Getting Too Close to a Whale Shark, Guppies, and Awesome Arowana

Getting Too Close to a Whale Shark, Guppies, and Awesome Arowana

Hello everyone. I’m in Manila, in the
Philippines. I’m going to be showing you some fish, guppies, and arowana’s that I
saw at Cartinar Pet Center. Stay tuned to the end of this video for swimming
with whale sharks and this awesome arowana.
This Pet Center had a lot of different stores all crammed in this small little
area. Let’s start in the guppy section. These are half black red males, 100
Filipino pesos or $2 US dollars. These are female tiger guppies, $2 US
dollars each. They have really bright tails for females. Male tiger guppies
with their bright yellow and orange tails. These are labeled German white
guppies. These are labeled red dragon mosaic guppies $1 US dollar each.
Dumbo 24-karat males. These pet shops had a wide range of fish.
2 Black Diamond stingrays. I don’t know what kind of catfish this is, and I think
this is a long nose gar. These cool looking eels are called bichir eels. And a whole bunch of parrotfish $3.50 US. Now let’s take a
look at some of the different kinds of arowana that they had in this Pet Center.
there’s a banjar red arowana. Red tail golden arowana. There’s an albino plecostomus in the back and this fish was labeled as a albino arowana, it’s pretty big. I
saved the best for last. This is the nicest arowana
I seen at the pet center. This is a cross-back arowana. This Arowana is
beautiful, to me it’s stunning, look at the large scales and the nice color on the
fins. The scales are really cool, look at the iridescent on the scales. As the arowana swims around, the color seems to change from gold to blue to silver. It’s
amazing. From what I understand this is called the cross back arowana because
the scales go up and over the arowana’s back. There are several
strains of these cross back arowana’s, golds, reds, blues.
This arowana looks gold in this view and then it turns silver so if anyone knows
what strain this is please put it in the comments. Now I’m gonna share some
underwater video that I took from the Philippines. While vacationing in the
Philippines we did a tour called swimming with the whale sharks.
I may not agree with allowing people to get so close to these beautiful
creatures, it was a great experience. Until next time, take care of yourselves
and thanks for watching.

16 thoughts on “Getting Too Close to a Whale Shark, Guppies, and Awesome Arowana

  1. Красота!!!
    Хотел узнать, Вы пользуетесь внешними фильтрамиив аквариумах!?

  2. Welcome to the Philippines! There are also many guppy breeders and hobbyist here. If you have time you can visit them 🙂

  3. HEY you came here to the Philippines. I always go there as child. Hope you enjoyed your visit here.
    (hope i could have get an autograph from you, i'm one jeepney ride away from cartimar)

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