Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! Fish! Balázs, come on! Fish! We’re changing… And we’re continuing the series that we started two weeks ago. This order contains about 500 fish. And how many species? I think it’s 30 maybe. 30 different species. Without further ado, let’s go! First bag. So these fish are the Brigittae. These are the smallest fish that I know. But I think it’s the most famous one. I really like the little line in their red body. They have like a blue line in there. Also, their mouth is really small, so I’m always having trouble feeding them. How many Boraras types we have here? We have the Brigittae. We have the Urophthalmoides. [Balazs] The Urophthalmoides. [Lóri] The Merah. [Balazs] Merah. [Lóri] And the Maculatus. [Balazs] This is probably the most exciting part of the fish room for me personally, because you’ve got all the different shrimp there and the Nano fish. And you’ve got the Bettas here. You’ve got some really cool Betta photography going on, from Tommy. I’m gonna show you some pictures. Alright then, let’s do the next one now! Which would be… Your choice! Okay! Oh, the Corydoras. [Lóri] Yeah! This is the Corydoras panda. [Balazs] You’ve got quite a few species of Corydoras, here at Green Aqua. [Lóri] At the moment we’ve got eight species. [Balazs] And I really like the Laser. So how many fish arrived dead here actually, in a box like this? Do you usually have fish death, or not? Sometimes, but it’s not quite a lot. Another Corydoras. The Corydoras Julii. And I really like the Julii name, because in Hungarian it’s Júlia. So the nickname for Julia is Juli. Oh, Furcatus! [Balazs] Those are my favorite fish. You know why? Because they’re blond and blue-eyed. It’s not very popular for some reason. I just love them. Let’s introduce them. [Lóri] Hey guys! [Balazs] The friends are here. There are no other fish in this tank, as these fish are fast swimmers. So we don’t really want them to stress out the others. Oh, wow! You’ve got the Atyopsis gabonensis shrimp here, which are freshwater shrimp. Those are really beautiful! I don’t think that you can keep them with regular shrimp though. Because they are going to fight with each other. You’ve got some Dwarf gouramis here, which are really cool, because they’re really peaceful, in contrast with the big gouramis. You can keep them together with other fish and stuff. [Lóri] It’s also an algae eater. But I can’t remember the name. [Balazs] You can just go back and shout it to me. It’s a… Beaufortia kweichowensis. Beaufortia kweichowensis. [Speaking Gibberish] [Lóri] These are not good algae eaters, but they look funny. Alright, so the next one is actually… What’s the Latin name for this? Trigonostigma heteromorpha. This is like Hengeli, but a bit bigger. It’s gonna look good in bigger tanks. They don’t grow much bigger. [Balazs] It’s like higher. [Lóri] Yeah! If you want a classic Nature Aquarium style, you can actually think about having these, right? I’m gonna take the Trigonostigma heteromorpha, because… I can’t even pronounce that. You’re gonna say the name of this one again. [Lóri] Not again! The Cardinal tetra. Yeah! The red neons, as we call it in Hungary. The red neons are really cool fish. You have to know that they need higher temperatures, to feel good. So they are not really suitable for planted tanks. So these are the reds. These are the green ones. [Lóri] No, blue. These are the blue ones. [Balazs] Okay, we forgot to tell about the green ones. The green ones are the smallest ones. Do we have it? Yeah! It’s right here. Can you pan? [Lóri] The Angelfish! [Balazs] The Angelfish, cool! Yeah, they don’t have the back stripes visible, because they are stressed at the moment. I really like Angelfish. And these were the fish, that actually Mr. Amano had in is big home tank at the beginning. They use the Altum version, which has a different color. Oh, here’s some fish, that needs to be released in the tank. These are also Scalare fish. [Lóri] That’s the Koi version. This is why I told you in the previous video, that you need to take into consideration, how much these fish grow. [Lóri] This kind of Angelfish needs a tank size of – I suggest – 200 liters maybe. And there we have the Botia fish. Chromobotia macracanthus. Really, really beautiful, we have two bags of them. They live on the bottom of the tank? Yeah and you can also use them, if you’ve got some snail problems. [Balazs] You really have to be careful, not to use them in tanks, where you have precious snails. What is that? Colibri! This is beautiful, I really like them. It’s also a really cool fish to use in planted tanks, because they have accentuated pinkish, yellowish colors. [Lóri] And this one is the gold version. And this thing is the Goby fish. They also swim on the bottom of the tank. [Lóri] It’s also a good algae eater. [Balazs] What kind of algae would it eat? [Lóri] The black brush algaes. Are you like looking at everything from an algae eating perspective? Yeah! It’s like “Does it eat algae? Yeah! It’s cool.” “Let’s just keep it!” We have some smaller ones in there. You can see the difference. We’ve got quite big ones. They can dig. The problem is that if they get frightened, they can just dig themselves into the soil. Alright, so the Friday afternoon traffic has just started at Green Aqua. This is one of the busiest periods of the time of our sales. CPOs! Why do they keep them together, like this? [Lóri] Because they can fight each other. But you put them in the same tank, right, so it’s like when they don’t have space, then they fight. [Lóri] Don’t put too many CPOs in one small tank. Sakura shrimp! These are really nice and we like these better, than red cherry shrimp, [Balazs] …because they don’t multiply and the color range is much better.
[Lóri] They have a stronger color. Oh, these are the Galaxies. I’ve been talking about these little fish a lot. They have a packing order. And the good news is… [Lóri] …the first box is empty. The first box is empty. Throw it! Most of these fish are coming from the wholesaler to Green Aqua, but the wholesaler? Where do they get them from? They order from Asia. About 90% of fish come from Asia. Two types of snails. No! Three types of snails. Where is the other one? One, two, three! And these are not the same type? [Lóri] No! [Balazs] I immediately recognized these snail eating snails. [Lóri] These are the Assassin snails. [Balazs] So these are the Zebra Nerite snails. I quite like them. They grow big. And these are the… [Lóri] Black Helm snails. These are also good algae eaters. Some people have a snail infestation in their tanks. I’m always saying that it’s not a problem. When the biological equilibrium will be established in the tank, then it’s not gonna be a problem to have snails, because their numbers will be limited. But you can also add the Botia, or you can have the Assassin snails to kill them. Be careful, because the Botia can also dig. Okay, what’s next? I can already see, that these are really… Kubotai! Small Kubotai. The Rasbora kubotai. And these look almost transparent at the moment. We’ve got lots and lots of Amano shrimp! Check this out! And you also put some fine filter mesh in there. Why do you do that? [Lóri] Because it’s not good if they are just catching together. We’ve got the algae eaters here, and obviously for algae eaters, you need algae. So we never clean these tanks. And we sometimes do put in some plants, that came in pots and got some algae. If we put them in for cleaning, after a couple of days, it’s gonna be crystal clear. Not couple of days, because usually in this tank… Within an hour. Yeah! Like that, because usually we have got 150, or 200 Amanos. I’ve got some nice shrimp here as well. I’ve got the orange Sakura shrimp. This is Dory’s favorite. Oh wow, the shrimp?! Oh and the yellow ones! I always wanted yellow ones! The second one is also empty. Okay, so what we do here now is that we’re gonna punch some holes. Yeah! Let’s just do it! And until then, I’m gonna explain to you, that these will stay in these punched bags, for at least two-three hours. Here is my special tool! Alright, so I think we ran out of boxes for today! And he also jumped into the picture. Thanks Lóri, for helping me with this. [Balazs] I’m sure that I wouldn’t have done this alone
[Lóri] You’re welcome! with all these names. And I really need your insights into the fish. You guys can learn a lot from Dory. Dory? Dory now?! I’m pretty confused, you with the wifey. Brother… He’s gonna answer your questions in the comments below for a couple of days, and after that I’m gonna let him work, so please post any fish related questions only in the first couple of days, after publishing this video. Later on we’re not gonna be able to answer. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, if you didn’t do so yet! Hit that like button and we’ll see you next week! Next week! I’ll see you next week. He’s gonna take care of the fish, right? Thanks again! You’re welcome! Bye! Bye!


