Fresh Seafood Linguine | Bart’s Fish Tales

Fresh Seafood Linguine | Bart’s Fish Tales

Hi guys welcome to the new episode of
Fish Tales and today I am at the wadden sea this
amazingly beautiful piece of the Netherlands where the tides are
extremely high and extremely low and this is of course
low tides and I’m going to make you a Pasta cockles and it’s the same as pasta vongole but not made with vongole but with cockles because Robert and Sean over there are
catching the most beautiful cockles well maybe of the world so guys this is Robert and Robert is is catching cockles, how many kilos did you catch today or today you just started right. 2000 kilos or something 2000 kilos? Yeah. And you’re busy for for maybe two hours. Two hours so two hours 2000 kilos of cockles. Can I take some cockles to make a pasta? yeah no problem So first I’m going to cook the pasta, which
will take approximately 10 minutes, this is seawater so at home
you use water with some added salt. For the cockles I use some shallots, I use just a bit of
garlic I use some parsley stalks and we use
one chilli to give a bit extra power to the dish so maybe I’ve used half chilli because I don’t want to have it really spicy because I still want to taste the cockles and I want to taste the saltiness make sure that your dish stays a bit elegant so all the flavors are balanced together. Check on the pasta So we will cook it just under al dente because we will save it when we go to cook the cockles because I’ve only one stove so in the
same time the pasta will be really well. Use a bit of garlic. So these guys, Robert, Sean there this is their boat, this is the Harling
number 9 and they go out every Sunday night they stay for 4 – 5 days here the same spot sometimes they move two miles further. There are two low tides in 24 hours and two high tides. They’re catching cockles like for four hours five hours then they sleep and they come back to cockle again and they go home like Thursday, Friday morning. I
take-off almost all the water not everything because then
the pasta will dry out. In this way I keep the pasta warm and guys this is the cockle salsa. The quickly moving backwards and forwards Robert is raking the cockles this is
the only method allowed for fishing cockles in the wadden sea a great sustainable way for catching these awesome shell fish step number one olive oil Shallot, half chilli, garlic some parsley stalks 2 tablespoons of
white wine let it simmer now we add the cockles and cover with a lid when the cockles
are open your dish is ready. In the meantime I’m
going to chop some parsley leaves which will finish off the dish at the end. Every now and then you hustle your cockles. It’s also possible with
a spoon So you divide the warmth so all your cockles will be open more less at the same time, so now I add the pasta Okay so sling your pasta, look at this Pasta cockles, linguine with cockles add some parsley and some pepper Robert taste your own cockles Very good. Yeah you like it? Good. So guys thank you for watching this episode please visit my own fish tales cooking
channel where you’ll find me traveling the world to fish, to live, to cook together with the most amazing fishing communities in the world. Sustainable fisheries of course if you have any comments any
questions leave them in the box below and don’t forget to subscribe. See you soon for a new episode of fish tales

100 thoughts on “Fresh Seafood Linguine | Bart’s Fish Tales

  1. Bart, super video weer. Geniet er keer op keer van. Vraagje over deze: moet je de kokkels wassen? Ik kan me voorstellen dat er zand in zit…

  2. Hey Bart, the written recipe with the ingredients list seems to have a broken link. Any idea if we can find it anywhere else?

  3. Bart, Robert, wat een toffe video, wil hem wel 100x liken. 
    Hollandse (of eigenlijk Friese) glorie en alles, gaaf dat jullie dit met de wereld delen.
    Als ik met vrienden op de wadden ben, struinen we meestal zelf een emmertje kokkels en een enkele (uitheemse) oester bij elkaar. Ik ga dit recept tzt zeker eens proberen!
    Groetjes Merel

  4. My wife fell in love with this video.  Now she wants me to do this dish all the time the same way.  Well, I'm in Pennsylvania so the nearest source of sea water is like 7 hours away in Lake Erie.  Sorry.  We have no cockles either so I use regular little neck clams.

  5. When he said "2 tablespoons of white wine " did he mean just white wine or white wine vinegar ?? Please help ??

  6. omg! cockles are one of my favorite clams! I thought I could find them only in Korea, cuz they are popular in Korea. but good to know! Thank you always for great videos!

  7. Hi! Does anyone know how to clean the clams beforehand or get rid of the sand that's inside? I felt like he just dumped them into the skillet straight from the ocean…?

  8. In Malaysia we have different kind of cockle. The flesh is reddish and it is called blood cockle. Usually I boil them with some salt and turmeric leaves.

  9. Bart's Fish Tales Thank you for your video.. Would like to ask, did you add some salt in it? or it's already got its saltiness from the pasta?

  10. Great video my friend. My mouth is watering. I'm going to make this for the family tonight. Thanks from Boston Mass. USA.

  11. Awesome people! Nice view! Great music back ground! But most of all, sumptuous pasta! Can't wait to cook it for my wife! Thanks! 👍👍

  12. yummy. .love the video setting…so refreshing and the dish looks delicious. .I am going to try it tomorrow. ..thank you

  13. ONE guy is cooking in the middle of the ocean and the the OTHER guy is humping the sea food in the back, those guys are awesome

  14. Can somebody please make a montage of Bart saying cockles? I think he set the record for the most frequent usage of the word per minute.

  15. So.. cockles are not the same as clams? Or are they the same thing? Sorry, don't know much about the different types of seafoods but learning!

  16. I feel this episode is the best cooking video of among the all youtube channels. Wadden sea and cockles pasta are so beautiful! The design shape of fishing vessel is also exotic to me. and 2 hours 2 thounsand kilo cockles? What a plentiful sea, heck.

  17. That looks so delish! and the perfect place to cook this kind of dish, my fave clams with linguini, I will start following you bart. not only your food is delish but easy and practical to follow!

  18. I feel bad….I keep hearing cuckhold……not the same! And the guy gyrating his hips….it’s been a while!🙈🙈

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