Geoduck Is the Star of Master Sushi Chef Kotaro Kumita’s Omakase — Omakase

Geoduck Is the Star of Master Sushi Chef Kotaro Kumita’s Omakase — Omakase

(upbeat music) – I say geoduck is the sweetest clam in the ocean. Irashei – [Man] Beautiful, water coming out. Oh my Goodness. – Geoduck is a long neck clam. Only live in the northwest. Today we got geoduck from Puget Sound. Geoduck has a special flavor, a very sweet, unique flavor which no other clam has. There’s a farmed geoduck but the wild has a much,
much tougher texture, and sweeter. I came here in 1991 from Japan. At that time geoduck was so cheap. But nowadays, prices
may be double, triple. The reason is we sending
so much nice geoduck to Asia, like China, South Asia. When I was a little boy, my father loved sushi. So he took me to sushi restaurant all the time. I start eating from a cucumber roll, tuna roll, that was my start eating sushi. This one called itoyori. Threadfin bream. This one from Shukoku
island in Japan, Shukoku This one is a golden eye snapper, we call kinmedai from Shizuoka in Japan. A little salt. After graduated from high school, I came to Seattle to study English first. But I was a very poor student, at night time I was
working at the restaurant. Yellow back bream, renkodai this food culture is very interesting to me. I ask my old boss where
should I go to apprentice. And they introduced me
to go Shiro-san’s place. When I met Shiro, my life changed. That was when I was 23 years old. I’m 44 years old. Next one Black Throat. Nodoguro. This is from Kyushu, Japan. Shiro-san told me lots of
heart we have to have being a sushi chef. This is blue fin tuna. And as a Japanese, we need to keep our tradition. Shirosan told me that we need to explain what the real sushi is to the local people. This is King Mackerel, sawara. Ishinomaki, Sendai. It’s beautiful, nice size too. Lots of straw. We sear it quick, you
don’t want to cook fish. Geoduck texture is supposed
to be very crunchy. I use geoduck about one to two pound. The big one is not that great. You don’t want to eat
grandpa or grandma you know. When I break down the geoduck, the skin’s kind of too tough. So I take the shell off first, and then put it in the hot water and take the skin off and then put it in the ice right away. We can’t eat a lot of course but only outside the shell, inside the shell, a bit chewy. (upbeat classical music) Omakase, is to me giving my heart to the customers. Threadfin bream, Itoyori Black Throat, nodoguro. Smoked King Mackerel, Ishinomaki, Sendai, Japan. Sawara. Geoduck, still moving. This one Geoduck, local. Being a sous chef is
learning every day, going up little by little so we never think, I’m not perfect. That’s being a sous chef.

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  1. Thanks so much for watching Omakase! Check out the rest of the series here:!

  2. After finding out about this place on April 2016 i had his amazing omakase 4 times before hopping back to my country of Indonesia, on June 2016, for good. Kotaro-san was very warm, humble and welcoming, he would make conversation and we would share bottles of sake, making the experience all the more surreal. His Omakase was, for a lack of better word, and justifying-ly so, "Pure". Kotaro-san' personality and demeanor resonated in the taste and complexity of the sushi/dishes he prepared. To describe how good the whole experience was could not and will not do it justice, but a little dream sequence like story telling might just do the trick. "Watching a chef prepare food will always mesmerize the eater, but Kotaro-san presence make you feel as if you have ate his place and known him for years. His knife skills suave, his body language honest, his demeanor calm; not a Rock Star chef, not an ordinary chef, a embodiment of a pure Sushi chef, most likely. The rice, the fish, the clams, the uni, the nori, all subtle and never overpowering, almost to an extent where you'd think this is just another sushi course, but its not. After the first or the second time going, you will realize that his sushi is an omakase experience most pure, not because of its decevingly-simple-but-actually-masterly-difficult preparation but because you will come to understand of what omakase is to him; Being taken in a culinary ride designed by Kotaro-san, to dive into his palate, and what he calls sushi almost-perfection."

  3. Very interesting presentation of sushi. Most chefs try to make it very visually appealing in the most perfect sense. Chef Kotaro's presentation is very appetizing in a very straightforward sense, it would probably feel a lot less like destroying a sacred piece of art and more like what I feel sushi should be perceived as.. Very good food.

  4. the sushi with the little cake-like square i think it called atsYAKIi tamago. Eater has an episode on it. I'm yet to try it!

  5. So Kotaro Kumita's teacher/mentor was Shiro Kashiba and Shiro Kashiba's teacher was Jiro. Who's Jiro's teacher then?

  6. but putting raw fish on wooden trays…
    hmm seems sketchy to me.
    but i trust he cleans them thoroughly…but hot water would damage it and might deform the joints of the boxes….

  7. The way he adores those fishes. I mean, the adoration and art to prepare the food, as the way they appreciate what nature gave us.

  8. That king mackerel was so cute! He's like, yeah it's a nice size too. As someone who sport fishes for king we prefer them about 6 feet long lol.

  9. Bluefin Tuna is not Japanese tradition. It does not even taste that good. When Japanese saw that Westerners were eating their red juicy steaks, they wanted something similar. Before this Bluefin Tuna was not consumed widely like this. It has nothing to do with Japanese culture. It is something rather new, and derrived of West.

  10. I use to love sushi until I learned about the worms, parasites, and infections the fishes can get. Unless the fish has been frozen for 7 days or more, it is not safe to eat raw…

  11. It's nice to see Japanese style cooking, their love for food, culture, heritage, respect for nature.
    It's delight for eyes n brain, the style of video making, music, environment, it's all relaxing n stress free.

  12. I used to go to Sushi Wataru every two months. I'd better go there more often before the price rises to the level the quality deserves. See you soon Kotaro san!

  13. Geoduck Child: "In time's of peace, sons bury their fathers and in time's of war fathers bury their sons. Are we at war Father?"

    Geoduck Grandpa /Grandma: *Shells in silence…

  14. Just has the pleasure of eating his dishes tonight! Amazing is all I can say. Drove from SoCal to Washington and it was worth every mile. Truly an amazing experience. Anyone who loves nigiri Omakase will enjoy. Drinks next door at Salare was also a treat. Highly recommended. Tell them Guru Dave sent ya!

  15. Amigos aeter me gustaría mucho traducirlo al español latino estoy en Bogotá Colombia llevo dos semanas viéndolos me encanta .

  16. When preparing geoduck, he said the same thing as his master Shiro-san, 'Still moving.' That is the moment when we see the legend passes on.

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