Friendly Sea Turtles! | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

Friendly Sea Turtles!  | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

Coming up, Jonathan joins famous IMAX filmmaking
team Howard and Michele Hall for dinner with sea turtles! Welcome to Jonathan Bird’s Blue World. Howard and Michele Hall are a world-renown
underwater filmmaking team. For more than 30 years, they have traveled
the world, making animal behavior documentaries. They are most famous for their incredible
underwater 3D IMAX films, which are made using an enormous camera system that weighs more
than 1,000 pounds. It uses two rolls of 70mm film and costs more
than $2,000 per minute to run. But the image quality is amazing on the giant
screen of an IMAX theater. Howard and Michele are my heroes—their films
inspired me to become an underwater filmmaker. So imagine how excited I am to be on a dive
trip in the Philippines with my heroes! Howard and Michele have come to Busuanga,
Palawan to work on a segment about Dugongs with me. But we also are going to explore a dive site
famous for sea turtles. It’s a long trip from North America to the
Philippines, but this is one of the best places in the world to scuba dive. Our captain sets a course for Dimakya Island. Then its time to suit up. Michele hits the water first. Then Howard and I. There is no reef here, just a sandy bottom. At first it doesn’t look very promising. But our divemaster has already found a sea
turtle. This green turtle is foraging for food. She has a freeloader in the form of a huge
remora sticking to her. She really likes the sea grasses that grow
here. There isn’t a ton of nutritional value in
the grass, so she spends a lot of her time eating. And she digs down to get to the more nutritional
roots. Divers come here fairly often, so she is not
afraid of us at all. Howard and I can get up really close to film. I have to be honest, I never thought I would
have Howard and Michele Hall as Blue World cinematographers! Like land turtles, sea turtles breathe air. They hold their breath underwater and need
to rise up to breathe every few minutes. A quick breath, and its back to feeding. Michele demonstrates just how close we can
get. Maybe the sea turtle could use a little help? Michele notices that the sea turtle eats an
awful lot of sand while feeding. So maybe she can assist. This sea turtle is no dummie. She knows an easy meal when she sees it. This looks like fun to me. Nearby I find another turtle and see if she
will accept a handout. Pretty soon the sea turtles are following
us around like puppies! We can even get them to do tricks! All this eating is making me hungry. So I decide to give the seagrass a taste. Salad isn’t my favorite food, but sea salad? Disgusting. Yech. Michele likes healthy foods though, and she
loves it! If only we had a nice vinaigrette. Meanwhile, the turtle has her eyes on a thick
ring of grass around an anemone. But as she inches closer, she finds out why
nobody is eating that seagrass. The anemonefish are protective of their home
and drive away intruders. They even attack Howard as he sets up for
a shot! Soon we notice that the anemonefish are working
very hard to move a piece of waterlogged bamboo closer to their anemone. These fish are very persistent. Once they get it in position, we look closer
and realize what’s going on. They have laid their eggs on the bamboo! The largest male aerates the eggs constantly,
by swishing water over them with his fins. With anemonefish, it’s the males that care
for the eggs. Once we have been watching for a while, the
little fish decide we are no longer a threat and stop attacking. Nearby, another anemone, this one harboring
a different inhabitant. Michele coaxes it out to play. A tiny cleaner shrimp, looking for fish to
clean. Michele is an odd customer at this cleaning
station. I can’t believe how long she can hold her
breath! And I think the sea turtle is feeling a little
left out. So I go back to helping her harvest some sea
grass. But her meal ticket has a finite air supply,
and its time for us to head back to the boat. I’m so excited that I got to dive with Howard
and Michele Hall. And we were lucky to find such cooperative
subjects. Sometimes even a shallow sandy sea floor that
looks boring, can turn out to be an amazing wild animal encounter in the blue world. Hey Everyone! Thanks for watching our latest episode all
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100 thoughts on “Friendly Sea Turtles! | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

  1. I've seen the usual footage of turtles swimming or laying eggs(as most of us have) but never a turtle in it's habitat.
    Beautiful….thank you.

