Getting a Deal with All Sharks Out? – Shark Tank

57 thoughts on “Getting a Deal with All Sharks Out? – Shark Tank

  1. I'm glad Damon invested cause her accent was sooooo annoying. Otherwise she would've handcuffed herself to the tank and never left!

  2. Kind of annoyed how there are these pity deals. I bet if she was born American they would've been kicked out without a deal, but since she's a refugee she ended up getting a deal.

  3. I happened to see this pitch online on another website.

    Trust me, her story before this is incredible as she narrates it.

    She lived for 3 years in a refugee camp and survived and then moved to several countries. She also worked pro bono in Phillipines to help other refugees like herself.

    That is why all the Sharks were completely impressed. Even Mr. Wonderful commented that it was a "remarkable presentation".

  4. Now with Daymond behind, this product might go somewhere. It's also positive for Daymond; now he can sell something to over 100 million Vietnamese people – we like him now 🙂
    That is Australian accent. Good with native tongue, but came from you (Lisa), Trinh Hoi, and my cousins, I felt it very weird, not sexy at all.

  5. Lol Now theyre gonna have to hire security to take all the people out that dont want to leave after the sharks go out

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