Fulkopi diye Rui Macher Jhol/Aloo Phulkopir jhol Recipe/ Bengali Cauliflower Fish (Rahu) Curry

Fulkopi diye Rui Macher Jhol/Aloo Phulkopir jhol Recipe/ Bengali Cauliflower Fish (Rahu) Curry

Today I shall make Cauliflower with Fish (Rahu) Curry If you like my recipe, then plz subscribe, like, comment & share my channel This Cauliflower Fish (Rahu) Curry is good paire with hot rice Plz do’t forget to watch my videos of Bengali & Hindi both Ingredients to make Fulkopi Macher Jhol (Cauliflower Fish Curry) Recipe Taking 2 Potato, removed peal & cut in thick wedges Cauliflower – 1, cut in big pieces Fish 4 pieces – Rahu Fish smear with salt and turmeric Coriander leaves – little Green chilies – cut in middle & Tomato – 1 piece Ginger Garlic Paste – 1 Tsp (Big) Onion-1, chopped in long side Mustard cooking oil Salt according taste here Cumin (Jira) powder: ½ tsp ,
Turmeric (Halud) powder Garam Masala=½ Tsp, Coriander powder=½ Tsp Chili powder=½ Tsp On the gas Taking an Aluminum Kadai Fish fry well on Aluminum Kadai Put Mustard oil Using 3 tsp oil to fry fish Let oil become hot Oil become hot, Put Fish on it Let one side fry I shall change opposite side after fry one side Changing the other side I shall fry the fish by changing alternate sides like this Because inside of fish will fry well Fried fish well off the gas And keeping them on a plate one by one On gas, take a kadai to make curry Putting Oil Put 3 tsp oil oil become hot frying potato I shall fry potato light brown Fried Potato & take them out Now shall fry Cauliflower lot of oil flying during frying of Cauliflower – Sharing one Tips Put one pinch salt on oil, then oil will not fly Cauliflower will fry little Cauliflower little fried not make deep brown Then taste will be bad fried little and keep these aside Rest 1 tsp oil after fried Add more 1 1/2 tsp oil to make curry Oil become hot & put onion Onion will deep fry Fried onion Put ginger garlic paste Frying altogether Fried ginger & garlic with onion Add spices powder Now mix & fry altogether Add Green Chilli & Tomato Add little water Mix well Masala ready Add fried potato & Cauliflower Mix altogether well & fry little Cauliflower & Potato already fried, so I shall not fry more with Masala Just fried 1 mins and now add water Add water as per quantity & choice Add more water if you want thin curry use less water if you want thick curry I used 1 1/2 glass water for boil potato & Cauliflower Now cover it for 5 mins for boiling Now lift cover after 2 mins to check Now add little quantity salt as required Add salt if required after check Again cover it Check after 5 mins Potato boiled Potato & Cauliflower both boiled Now placing fried fish over it will cover for 2 mins after placed fish Add Coriander leaves over it cover it for 2 mins Uncover it after 2 mins Cauliflower Fish Curry ready Serving it on a pot Ready Cauliflower Fish Curry Serve it on hot rice Plz do’t forget to subscribe, like, comment & Share

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