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  14. Gabonesis shrimp can be kept with other shrimp, and they are very large compared to them so they dont mind someone climbing on top of them even, just make sure they got a good spot with good flow, and they do need some particles in the water, maybe create a landscape with a rock they can sit on and feed on the other side of the tank of the outlet so as to pickup some particles on the way in the flow. I did something similar. I have 3 of these in a iwagumi type of scape and they sit on their favourite rock all day and feed. What I do not recommend is putting them with Plecostumus. They always seems to get on each others nerves for some reason. They fight, but the shrimp will give up in the end and they just hide and die. They are not shy by nature in my opinion, but when bullied they seem to give up… 🙁 If they are left alone they are very much out in the open. Truly amazing shrimp.

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    Surely if we keep catching wild fish and shipping them all over the world, we are having a negative impact on these species and their habitats? Does anyone else ever think about this?

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    btw: Chromobotia macracanthus(Clown Loach) are the smartes fishes ever.

    I have botia in my tank's for 15 Years. They know the day, night, cleaning and eating time tables, they also are able to identify humans, like to watch good movies (my Botias are fan's of the walking dead and Vikings they don't like GOT … I don't know) or just hanging around and having a good time, some times I see them playing with snailshels or just rocks. They are not like other fish how just swimming arround and eating they own shit … 😉 Botia never do this.

    Please have in mind this fish will stay in the tank for the next 25-30 Years after the snails are gone. They getting huge 30cm, loves heavey streams, dark sand, shadow areas, many free swimming space and lots of friends around them. They like a wolvepack in your tank, with a strong hierarchy structure inside the group.

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