend got to get it going to be there live instead of talking to YouTube comments not that I don’t mind YouTube comments everybody at the notifications but make sure you get that you like that River for that red variegated I was pretty sick cool I’m out everybody full Sun who’da thought plants like full Sun tank on everybody lighter

60 thoughts on “Four FAST GROWING Aquarium Plants and Pink Gravel

  1. D,
    You and Josh are Da'MEN! Thanks for working with me. The plants are good, and I saw a bigger cherry shrimp this morning in the tank. Let me know when the amano's are back in town and I will look to get them. Again, THANK YOU!

  2. yall are out of jungle val and yall called to see if i wanted to replace it with aponogeton biovinaus and now i kinda wish i did!!

  3. Yo man- get some solar panels cranking to offset your power consumption. Im sure ur bill is outrageous!!

  4. Nice video bro. Love the plants. This hobby is so much fun! But very costly! I just picked up 2 new tanks today. So I got way more work to do now, but loving it so far!

  5. Dude, that was the least enthusiastic intro I've heard you do. Was it food coma? You ok brother? Next intro, please give me a big and loud "what's up fish tank people!" It really gets my day going.

  6. I had to take my Aponogeton ulvaceous out of my high tech 46 bowfront. Within 3 weeks it had about 25-30 leaves, almost all of them nearly 3 inches wide and over 4 feet long, and several 6 foot long flower stalks. It was taking up a lot of room and was shading out my other stuff! Amazing and fast-growing plant but I wouldn't recommend in a smaller high tech setup.

  7. Wisteria is the go-to plant for my aquariums. Grows and propagates quickly. Often I have to throw away large pieces when I trim it. I can't use it all. It's a beast!

  8. How would you cut them back? How much do you sell the horn wort for and the java moss? What kind of potassium? Can I use over the counter?

  9. What's up fish tank gooroo. Hey Dustin I ordered a bunch of hornwort and wisteria from you a few months ago for my small 300 gal patio pond. The hornwort is doing awesome but the wisteria all died within a month. I was wondering if it made that big of a difference with it being outside?

  10. hi guys, may i ask the spelling for the first 2 plants?

    btw i have a tank that used to grow a lot of hornwort, than it just started to shrink and dies and from a full tank of hornwort now i left with nothing. not sure why is it died by itself, but in the same tank other plant like java moss do grow well and thrive

  11. here is a pretty Legit unboxing video I just put out 🙂

  12. I put 4 2inch pieces of hornwort into my kiddie pool with my sword tails last year. Put them in in may and when I emptied the pool in October i had 2 5 gal buckets full

  13. I have the brownest thumb this side of the Mississippi. The platys ate my val, but the anubias tied to the driftwood died. If you sent me the best apongeton in your greeenhouse, I can probably kill it!


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  16. Bulbs usually= Their native dry season. Sometimes,they can skip not having one..but they grow and rest in spurts. I pass on bulbs unless I want a water lilly in the tank.

  17. Stan's fastest growers? 1.Giant Hygro. 2.Jungle Val. 3. Rotala's. 4.Ludwigia. 5 Java Moss. Buy any of those for your new tank..or old big tank where you need something to fill asap.
    I'm thinking of adding that Liverwort sold that's really a fern that looks like Seaweed to my list. Wait awhile.

  18. Dustin the first plant you showed, you said the name to fast for me to catch. Could I please have the spelling for it. Really something I would like in my threadfin tank.

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