Frickin’ LASER BEAM Shark Science

Frickin’ LASER BEAM Shark Science

(evil, maniacal laughter) – Clearly, Mr. Hill, you’re in deep now. (grunting)
(crinkling) As you can see, I’ve recently
upgraded my lovelies, my sharks now have fricking laser beams attached to their heads. – You’ll never get away
with this, Man Bun! I’ll make sure… Wait, what kind of lasers are
you using for those sharks? Because, you know,
depending on what you use it could make a big difference. – Well, I guess I didn’t
really think about that. I just thought that you would have some– – Let’s get technical. – Hey, no, I’m the one
with the man bun here, I’m in charge, wait! (funky electronic music)
(beeping) (grunting)
(snapping) – Ever since a one Dr.
Evil came up with the idea in the first “Austin Powers” film, sharks with fricking laser
beams attached to their heads have become a classic supervillain scheme. This is a ridiculous scheme, sure, but if we were supervillains,
which we’re not, how would you go about making
laser-sharks a reality? What kind of beam would you use? What would the sharks actually do? What range would they have? Let’s try our hands at
some evil engineering. (evil laughter) Not shaving my head, though! First, what is a “laser?” Well, simply put, a “laser”
is a device that emits light, but light with very specific properties. Most of the radiation
that lights up your life looks like this, it’s all over the place, amplitude, spacings,
wavelengths are all jumbled up. But not imagine I put all this light through a small aperture
in something like a wall. Then all the light will
start coming through with a certain spacing. If we go one step further and we add a wavelength filter in
front of this light, the light that comes out the other side will be of the same spacing and wavelength and amplitude, it will all look the same, and we call this coherent light. Laser light is coherent, and it’s why you can focus lasers
down to such small points and why, instead of a jumble, you can produce single
colors of groovy light. Baby. I guess? Laser light, like radiation in general, behaves differently depending on what medium it is moving through. For example, take your
standard microwave oven. Inside of this science box, (beeps) microwaves are being shot into the air and into the food that you
put into the microwave. But the water in that
food more readily absorbs the microwaves than the air does, which ends up depositing
energy into the food and heating it up more so than the air and this cooks your food. Similarly, laser light
(electronic whirring) moves a lot differently
(laser firing) through the air than it does through water and this will determine what kind of laser we actually want to put on our
fricking laser-sharks’ heads. (beeping) Oh, my pizza rolls are done! (sizzling)
Ow, ow! Gotta get it. Mmm.
(swallowing) We actually – oh, wow, that’s good. We actually have a pretty good idea on how all electromagnetic
radiation moves through water. Look at this graph here. Increasing y values means increasing absorption of radiation in water. Increasing x values
mean longer wavelengths. As you can see, water
absorbs and is really good at absorbing pretty much
every form of radiation aside from visible light. And if you look even more closelier, it absorbs bluish greenish light the least and more the reddish light the most. If you’ve ever wondered why
our oceans are a faint blue, this is the reason. Water just so happens to less absorb and scatter blue light and
absorb more reddish light. Of course, if this graph was shifted, if the universe was different, then our oceans could
be yellow or even red. (splashing)
He likes pizza rolls. But who doesn’t? Because of what light
travels best through water, we know have our first
supervillain suggestion. The optimal colored
laser to put on a shark is not the traditional red, but a blue-green laser in
this range of wavelengths. But how good would this be as a weapon? One of the advantages of
laser weapons generally and presumably laser-sharks specifically would be an ability to hit a target
(laser firing) almost instantaneously from range, as lasers travel at light speed. However, molecularly speaking,
water is a lot of stuff very close together, at least closer than the molecules in air are together, and so in water, lasers
have a greater tendency to scatter and diverge to
the point of harmlessness. Therefore, laser-sharks would
have a serious range problem and I can prove that to you. So here I have a Science
Tube filled with fresh water. I also have a green and
a red laser pointer. What we are going to do is check laser propagation
of these wavelengths through our fresh water. Safety goggles on. (snaps) Here is the red laser pointer first. (intense electronic music) And now the green laser pointer. (intense electronic music) As you can see, both laser beams have very little trouble moving
through this fresh water. You can hardly see the
beams themselves at all. But if we’re talking about laser-sharks, almost no sharks exist in fresh water. The vast majority of
them live in the oceans and ocean water is very different in that it’s very salty and there’s a lot of stuff floating in it. You know, like fish poop. So let’s try to replicate that. (snaps) For this exact volume of fresh water, I’m going to add an
exact amount of sea salt to give this fresh water the
same salinity as ocean water. (salt slides along paper) I’m also gonna add some
pepper, salt and pepper, just as some random debris. (stirring) Okay, so now the red laser
beam in the salty water. As you can see, it is a lot brighter as the beam is scattering