  2. I’d love to talk to you about diving, I have so many questions on getting started. Sea turtles are my favorite creature, and without really knowing how to dive, it’s quite difficult for me to get a good look🥰

  3. On cartoon I saw Barnacles boats then I I searched them up on YouTube it showed video of people getting barnacles of sea turtles it was so sad I wanted to cry

  4. Could you please try to make a dive with Da Vinci’s diving suit? If you can’t find one, you can make one yourself and use modern materials. The suit is made of waterproof fabric whith a full head mask that looks like a gas mask. The mask has a breastplate like the mark 5 and two jointed snorkels that are kept above the water from a bell 🔔 shaped float with two holes to breath from. You can use a regulator so the exhaled air is blown out from the front. And you can use two air compressors, one for breathing and another to regulate the suit. Thank you. 😊

  5. Remoras. The ocean's version of that person that crashes on your couch, eats your food out of your fridge and hitches free rides in your car.

  6. Wow they are all exited for your visit guys! Huge thanks for featuring my beloved country Philippines 💕👏😍
    As always Jonathan Bird's chanel is awesome 👏💕

  7. This makes me so happy, so glad I just decided to take up diving.
    Is that not dangerous to hold your breath on tank air?

  8. Such a little fish, such a big balls. Respect Nemo! The way they attacked you was so heartwarming. Keep up the good work Jonathan. Love from Georgia (country)

  9. ✨🐢“Wonderful & Absolutely – Fantastic – Pictures,About The Sea Turtles“😘✨🐢✨👍✨!!!
    „Thank – You“,- „Sir Jonathan, & To The Team,- Blue World🌎
    „Todal Beautiful – Video““🌸!!!!

  10. They are SO cute being hand-fed! Sharing a snack with sea turtles. What a dream. Turtles are smart to catch on to how handy adoring human audiences can be; I had no idea. Such sweeties!

  11. Deep an impressive image. 깊은 감동입니다. 서로가 생전 처음 만난 입장인 바다거북과 사람이 서로를 위하는 친구가 될 수 있음이 감동적입니다. 자연과 생물을 보호하고 공존할 수 있는 세상이 되면 좋겠습니다.

  12. Amazing and interesting watching what the sea turtle does in the video, (digs out the sea grass from the sand and eats it. Plus where it rise for a few minutes for a quick breath and then). I really like how Michelle is on the dive. for the following reasons, the way she: gets close to a sea turtle with her camera, helps it dig for sea grass, hands it sea grass, interacts with it, was able to get it to do tricks, tries sea grass and likes it, and has tiny cleaner shrimp to try and clean her teeth. Funny how it was disgusting for you, Jonathan Birds, trying the sea grass. Does Michelle Hall have any other videos?

  13. That was awesome thanks for the video. It's amazing just how smart turtle are. I personally am infatuated with them. Amazing creatures

  14. I hope some day I can meet you! You're my favorite YouTuber, you have kept my heart filled with the love of the ocean as I work on my dive skills at home so I can feel confident in the water for my future certification. Your videos on the Mayan cenotes have shown me a future I never could have imagined I would be able to chase before – underwater archaeology.

    Thank you for all your work! I hope some day to hug you and thank you for it all in person.

    Keep it up!

  15. Question for you, John. You guys fly a lot, and it must cost a bundle to travel to these far-flung locations. Do you sell footage to TV and movie companies to pay for your own expenses?

  16. Huy, dat's my home countreeeeh!!! 🙆‍♀️
    it has the most gorgeous beaches and reefs. I highly recommend snorkeling in Boracay. My God I love turtles so much. They're so cute and so playful too. My turtles actually have rubber ducks in their tanks 🤣 Watching from Germany with my 14 year old slider and 1 year old cooter turtle. subscribed 😊

  17. I live in Philippines and I love ur videos esp this one u filmed in my country ❣️palawan is a very amazing place

  18. I wonder how the turtles deal with all the sand that they consume… would someone please share with me? Thank you.

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