Game Grumps Animated – Ghost Sharks – By Carl Doonan

Game Grumps Animated – Ghost Sharks – By Carl Doonan

[Danny] This area should do nicely. What there are a lot of sharks … HA HA HA!
[Arin] No..
[Danny] That sucks! Don’t be scared those are just hammerhead sharks …
[Arin] The most vicious of them all
[Danny] They kill quickly and painlessly. They can be a little unpredictable, but there are almost no reports of attacks … ALMOST as long as you don’t startle them you should have nothing to WORRY ABOUT! [Arin] They especially super don’t like grey and blue. (Laughter) [Danny] Go ahead and equip the multisensor …
[Arin] Oh cool
[Danny] or as I like …or as I like to refer to it the hammerhead agitator. (Laughter) [Arin] But most people call it the shark startler (Laughter) [Arin] How do I?
[Danny] BOY THOSE ARE SOME BIG SHARKS! Sure would be a shame if someone… freaked them out for no reason…
[Arin] He starts like revving the engine on the boat (boat noises) You know sharks understand morse code. [Danny] Hey
[Arin] What-I like pet the shark?
[Danny] When you get too close to them they’ll disappear. Be very careful and terrified if this happens that means they are ghost sharks and they will haunt your life. [Arin] Forever
[Danny] Forever even when you get back on to dry land there will be fucking sharks everywhere just scaring the shit out of you the living piss shit right out of you [Arin]They grow ghost shark legs
[Danny] and they run after you SO FAST! you can never out run them [Danny] What is that?
[Arin] Something
[Danny] Ah I see you found tinker bell she will make all of your dreams come true

70 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – Ghost Sharks – By Carl Doonan

  1. This is one of if not THE favorite GG animations on my list.

    I love it so much, I have drawings of these ghost sharks on everything. Easter eggs, notebooks, backgrounds, etc. I love sharks and GG so obviously this is amazing.

    So now, even my own mother quotes this whenever the words "shark" "ghost" "running" or "so fast" are mentioned.

    It is beautiful.

  2. Ghost Sharks can swim almost anywhere, because there was a shitton of water everywhere when they were alive.

  3. Actually, hammerheads can MAYBE eat a hand. If you purposely attack them. They're surprisingly docile, and actually sorta friendly.

  4. Ghost Shark is actually a movie and it is weird like someone died because the shark went inside of him and split him apart and it went inside a BATHTUB

  5. Ever since I replayed this game I swear the place you’re trying to go looks like vodka castles and not volka castle

  6. I like it that the person who animated this made the people look somewhat alike to Willy Trombone from The Neverhood.

  7. Hammerhead sharks are a relatively chill kind of shark, since humans aren’t a desirable size of food. They much prefer rays, crabs, and flatfish. They are, however, objectively one of the most lethally effective sharks when it comes to feeding. Some sharks can’t get a meal for a long while…hammerheads almost always get what they’re after, no if’s and’s or but’s

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