and being attenuated much more so than in the fresh water. And now for the green laser. Again, as you can see,
you can see the beam a lot better as it’s being
scattered by the salt water and the random pepper
debris that we put in there. But the point being that
you can see the beam a lot more than you could before. In realistic conditions then, sharks with fricking laser
beams attached to their heads are gonna have a serious range problem as salty water filled with
random debris and sea life hamper weapon effectiveness. Safety glasses off.
(screaming) Oh, stop, that was through
the air, there was no– But just how much of a problem would laser range in water be? We can calculate the attenuation or diminishing of laser light through something like water
using the Beer-Lambert Law here which calculates the probability of finding some particle like a photon some distance into a material depending on the wavelength. To get an idea of the danger
range for our laser-sharks then we need some real values, and I found some in a military paper about the underwater applications of laser weapons. I’m on a watch list. A blue-green laser
traveling through sea water will lose up to 50% of its power after traveling just 10
meters, or around 30 feet. This is a huge energy loss, especially considering that
a laser fired through the air can travel basically
unimpeded for kilometers. So, even with extremely powerful
lasers attached to them, our laser-sharks are probably going to be short range dangers, maybe
under 100 meters or so. (electronic whirring) So we have a blue-green,
short range laser-shark. There’s only one thing left to figure out. What we want the shark to actually do. (splashing) Of course, I know what a supervillain wants to do with laser-sharks, they wanna “pew pew” stuff. But again, that’s a problem underwater. Lasers damage stuff by
depositing a lot of energy in a very small space,
heating up those spaces to the point of destruction. But the same thing can happen to water that a laser is traveling through. So imagine a high-powered
(laser firing) laser pulse creating a
small, vaporized bubble of steam because there’s
so much energy there. This bubble of steam can then act to stop the propagation
of other laser pulses through that same water. It’s kind of like trying to shine a flashlight through a cloud. This is called thermal bloom, and it’s one of the big reasons why underwater laser weapons
aren’t really a thing. There are powerful laser cutters that do work underwater, of course, and if you attached one
of these to a shark, it would make it deadlier, but again, like we said,
these have very small ranges, and at that point, if you
encountered a laser-shark, you’re probably close enough to already be eaten by a laser-shark. My point being, all of this
wouldn’t be the “pew pew” that a supervillain would expect. But don’t worry, I have some other ideas. (splashing) The first alternative scheme is something we often
forget lasers can easily do. The beam strength needed to blind someone is far less than the beam strength needed to put a laser weapon-like hole in them. So now, let’s consider a laser-shark equipped with an evil
eye targeting system. Then all it would take is
a relatively low strength, short range, blue-green
laser and that could (laser firing)
blind targets before they were chomped by said shark and being blinded underwater sounds like sounds like an absolute nightmare. Here we go. And we already have technology that could do something like this, if we were being, ooh, evil. This is the StingRay Laser System. What you’re watching it do is use AI technology to identify parasites on the surface
of farm-grown salmon. It then shoots a blue-green laser at those parasites to vaporize them, and it’s doing so with high accuracy. Now, all we would have to do
if we were being supervillains which we’re not is strap one of these
to the back of a shark and recalibrate it so it’s not identifying salmon parasites but human eyes and this technology already recognizes salmon eyes with 99% accuracy, so I guess that wouldn’t be so hard. Hey, that’s pretty good! Another laser-shark tactic
might be even scarier: communication. Right now, militaries around
the world are experimenting with underwater
communication using lasers. Blue-green laser pulses
to send information between underwater
objects like submarines. Now, this would take some
supervillain technology and some super intelligent sharks, but just imagine for a second a shiver of sharks,
(splashing) that’s what they’re called, using laser beams to
communicate between each other and coordinate attacks on targets. This is terrifying and the final scheme that I had to offer. Okay, Man Bun, get me outta here. (splashing) Get me, get me outta here! (whining)
No! – Hmm, what a pity. Another adversary wasted. Well, I guess we did learn
something though, today. Didn’t you and I? If we were to use laser-sharks, we’d want to use a blue-green “laser” and train our sharks either to communicate or engage in short-range zapping. It’s a more realistic death trap that doesn’t even require a whole lot of lengthy explanation from me that gives the hero time to get away. Ha, all I would have to say is “Because science?” (evil, maniacal laughing) (funky electronic music) – What we left out of
this discussion was power. For a laser weapon to even be affective, you would need something very high power, many, many watts so it
could travel through the water effectively,
actually do damage to targets if that’s what you want it to do. It would be so high,
perhaps, one million watts. No, but seriously. (bouncy electronic music) (writing)
(papers shuffling)

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