(Ghetto Gourmet) Baked Sole Fish & Squash 2017 | Free Style Recipes

(Ghetto Gourmet) Baked Sole Fish & Squash 2017 |  Free Style Recipes

You know what time it is let’s get it
done got a quick bake swirl with fresh veggies all right first things first
let’s get the squash chopped up into life a half inch circles we can lay our
fish right on the top alrighty let’s get on to the next step I
have no idea how to pronounce the name of this fish but uh you still gonna make
this dish got some nice snow peas right here what makes this so quick just you
just throw it in there get some olive oils and seasons on top let’s see all right let’s move on to the next step I
guess some what is this green beans here string dings I’m so few of those in
there right before we put our fish on all right let’s get these onions prepped
up so we can get them right on top of that fish bring some nice flavor out
this is my first time trying to fish and my first time cooking it to me it tastes
like a cross between cod and tilapia or perch it’s really good now let’s get
this late clean first and then lay it right on top of the squash and get some
med fishy flavor in there and with the combination of the herbs and spices
gonna be real good all right we got a fish laid out and then our onions cut up
let’s get these onions on top of the fish and few onions on the green beans
and snow peas and we’ll get ready to season this up real quick and right into
the other and the scary to eat I’m hungry you look dices for three snow
peas and the string dings all right now another sad this all we’re
baking this fishing you don’t want it to stick so always add some more now let’s
get some season is on there get some onion powder we got some time of course
for the freshness got some celery seeds it brings out amazing flavor you should
try it that’s some margarine a little more freshness what else we got here I
got some dill weed the original fresh spice herb what are you going to call it
got some see sauces and that’s all folks alright let’s get this wrapped up and in
the stove I put it on like 375 400 for 20 minutes alright you got a quick
little side dish sure sweet potato fries baked instead of fried let’s get this
done to a little coconut oil right on top all right right up Derek scared
start get some seasonings honor and get some sea salt of course ink on it is an
ain’t salty I got some ground cinnamon make it sweet get a little we got here
nutmeg oh yeah right we got our fish fresh out of the oven looking good and
tasty let’s eat all right we got our finished product I’ll plate it up and i
forgot to say i baked those sleeping certifiers it’s 400 for 20 minutes all
right you guys if you enjoyed that video come back check me out again please
subscribe and thumbs up now let’s eat

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